25Mar23: in which I tease Andy till he plays…

Come on, Andy! It’s time for fun!

“I’m upset with you, Doug. Let me do important kitty things. Go away! Leave me alone!”

Play is important, too, Andrew!

“I see!” RAWR!!!!


Andy has to be teased a bit till he plays. I think he was taken away from his littermates and Mommy too soon because he’s never been one of those kitties like the late Dougy, who instantly got into the fun of the moment and played. 

16 thoughts on “25Mar23: in which I tease Andy till he plays…

  1. Poor Andy! I think he was the first one you took and went back for the other?

    Our Nod and Wynken both got a good while with their mother. Nod is not good at playing, but Wynken loves her toys. Go figure.

    • Yes, that’s correct. Andy had to go back to the clinic to be treated for an infection. While he was there, he and his brother Dougy were observed being good playing together. That was why I was offered Dougy, too. It was having two kittens that established I was clueless about how to raise them. LOL. I looked up references and settled for “Kittens for Dummies”, a book that let me know just how clueless I was.

  2. Aww, poor Andy! He probably thinks he’s a human like his dad Doug. Maybe you should be careful, Doug: one of these days you’ll find out Andy went on Amazon and used your account to order a case of gourmet cat treats. 😉

    (True story: my grandson used my phone to order a $300 Lego set from Amazon. He was just a preschooler and didn’t realize it was costing Grandma real money. I didn’t have the heart to cancel the order, so it became his early birthday gift. But from that day forward my phone stays in my pocket when I visit him and his sister!)

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