05Apr23: a busy day Monday…

The impending blizzard changed my plans Monday. I had an eye appointment in the morning, so when the dialysis unit called to ask if I could come in a day earlier because of the blizzard predicted for Tuesday, I took a place in the afternoon. Nothing like getting off dialysis at 6:00 PM. I’m used to being done by 9:30 AM!

I’d watched Trump’s jet take off in the morning and got settled in at dialysis to see the motorcade from LaGuardia to Trump Tower. I couldn’t help but flash back to OJ Simpson’s white Bronco doing a low speed “escape” through the LA Interstate system. The Trump motorcade, with eleven black, white vehicles… well, he still has his post-presidency Secret Service guard! How bizarre.  

Andy was confused and upset by the change in the day’s routine, of course.


Should there be television coverage of the Trump arraignment and trial? I personally have had enough of the man and his fate doesn’t matter to me. There was a time I wanted to see him on trial. Now, I just want to see the day the news isn’t all about this man. “Don’t go away mad,” we used to say in my family when taunting the whiner of the day (i.e. me! I was the baby of the family), “just go away.” Get in that TRUMP-branded Boeing 757, Donald, and escape to some country that won’t extradite you back to the USA. Then STFU!

I hope the judge in the Trump matter sticks to his guns and doesn’t allow live video of the arraignment and trial. The national shame of a former president being tried for details to come out that are related to paying off a prostitute to keep her quiet is distasteful enough without endless coverage. As for the 29 other charges…! I think “sad for my country” pretty much covers it.


Andy and I had lots of kitty play time to make up for the miserable day he had trying to work out the mystery of why the daily routine got changed on Monday. After watching the Trump flight and arrival, the Andy time was what I needed to settle down.


As of this morning, there still isn’t more than a skiff of snow here where I live. “Some blizzard!” said he before the worst snowstorm in history! It doesn’t look like that’s to be. Stay tuned to the Snow Frog for his update:

16 thoughts on “05Apr23: a busy day Monday…

  1. Dear Doug, what a day, but I can’t believe still talking about snowy weather in there, I hope not to reach in your place this weather, you know, we are in a very strange political days in these days, what will be at the end we are all so nervous. But something will be, something(s) has to change… Lovely Andy I am sure understood this day routine why changed. Stay in warm and have a nice day, Thank you, Love and Hugs to you both, nia

    • We got through the event with virtually no snow. I am content to survive cold over cold + deep snow! The area around here, however, got the blizzard.

  2. I’m sorry that the weather messed up your time at dialysis, Doug. I wouldn’t like getting home at 6PM either. I will refrain from commenting on the politics in the spirit of good relations with people I follow here. Hi, Andy! ❤️🐈

    • Thanks! I hesitate to bring them up since this is meant to be a G-rated kitty blog, yet I am sad where politics have taken us in the county. No fan of Trump, I take no pleasure in seeing the legal morass he’s gotten himself into. Tragic.

    • Thanks! I think the weather forecasters gave up on predicting a blizzard for my area. The sun is shining outside at the moment. It is only 20 degrees F/ -6.6 C at 9:23 AM, but it was supposed to be snow up to one’s knees by now!

  3. I dream of, one day, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump sharing the same cell, each one claiming that it hasn’t gone wrong, and it’s all part of their cunning plan.

    • Amen! I look forward to the day the news doesn’t have one image, sound bite, or hint of our guy, good or bad. I’m sure that covers it for you on your guy, too.

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