07Apr23: Don’t bug Doug!

Andy was pestering me so I picked him up -Andy hates that! – and flopped him over on my lap, belly side up. (He hates that, too!) After holding him briefly, I let him escape over my shoulder. He hopped onto his birthday cat tree, which is behind the chair I sit in, then over to my walker The look on his face is one of an indignant kitty!

Don’t bug Doug! He’s a meanie.

Not to worry, Andy fans! Within a minute or two, Andy came over to take a snooze on the ottoman, um, belly up!

Refreshed from his nap, he had time for a bit of important kitty business.

15 thoughts on “07Apr23: Don’t bug Doug!

    • Thanks! I enjoy posting these little vignettes.

      As for “Important Kitty Business”, it could be going for a Greenies snack out in the other room, a snoop in the kitchen cabinets, a nap, a kitty bath, a zoomies attack, or whatever else there is for a kitty boy to do..

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