11Apr23: Andy’s back from the groomer….

Andy ran around the apartment, clearly intent on re-establishing that his domain was intact.

 It was hard getting usable photos of my wee frenzied kitty!

Finally! He stayed still long enough for me to remove the scarf! (None of the photos with the scarf were usable.)


Andy is a pedigree Persian kitty but his father was a Birman kitty. When he is back from a haircut, that Birman heritage is more obvious. Here’s what Birmans look like:

35 thoughts on “11Apr23: Andy’s back from the groomer….

  1. Interesting about the Birman, I never would have guessed! I have heard of outcrossing breed cats before, but to domestic shorthairs. (And I do hope breeders give those domestic shorthairs homes.) Andy’s all set for some warm spring weather now!

  2. Lovely Andy, I love the colours of furs… Andy is Happy about his new look? Thank you dear Doug, have a nice day for you both, Love, nia

    • I am happy with his new look! His groomer did a nice job shaping his tail hair to look almost like it does when fully grown out.

      • Yes, very stylish his cutting. I think he is happy too with his new look, and I can’t believe how did he let to be done this? We can’t cut ours’ nail… Good Andy! Thank you, Love, nia

        • Nia, his groomer says “Andy is a dream cat.” That’s her direct quote! he behaves well for her because he is a good kitty!

    • He was starting to get mats under his chin. Bigger ones would be coming behind his ears and under his arms. The change is extreme, yet he grows it back out fairly fast.

    • He also shows subtle hints of tabby markings, his Persian mother’s “look” and a bit of her color, reddish brown, when his fur is long.

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