02Jun23: begging for something…

Andy lets me know he wants something by putting his front paws of the glide rocker arm – or my arm if handy . His performance gets enhanced, then, with really sad kitten sounds – mew! mew!

I can’t always figure out what he wants, but he’s so cute/annoying when he does this I had to shoot this as a portrait. 

29 thoughts on “02Jun23: begging for something…

  1. This is so beautiful photograph, I loved so much, really wants something or saying something… Happiness and Blessing for you both. Thank you, Love, nia

    • I was pleased that of four quick shots of Andy begging like this, this one turned out to be so good of Andy. Thanks, Lavinia! I’m looking forward to seeing your next Salmon Farms update!

        • Don’t you hate it when the vicissitudes of time and age collide with you, forcing unpopular decisions? I loved gardening, but had to give it up post WG’s onset. When I lost hearing in my right ear, my style of birding – location by hearing song – became impossible because mono-hearing doesn’t facilitate it.

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