31Jul23: Andy’s dream… or nightmare?

Slumbering Andy is having a dream…or is it a nightmare!

“…behind the wheel of a classic car…”

“This is the Antiques Road Trip!”


Andy can’t believe that Doug, after binge watching “Celebrity Antiques Road Trip”, is now binge watching the variation called “Antiques Road Trip”, which features just two antiques experts driving classic cars and…. Well, you get it. It’s more of the same, with two experts in competition to buy cheaply and sell five lots of antiques for the best price. A lot less chatter during the auctions, of course, since fewer people are involved. Doug likes that better so plans to watch all 27 seasons worth of the program. Or maybe he should write it “programmes”. Either way, Andy’s not amused or, as Doug would put it now, “Andy’s not chuffed that I’m binge watching yet another BBC antiques series from start to finish.” 


20 thoughts on “31Jul23: Andy’s dream… or nightmare?

  1. I love watching those antique shows too, Doug! And yes, do spell it Programme. And Colour and so on. I can’t remember the guy’s name that is responsible for making our English spellings different but he’s a jerk. Just being honest! 😂

    • LOL! I’d welcome Andy helping me thin out the clutter. If he made a few bucks doing it, I’d let him spend it how he liked.

    • Yes, before power steering, they made cars with large steering wheels.

      I never gave much thought to how much effort cars without power steering took until the guy who bought the Audi Fox (Audi 80 there) I traded for a Ford Escort with power steering saw me a few months later. He asked if I’d like to drive my old car, so I did. I really had to work at steering at low speeds! I’m sure the whole time from when I bought it new till I traded it four years later that I didn’t find the steering effort noticeably hard. It was, in fact, lots of fun on twisty roads!

      Was the Audi steering wheel bigger than the Ford’s. I don’t recall, though the one on my VW Golf SportWagen definitely has a smaller one than any other cars I’ve owned.

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