01Aug23: Andy’s rough day yesterday.

Andy had a grooming appointment for 8:00 AM yesterday. 

I caught him by the door and put him in his carrier at 7:30 AM. You never know how long it will take to catch the wee fart, so you catch him when the opportunity occurs, eh?! That’s Andy’s head inside the carrier.

I let Andy out of the carrier at 8:10. By then, I’d found his groomer’s messages explaining why she couldn’t keep the appointment. He was upset but in his sweet, quiet Persian way. You can see it in his eyes.


By 8:10, I discovered Andy’s groomer had tried to alert me by telephone, a message, and an e-mail that she had a mechanical breakdown in her grooming van, that she had to make an emergency run up to Rapid City to get the repair parts. That is a five hour round trip.


Andy isn’t free yet. His groomer has some openings this week and next. With better luck, our communications won’t be messed up again and we can work out a new time to groom Andy. 


Andy was a very good boy throughout the carrier incident, meowing softly just once toward the end to let me know he was concerned. I opened the carrier lid a few times to pet Andy and to reassure him he wasn’t abandoned. I enjoyed the fresh air while waiting by the door with Andy.

23 thoughts on “01Aug23: Andy’s rough day yesterday.

  1. Nothing worse than wrestling a cat in a carrier for nothing. My current cats are pretty easy but I used to have a cat that I could only catch at mealtime. All her vet appointments had to be first thing in the morning so I could get her while she waited for breakfast.

    • She has a generator problem one time recently and Andy missed that appointment. This time, mat least, she was able to squeeze kitty boy in at another time. Her business is so successful she has no openings for new clients.

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