31Aug23: Oh no! I knocked the lid off the Greenies!

Andy heard the Greenies tip over. There they were! A whole new tub of his favorite treat, all over the floor!

He rushed to the spill!

Doug was cleaning the mess up. Hadn’t Andy noticed Doug’d put a generous amount of Greenies on the lapboard so he didn’t interfere in the clean-up? (No!)

To make the lids secure, Doug taped them up. The lid was too loose on the big container, but not too loose on the small one he taped up anyway. Cleaning up the Greenies was a pain!

Andy was upset to find the Greenies spill being taken care of. Doug shooed him away many times during the clean-up.

But hey! There were Greenies galore on the lapboard! He nibbled a few and took a nap.


I got through the clean-up, but Andy wasn’t helpful. The amount of Greenies on the lapboard is much more than I usually put there because Andy often wastes anything not freshly put there. The excess I found after I taped the lids. Lazy I guess. It was easier to put them out for Andy. We’ll see if he eats the excess.




20 thoughts on “31Aug23: Oh no! I knocked the lid off the Greenies!

  1. Plastic lids on tubs seem either too tight or too loose, and fracture for various reasons in the end. I like glass canning jars. One can either use the lids and screw bands that come with them or get the screw on plastic lids. The 1 qt size might be good for Greenies. They generally come in a 12 pack, but I have seen them sold singly in thrift shops, too.

  2. Maybe he should eat his first helpings before he gets another. (With our full household I haven’t had a chance to concentrate on your mug quiz. I guess only having known Andy I wouldn’t be much good at it anyway)

    • Believe it or not, I had trouble telling the two kitties apart if the photos didn’t show their distinctive qualities well. The excess probably got stale or something. He never ate thrm.

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