01Oct23: a very busy kitty…

Creepy time – looking for Dougy to come through the door?

Resting after eating Greenies.

“Blinky eyes” with Doug.

Taking a snooze.

More creepy time. Maybe he hears something outside?

A little television.

Begging me to do something. What?

“Mousie hunt” in the kitchen cabinets time.

“No mousies!”

Curious about something in an empty Perrier carton.

We had fun with this little piece of string!


My classmates and I had our monthly get together on the 29th. I enjoyed the Fat Tire beer with my cheeseburger and potato salad, though the cheeseburger was a bit of a disappointment after the perfect burger I had at the same place two months ago. I enjoyed the conversations, of course, and seeing old friends again.



20 thoughts on “01Oct23: a very busy kitty…

  1. There is always some kind of kitty business going on. Ours hear and see things at times that I cannot. Must have been the Moon Man behind the couch!

    I am glad you and your classmates are able to get together and enjoy a good lunch. That is precious time with old friends.

    • It definitely is precious time since we all are in our mid-70s and several – a lot! – of our classmates have died in recent times.

      Oh no! Not the Moon Man behind the couch, which actually is in his eye view looking that way.

    • No, I didn’t feel it was that terrible, just a bit dried out. the manager has been dealing with staffing issues. It was he who made the best hamburger I’ve ever had the time before. It was someone else this time.

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