15Oct23: “…but yer my kitty!”

It works with dogs…

…no hostilities so my hand reaches in to “scritch” my kitty.

Dang it, Andy! Don’t kill my hand when it comes in peace!

Oh! I interrupted you when you were watching your television program!


Andy is all for it when we first wake up and greet each other: “‘Scritch’ me up and down my spine, Douglas! And rub that spot between my eyes and one my nose, too!” Yeah.

We play the “Mousies in the Kitchen Cabinets” game for the first time of the day, followed by our breakfasts.

I turn on the television, Andy finishes pooping or whatever he does after eating…or maybe it’s before – I give him some privacy – then he hops on the ottoman for the first Greenies of the day.

Greenies eaten, he hops on the end table to take his first kitty bath of the day.

That done, he turns into “Mean Kitty who says ‘NOT NOW!'”

Whew! Don’t stick your hand into that trap! (I always do….)


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