26Oct23: Andy stops by for a little “wuvving”….

“Hello, kitty!”

Andy stopped by for a little “wuv”!

~  Boop! ~

Oh yeah! A chin “skritch” makes a happy kitty boy!

Time to clean up for a nap.

Andy guesses a nap might have to wait.

Hey! Dougy was the comedian, Andy! I never expect you to be silly.

25 thoughts on “26Oct23: Andy stops by for a little “wuvving”….

    • And to you two, too! I’ll be coming by to catch up on how the Weimaraner world’s turning today! I hope you aren’t being too ornery!

    • He doesn’t even have to work at it! He’s always been that way. One of my favorite memories – captured on video – is Andy proudly prancing by Dougy with a toy “mousie” in his mouth! They were maybe two-and-a-half or three months old at the time and playing well together. Traits that continued through the years are evident. Dougy, for example, was fearless and an explorer. I was concerned when he jumped from the top of a cat tree, a pretty good distance for a little kitten! He always was a risk taker, whereas Andy is less inclined to be that way.

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