03Nov23: What?! No Greenies?

Andy seems reluctant to finish his Greenies.

~ Sad face… ~

“Maybe I just want wet kitty food now, Douglas.”


Dang cat! I tried to discern what he wanted. He stayed there, mopping. I finally gave in and made his wet food dish, which he hasn’t touched yet. I hope he settles down, has a good poop, washes up, and takes a nap!

23 thoughts on “03Nov23: What?! No Greenies?

  1. Sometimes it is hard to tell what they want. Sometimes they just want to be near their people. Like humans, they have their good days and not so good days. He may just want to hang out with you.

    • Andy had different plan s just then, just not eating when he wasn’t hungry. One never knows for sure what’s happening with cats.

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