05Nov23: stopping by…

Hello, Andrew!

I know. You didn’t stop by for loving. Don’t get your tail in a fluff, Andy!

So predictable.


I took a post-dialysis nap only to wake up to a turned-off fan and clocks stopped at 1:58. I didn’t die without auxiliary oxygen all those hours, so I must not need it that bad. Anyway, what a tedious moment: clocks needing to be reset hours before the end of Daylight Savings Time. It was 7:54 pm, DST. I went ahead and reset them at the standard time hours. Frankly, who needs the stove and microwave clocks to be set at any time? I guess some people actually use the clocks for some features but I don’t. The best clocks are those that use a signal from Colorado to reset to the “atomic” time. Two of mine do.


Andy never learns that I will pick him up if he bugs me! He hates being held, so I enjoy holding him till he purrs when I tell him “…but you’re my kitty!”