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  2. I wish my 23 year old weggie son could have your sense of humor. He used to have one but it disappeared. He is two years into being a weggie boy and very depressed. Why wouldn’t he be??? I can only hope that he will experience a renewed interest in “anything”. The couch and his dog are very faithful and always there for him. I hope he will someday feel good enough to participate in life again.


      Hello ~ Here are a couple of websites you (and your son) should take a look at if you haven’t come across trhem yet. It isn’t that unusual to have depression when you have a potentially fatal disease, especially when youj learn you have it at a relatively young age of 23.

      There is life after Wegener’s granulomatosis, yet people still die from it. Perhaps that’s the statistic he sees instead of the one for those who survive, even thrive for 25 and more years.

      It isn’t a catwalk, but one does need to focus on what IS possible, not the things lost. There is one lady, Cindy Adams, who completed a climb to the top of Mount Everest, and is a weggie. That’s at one extreme of the possible. I think her story can be found on both websites above or by Googling her name.

      And humor is a component of good health!



    • I better update it a bit more frequently if one real person reads this blog! Please you found it and I hope the package of souvenirs has arrived in Deutschlandia!

    • Of course- I’m sorry if I dodn’t tell you this sooner. Frankly, I don’t expect people to stop by this blog, so, when someone does, I miss it. (I thought I gave permission months ago. If I dio, good for me! If I didn’t, my profound apology.)

  3. Why didn’t you post something in June, you slug?! Family visits aren’t sufficient justification to stop posting. Slug. SLUG!
    How is the texters would put it? U r a slug.
    | \ o o
    \ \________\/
    \_________/< SluG!

    • Dear weggieboy-

      I feel your pain, literally. I am both your best friend and your worst enemy. I know your strengths and your weaknesses. We are related to the same people. I’m surprised and hurt you call me a “SluG” . That was a lame effort on your part to create, typographically, a slug to further point out what you feel is a great oversight or failure on my part: slugishness. On the contrary, mon ami, mon frere, mon- erm!- moi! Familial visits are the source of great amusements, mutual ribbing, shared happiness, recalled sadness. They refresh and charge our batteries. They reconnect us with the people we love most, yet see all too rarely! That requires effort and time to reconnect to this wonderful world into which we are most accepted as we are and because we are. Families are the treasure we all seek but oftentimes forget is as close as a phone call, as easy as a letter posted, as fun as a web camera and a hilarious collaboration among siblings to produce a video to show those who couldn’t make it (nieces, nephews, their kids) 1. nah nah, you aren’t here having fun with us, 2. love you, and want you to see how much fun we can have as a family, and 3. give you a chance to see your aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers, get “stoopid” in a way that reconnects them with us in a big loving family. No in jokes here, bubb. Well, maybe one or two. But sluggishness? How many people will read the June blog? How many people read any of these blogs. They just happen when they do. They aren’t a thing to schedule. They must be spontaneous and fun for me or they just won’t be. One month might be a blog-a-week month. The next might be a blog-and-a-blog-in-edit-stage-that-you’ll-see-next-month-stage month. They create themselves in their time. I’m on sun time now, bubb. Call me a slug if you will, weggieboy! The label sticks to you!
      I know where you live…!

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