Post 2160: Andy is a little angel…when he sleeps!

It amazes me how sweet the kitty boys are when they are asleep. 


Andy is a little angel, floating off his cloud!


This is how he sleeps.


Post 2158: some agreement between cats…


After chasing each other over territorial squabbles and during playtimes, Andy and Dougy finally settle down for a little snooze “Better than Greenies,” says Dougy, but Andy thinks not. “Good as Greenies, perhaps, but not better!” Andy asserts, and he is unanimous!

Makes little difference, really. The kitty boys are in REM sleep so fast the discussion is over nearly before it began! No doubt, their sleepy dreams are about Greenies!

(The kitty boys like Greenies, so I mention the treat. I am not compensated to do so, however. I suspect they’d enjoy other brands just as well.)





Post 2159: Dougy’s judgement…

I don’t know what I did or didn’t do, but Dougy’s giving me the cold shoulder just now….

Post 2156: kitty burrito…

It was veterinarian appointment day on the 14th. Charlene didn’t have any problem coaxing Andy out of the carrier or weighing him.

He was a little less happy about this part!

Checking his heart…

…then getting ready to make a break for it when he realizes something he really, really, really hates is about to happen!

Yes, the dreaded blood pressure checks! Here the storyboard breaks down: Andy had a major kitty tantrum, lashing out and trying to bite.

I suggested the kitty burrito approach, swaddling him in a towel. That worked as far as the tantrum issues went, but his blood pressure was out of sight – above 200 systolic on all measurements!

Of course, he’s still going to be on medication, though I’m sure a lot of the high blood pressure isn’t related to a medical condition. I did suggest the blood pressure part of the appointments, in future, be done first. It might not show his blood pressure in the normal range, but I suspect it would be at a healthier level than it was today.


His new medication will be both the current ones in a gel I rub inside his ear.



Post 2154: Boop!

What do you do when your cat is being an irritation by staring, staring, staring at you?


Hey, Andy!



Yes, right on the nose shortly after this photo was taken!

Post 2153: tit for tat or quid pro quo…

I scritch Dougy’s head, then he hops up on my lap and kneads my chest. Happy! Happy!


A note from my sister on your condolences on the late Molly’s passing:

Please thank your bloggers for the condolences, and now Molly’s and Sox’s memories will be together in Elbert’s garden.  That is such a kind thing they do.

Post 5152: What’s up, Dougy?

20200212_005645 (1)

Andy’s curious about his brother. What’s up, Dougy?


What do you suppose, Andrew!

Lick! Lick! Lick!


Check this move out, Andy!

Woo hoo! Lick! Lick! Taking care of  his “precious”. Andy’s impressed!

Dougy puts on a fine show of catsmanship for Andy and Doug.




Post 2151: begging for attention…

Silly cat! Dougy hinted he wanted me to rub his head and face, then assumed this position with one eye open to keep track of me till I did it. Creepy!

This was his position at the start of his campaign to get rubs. Then he did a huge stretch that brought his hind legs together. What you can’t see is he held his front legs close together and waved them to try to get me to do my duty. Yes, after I took the photos, I gave him lots of face and head rubs. I threw in ear scritches for good measure. Dougy was pleased! 

(Even though the kitty boys got shorter than usual haircuts the last time, I’m amazed how floofy they still look.)