07Aug22: that look…

Andy gives me this look when I wake him up by petting or “scritching” him. Unfortunately for Andy, he looks so sweet when he’s asleep, he’s irresistible!

06Aug20: Andy’s hunting technique…

Andy is a “dig it out” style of hunter. He might not react to the peacock feather swishing in front of him, but stick it in a magazine or newspaper, and he rips into it!

05Aug22: old friends…

An old army buddy, Dan Ehl, writes books. I believe this is his seventh published in the series. It also is one he included me in the dedication, a nice surprise. Another old army buddy, Ron, and Dan’s wife, Barb I know. Good company!

Andy seems unimpressed, but I appreciate Dan’s gesture! Our friendship goes back to when we were stationed in the 69th Signal Company (Photo) in Kaiserslautern, then-West Germany. 🇩🇪 Dan was a still photographer and I was a motion picture photographer.

Dan was the one who introduced to the Tropfsteinhöhle Restaurant, a quirky place decorated like it was a cave with stalagmites with elves or some spirits among them (as I recall…).

The chef was a culinary school trained chef from Italy and his wife was a dour German who sat at the Stammtisch with her nasty miniature poodle, Cheri. She waited on the patrons. Cheri’s purpose was to bark at us and be very annoying.

The food was excellent, then they turned it into a pizza restaurant. 🍕

I always ordered the saltimbocca mit pommes frites. Barbarian that I am, I asked for catsup for the french fries, but snuck some on the saltimbocca! The chef 👨‍🍳 would come out of the kitchen about then to ask how the saltimbocca was – always excellent! – and, I hope, never caught me sneaking catsup on his masterpiece. The Tropfsteinhöhle Restaurant wasn’t upscale enough for that fellow! And I wish I could apologize to him for the catsup indiscretion!

03Aug22: window time…

Andy just started to address an itch when he caught sight of something exciting outside in the fir tree. 😳

To scratch or to phantasize about a nice sparrow stew?! 🤔 It’s not easy being a kitty!

02Aug22: Andy loves a good “scritching”

When Andy wants a good “scritching”, he hops up on the back of the computer chair he and the late Dougy 🙄 scratched into a shredded mess.

01Aug22: pouting…

Andy’s unhappy with me just now. He wants kitty treats and I think he will get fat if I cave in every time he gets a notion to beg for his Greenies.

31 Jul22: stringing along…

A rompiferous romp of rompers ’round the recliner…and a bit of string.

Andy approves of this 👏 ! Woo hoo, meow!

30Jul22: kitty massage…

The instructions say to let your kitty see and experience the sounds of the massager before using it on him or her. So far, Andy is wary of it.

What?! Seventy-how-many-days without my laptop or a suitable, equivalent replacement 🤔?

Woe is moi!

25Jul22: there’s an Andy somewhere in that furball…

I think Andy’ halfway on his back – his front half – and halfway on his side – his back end. It’s sometimes hard to tell! Cats have incredible flexibility. At an equivalent human age – high 50s equals 11 in cat years, Andy’s age – many of us were past the point where we could touch our toes, let alone get into cat-like poses like this! Andy still makes two meter jumps from one high spot to another and gets the zoomies where he runs through the apartment at speeds worthy of a young kitty.

Sixty-nine days without my laptop.