09Apr20: odd positions…


I can’t believe the positions Andy gets into when he sleeps!


This one takes some time to sort out, too.


But this one…! Two weeks ago, they were beating each other up for the other kitty lounger, now, with both loungers up front in the front room, they sleep together like the little angels they are or can be!


08Apr2020: voting early by mail…

20200403_135016 (1)

I recently got this application to vote early by mail. I’ve voted by mail for years, but this is the first time the county clerk’s mailed out an application. Before, I printed out the Nebraska Secretary of State’s form, which required more information and had to be hand carried or mailed to the county clerk’s office.


This new version can be emailed, which I did the day this arrived in the mail. I’ve voted in every election I’ve been eligible to vote in since I turned 21. Dougy couldn’t care less, but I regard this process to be an important part of citizenship.

07Apr20: The News…


“Hey, Andy!”


“There’s something new by the kitty lounger!”


“Woo hoo! It’s a new newspaper!”


06Apr20: play time for the kitty boys

Here’s how it is: I have to lean backwards in an awkward way to get the Birbug lure over to Dougy (in the box in the lower center), while Andy, wants to play, but is on the recliner back. OK! Now you can follow the story a bit better. Nothing’s too good for The Adorables!

I draw the Birdbug slowly over the top of the box-cave. The noise attracts Andy and excites Dougy. Sadly, Doug wants the Birbug to land “just so”…

…so Andy snares it each time I try to “present” the Birbug “just so” for Dougy.


Awww! Poor Dougy! (He eventually gets to snare the Birbug, which is more than I can say about snaring a photo of the event!)

In the meantime, once Andy snares the Birbug, he doesn’t give it up. What an animal!!


05April20: the blahs hit hard…

After doing nothing, nothing is left to do. Here’s what Andy’s doing. Same as yesterday. Nothing.

Hey! He moved! What’s up?


Oh. Same old, same old. Time to bring out the Birbug wand toy!

04Apr20: Caterday at last!


Andy ponders what to do now that Caterday finally is here.

Of course! A perfect activity for Caterday!















03Apr20: Nanook vs. Andy…


No two ways about it, Andy is fascinated by the classic documentary film, Nanook of the North!

* He formulates his plan, the best hunt of his season!

20200329_232948 (1)

They’re getting away, Andy!  

RAWR! Damn that Nanook!

  * Sorry about all the movement. I was unaware I was shooting video at the time!

02April20: shift change…

A big moment in the Andylandia vs. Dougylandia kitty lounger wars!

A nonviolent shift change! Dougy yields to Andy for time on the second kitty lounger and there was no squabble or posturing beforehand.

01Apr20: mosquito…


Andy has a new favorite kitty game!






That’s a nightmare sized mosquito, eh?! Not to fear, Andy will take them on.


My sister in Seattle shared this photo of her kitty girl Saki’s fine tail:

saki's fine tail

I thought you might enjoy it, too!



31Mar20: The kitty boys sharing the lounger…what?!?!?


Dougy stopped by and used the lounger for a little quiet time, then…

20200329_03161420200329_031719…Andy stopped by. No fight. No head bopping. No wild chases. Just a change from one kitty boy to the other. It’s the first time in weeks I didn’t have to plead, “But he’s yer brudda!” (I speak differently when talking with cats.)