04Jun20: Dougy is a little poop…


Andy’s minding his own business, but Dougy decides to be a little poop and challenge his brother.

Of course, when you stand up to a bully, the bully loses steam! Dougy quickly decides Andy isn’t to be messed with today, then hops off the recliner!


Then Andy hops onto the back of the recliner, the better to track his brother’s withdrawal from the kitty battlefield. Well played, Andrew! 





03Jun20: high drama…

Some high drama’s happening on the television, but there are more important details, kitty boy details to tend to on the end table. 



02Jun20: surreal meeting…


The television adds a surreal note to an ordinary meeting of the kitty boys. Eek!



Watching me…. Must be kitty food time.
































muxt be kitty food time

31May20: Whatsit?

Andy’s perplexed. What is this on his favorite perch?


Well, that holds his attention for two seconds! Now to watch the news, as if it ever features stuff interesting for kitties.





30May20: pounce…


Andy hunkers down in wait for Dougy to pass by. Yes, the chase will commence after Andy pounces on his brother!


When is that dang Dougy coming by? Andy eventually falls asleep waiting for Dougy. Dougy’s asleep in his north bathroom lair under the chair. They will resume the game later.

29May20: the fan…

Andy repositions himself to take advantage of the fan. (Now I can see the subtitles on the television. Thanks, my kitty!)


28May20: serious kitty business…


Dougy has serious kitty business…

…but I seriously fail to see what it is.

27May20: there’s a pattern here…

20200525_170904 (1)

What’s with Dougy? This is how he appeared hours after yesterday’s post.

20200525_170941 (1)

That ear just wants to fold.

26May20: Dougy “ears” you!

Sometimes Dougy’s grooming gets a bit vigorous.

Cute or funny? You decide!