08May21: Andy struts his stuff…

Andy paused to be admired and photographed.

He rearranges his pose for the best effect.

And he makes a face to let me know who the kitty is! 

07May21: Google fail me now! (Oops! It doesn’t need encouragement….)

Kill me now! Google’s acting up and won’t let me sign in. I fiddled and fiddled with it, then I got a “You’ve tried too many times” message that means I have to wait “several hours” to try again. I’ve no idea what happened, why it’s acting up. I didn’t do anything (that I can recall) to get “googled”. So, since I can’t access my email – which is where it wants to send the code that helps unlock the account! – I can’t send photos to myself to upload here. This is an old favorite for the time being.

Being googled is one hurt Andy can’t pat and make OK. 

Well, not several hours later – and after much, much, too much f’ing stress! – Google finally let me sign in. Typical, I’ve no, none, absolutely nada understanding of how, why the sudden acceptance of my efforts allowed me to access my gmail. The GIF above is proof I can function on my accounts again. Gad!

05May21: the critic…

Andy seemed interested in “Naked and Afraid”…

…since it featured wild animals and hunting. You know, kitty stuff!

I guess he found the “hoomins” pretty poor hunters or something and he took a nap for the rest of the program.

03May21: black hole…

Andy is shocked! What is this darkness on the electronic window…again???

Andy hops over for a better look. 

“…darkness…more darkness…my soul feels sucked into the darkness…”

“…empty…where are they all now…?” [I call Andy’s name. He seems distant, like the abyss that is my cable provider’s service. I hope I can bring him back!]

Is that you Andy? He seems less focused, changed, scary even. Daemon catt! What has Spectrum done to my kitty boy???

[No kitties were harmed making this post. After a short nap, Andy woke up, himself again. The Spectrum voice said the service would return around 10:30 pm. At midnight-ish, things were back to normal-ish. Good thing I pay so much for this service because I genuinely can be outraged when it stinks!]

02May21: smoke Persianhood…

“What’s up, Doug?” Andy demands to know.

Before I brought the kitten you and your late brother, Dougy, home, Andy, I’d never heard about smoke Persians. Now, when your hair grows out, I get to see just what a pretty thing a smoke Persian kitty is!

[Andy nodded in approval of my realization.]

01May21: “%&^$!”

Andy is pensive, well…

…a bit wound up!

Makes no sense to Andy: “Where’s supper?”



30Apr21: Andy gets my attention…

I don’t have much good to say about Facebook, but they do have one feature I do like: when they pull up a post from the past. In this instance, it is one I posted four years ago. Andy has his way of drawing my attention when he wants something from me. In this instance, he was just playful when he “booped” my head. In other instances, he “boops” my head, then he rubs his face on my hair, followed by a “playful” nip on my scalp to remind me kitty boys need to be fed in a timely manner! 

Of course, what goes around comes around, and I’m known to “boop” Andy on the nose, “just because”. 

29Apr21: hanging out…

Looks like Andy’s running a foot race in his sleep!

Doesn’t look comfortable to me, but this is how Andy sleeps on the ottoman, a favorite hang out.

Andy took a slightly different position this time. Looks a little more comfortable, doesn’t it?