18Jan23: ..in which Andy investigates contents of a mug….

“What?! What?! What?!”

Andy sees it and must investigate because, well, he’s the kitty!

A hop onto the end table to see what’s in the mug…..

>Sniff! Sniff! Snort!<

“Hmmm. Coffee. Kitties don’t like coffee and I’m the kitty.”

Doug moves his mug over to the ottoman – kitty snorts sometimes are juicy and he doesn’t want kitty “snort” in his mug.

Andy makes a wee mess when he lands on the ottoman. (“Dang cat!” says Doug.) Andy, of course, has to verify that the mess isn’t suitable for kitties, then…

…he hops onto the ottoman and takes a nap. Of course! 


There was pea soup fog here yesterday around midday. Any other day, you see people here driving at night with their headlights and fog lights on, using fog lights to get another level of illumination on the road and blinding drivers of on-coming vehicles. Yet today, when they have a reason to turn on headlights and those misused fog lights, I couldn’t believe how many people were driving around without either turned on. They were invisible until you nearly were upon them!

17Jan23: Where’s the month going?

When Andy comes a’callin’, you best better stop everything!

“What do you want, Andy?”

We try toys. Nope!

Oh no! he’s broody tonight!

Oh! He didn’t want toys, he just wanted to look into the Ziploc bag with the toys!

What a strange kitty!


The car switch on the parking spot worked to help melt a lot of the ice my neighbor and I have to deal with, but there’s still a lot more ice to go. On my side, there most of the mess is still there on the south side, so I will continue to back up into my spot for the time being. 

Lavinia asked me for suggestions for music I thought she would enjoy. I have so many composers and pieces I like, I’m afraid I really loaded her down with YouTube links to just a few especially agreeable pieces. On the other hand, I rarely listen to the pieces on YouTube since I have an extensive CD collection and favorite performers and orchestras that aren’t always represented on YouTube. That became my “quest”, though, to listen to familiar works by different performers and orchestras in a different format. For someone who is very particular in those matters – Alicia de Larrocha for Mozart piano works alone for me! Alfred Brendel for those of Beethoven! – it was good to hear new performers and less familiar orchestras and ensembles on favorite works.  


16Jan23: recliner cat has a low impact morning..

Andy slept here last night, at least the last part of it.

When sleepy boy woke up…

…he gave himself a quick wash up. 

Doug let him sniff a used paper towel. It was a really exciting start to his day!

Yes, time to think about taking another nap.


My neighbor across the lane, Linda, called me Saturday and told me she was going to be out of town Saturday and Sunday. She suggested I park on her spot, then the ice under and next to my spot would have a chance to melt. The prospects are low since snow is predicted for Sunday. The rest of the week is supposed to be cold, with temperatures slightly below to slightly above freezing. Ugh!


15Jan23: remembering…

Andy resisted medication years ago. I was able to catch him by showing him my cane. You can see that isn’t respect showing on his face! Poor kitty!

Andy and his late brother Dougy always had box issues that required sorting out. Andy mostly won the box conflicts, though Dougy (looking in on Andy) sometimes just jumped in with his brother and let what happened, happen. 


These photos from four years ago showed up on Facebook. Andy with his long Persian hair and the brothers with their long Persian hair remind me of what Andy needs to be again. Though Andy’s groomer did a really good job giving Andy a lion cut, it just isn’t a good look for him. I felt bad that Dougy died two weeks after his last grooming appointment. He didn’t get to be a Persian again before he died. That made me sad on top of sad for his death. 

More snow forecast for today and most of this week. It’s not expected much of the stuff will fall today – 1/2 inch/ 1,27cm – so I can handle it. The other snow forecasts suggest there is just a chance or slight chance of snow.

14Jan23: Andy’s busy morning…

Stare at Doug a lot. He gets confused and can’t figure out what Andy wants! (Andy thinks it’s fun!)

Doug “skritches” Andy’s chin. (Andy thinks this was worth staring at Doug. >Purr Purr! Purr!<)

“Strumming his banjo” or “maintaining his precious”. (Andy doesn’t care what you call it. He love, love, loves doing it!)

Quiet time. (Andy wishes Doug would go away. He’s had too much of Andy’s time.)


Not much going on here today besides amusing my cat.

13Jan23: Cutie pie!

Even at his age (11-1/2 years) Andy does things that I find too cute! Notice how he has his front paws crossed.


Finally! Warm enough weather predicted for the next few days should melt the snow and ice. 

12Jan23: on the prowl…

Andy stopped by to let me know he wanted something.

He wanted to find “it”, but “it” wasn’t “there”.

He tried to find “it” from a different perspective.

I guess “it” will have to wait while…

…Andy takes a nap.


Someone proposed that cats are a liquid. Take another look at the last photo, which I’ve posted in a larger size. See what they mean? LOL!


I got a surprise from leendadll yesterday in the form of a turtle nest! Many thanks!


11Jan23: can’t be bothered…

Minding his business…

…when the hand interrupts his quiet time.

How dare the hand! 

Andy takes a nap – or pretends to. That’ll show the hand!


It was a dull day today, but there was an email stating a new tub of Greenies dental chicken-flavored kitty treats will be delivered later!  

Want to see the cutest French bulldog ever? Go to this link to see Wally:

Wally’s Great Adventures (30).



10Jan23: Post zoomies – not a good time for photos!

Andy came running to…

…the ottoman after a zoomies episode.

He was charged up on adrenaline. He began grooming himself.

I couldn’t get good, unblurred photos, so I stuck my hand out to slow Andy down.

It almost worked! 


My Monday is Tuesday. You know, the first day of the week where anything important happens for the first time that week. It used to be my job on true Mondays; now it’s dialysis on Tuesdays, my current sort of “Monday”.

There’s still snow on the ground, but it looks like this week is one for lots of melting. There is a chance of snow on Wednesday, but the predicted high still is in the melting zone, 37 degrees F/ 2,8 degrees C.


09Jan23: Andy’s not surprised…

Andy watched Doug finally do his Christmas cards yesterday.

“So typical,” Andy thought.

“Just like ‘Kitty Food Time’ – always late!”


Now, now, now, Andrew! Maybe sometimes “Kitty Food Time” is on time but you just got at the food place ahead of time. You aren’t getting scrawny because you never get fed, my kitty boy! As for missing the entire Christmas season,  mea culpa! Yes, I barely got cards written and ready to mail yesterday. At my age, it is best to send them eventually lest friends assume I’m no longer above ground and check the obituaries page. LOL! Better they think I’m negligent than dead. Or too cheap to mail cards at US63 cents per.

NB: my cards this year were so heavy and bulky I ended up sticking US$1.26 worth of postage on them, “just in case” and two International rate stamps on those going abroad. I’m not cheap, I’m stupid for not checking at the post office to learn the exact amount of postage I needed. The two-ounce rate is cheaper, though the two-once plus bulky “hand process” rate might be higher. Ugh! I barely did cards this year because sometimes it’s that complicated.

Just in case I didn’t send you a card or you haven’t received one from me yet – I still have to mail the darn things! – here’s last year’s card and greetings:

I liked it better than this year’s card anyway.