13Jan21: stylin’…

You can be sure, this Kool Kat is stylin’!

“Not now…I’m stylin'”

“Didn’t get the memo? I AM STYLIN‘!

“I don’t get it, Andy. Don’t you want to play?”


“Stylin’ or styling is a verb used to describe something being done with style and elegance.” For example, see first photo.

12Jan21: tired of photo taking, Andy makes his move…

Andy is in an ornery mood today.

So when I try to take his photo, he…

…zooms into the living room…

…and pretends to be asleep. (I see your eyes and they are open, buster!)

10Jan21: bottle cap…

How many days now since Andy knocked the bottle cap under the recliner, then I put the footrest up so he could recover it to continue his play? I think five. Oh well. Last night he finally pulled it out of the “cavern” and took off with it!

09Jan21: taming the beast…

“NO! Don’t touch me! I’m a great, BIG bone-crunching, blood-lapping carnivore!”

“I warn you! I’ll chew your arm off!”

[Purr! Purr!]



The late Dougy resisted affection, too, but all was well once I “scritched” his chin, rubbed his head, or stroked his back. 

08Jan21: “…winner!”


The footrest is great for grooming!

Lick! Lick!

“Pardon me while I address my precious…”

“We have a winner! Whooo!” Andy takes his nap.


07Jan21: cause and effect…

The other day, Andy knocked a toy under the recliner. I opened it up so he could recover the toy. 

Being a kitty, Andy showed no interest in recovering the toy, but lots of interest in the newly elevated footrest. Of course!

Perfect for grooming!

Hey! Lounging’s great at this height and Doug has to get out of his chair to “bother the kitty”, his favorite game. Andy is very pleased with this new favorite place!

“Don’t ever put the footrest down!” (OK, Andy. You the cat!)


The late Dougy wasted no time taking over any new boxes, no matter how small.

06Jan21: ‘nip time…

It’s on the table, Andy.

Oh you cat! What’s the matter?

Oh, I haven’t rubbed it yet so the oils pop out to entice you! (You’re not too spoiled, are you?)

05Jan21: Andy hanging on the edge and me on my hospital day…

Every position…

…Andy takes on the end table…

….looks like he’ll fall off


You know hospitals – I’m prepared to be tracked and processed~!

Even a brief stay for an angioplasty on my dialysis fistula warrants changing into a hospital gown!

Afterwards, Terry and I stop by our old friend David’s to drop off plans for a ramp to help Marco, our old friend Donna’s sweet Pomeranian doggo get up on the bed more easily. Dave is an excellent cabinet builder/carpenter and the ramp will be much appreciated by his client, Marco! (That’s David’s cat in the photo above, if not a very good photo of a pretty calico kitty.)

Terry (in front) and David stand in front of David’s workshop, one example of his excellent craftsmanship. Two really nice guys, Terry and David. I feel fortunate to have them as friends! 

04Jan21: zoomies time…

Uh oh! I know that look. Andy’s zoomies are kicking in.

I better stay in my chair. This is serious!

Wow! Faster than a smartphone camera, Andy’s made the rounds at top speed and returned to the recliner! One of these days, I hope I catch him on video!

Someone’s adrenalin level’s still up!

Now what?

Yes, it’s Greenies time! (Hint! Hint!)


It’s a good thing Andy  knows how to amuse himself when I’m gone from home because today I have an appointment in Scottsbluff to have an angioplasty on my dialysis fistula. It  is a routine procedure anyone with one of these experiences periodically. It is done under anesthesia, is a procedure I’ve never had any problems with. Once again, my friend Terry has agreed to take me to the hospital, and I appreciate his willingness to do this! Unfortunately, I can’t drive myself because of the anesthesia. I will leave Andy well supplied with Greenies, kitty food (dry and wet), and water. Weather is supposed to be nice so he should get some good birdwatching done while I’m gone!

A year ago, Dougy (on left) and Andy watched birds out the back window where there is a fir tree and two apple trees that are very appealing to small birds of many species. For fans of the kitty boys who like the full Persian look, here you go! People who have Persian kitties know that look comes with lots of daily maintenance that neither Andy nor Dougy especially liked me to do. Mats are a chronic and tricky problem to do without upsetting the kitty boy.