27May23: Gad! When will the millers die out!?

Andy’s losing interest in the miller invasion.

Mostly…wait! There goes another one!

Andy’s got one more hunt in him.


I don’t recall Andy catching many millers. They are good practice and exercise for him, though, so I guess I am ok with the dang insects showing up each year. Naw! Not really, They are nasty.

26May23: while Andy sleeps…

What cheek!

A miller circumnavigating the lampshade…right above Andy!

A miller’s gotta do what a miller’s gotta do.

Yeah, fly over to the wall to taunt the cat even more!

“Nyah! Nyah, kitty boy!”

Everyone knows millers are nasty. This just adds to that sense of it.


Andy never did wake up to swat that bug!

25May23: miller hunt # 2…

The miller sits there, tantalizing, yummy, RAWR-able!

A strategically poor move on the miller’s part!

Andy missed; the miller survives for another hour! 

Of course, maybe this is a stupid one, relatively speaking. Yeah! “Stoopid-duh” stupid.


…or not.

Andy pretends he wasn’t moth-hunting.

Better yet, he pampers his precious!


Andy’s kill total stands at zero. He’s had lots of fun trying, though, and it sure beats artificial bugs!


24May23: my faux pas…

Andy tolerates no stray stuff on his end table!

“You know my rule, Doug!”

Yeah, I do, yet Andy was out of the room when I put my remote there.

Remote off the end table, Andy can take a stretch!

23May23: miller time…

Did you see, Andy?

Of course he did!

It’s the first miller of the season and Andy’s chasing it!

  Andy’s in for an eventful day.


Millers are the adult form of a garden pest, the so-called “cut worm”. In the home, they are entertainment for cats.

Army cutworm – Wikipedia

22May23: brain dead…

The movie is the medical thriller, “Coma”.

Genevieve Bujold and Michael Douglas…

What’s not to like?

Andy has a different opinion. I thought it was a fun film myself.


I missed this film when it came out. I think Andy wanted more car chases and less romance!

21May23: Sundays are for lazing…

Andy has Sundays mastered!


Yippee! Today is the day the whole town will be back in the Dark Ages while city crews work on the electrical system. Nine hours – 1:00 PM till 9:00 PM – for the fix is anticipated. I ordered the taco pizza yesterday so have pizza left over for today’s lunch, which I’ll probably eat around 11:30 or noon.


I have a full charge on both my laptop and smartphone, so can piddle around a bit on either or both for some part of the dark times. After that, I will take a nap, my usual afternoon “activity” anyway.

I decided against driving out of town to the Twisted Turtle, leaving the trip for some time I’m not doing it alone. The hassle of carrying air, too, is a factor since I’m a novice at handling the small bottles, let alone the large ones! I’ll be safer at home, where I can navigate my apartment easily.

I don’t need to wash clothes until Monday, if then. I think I have a couple shirts and changes of underwear, the only things I would likely need anyway. If I work it right, I’m not going anywhere till Tuesday, dialysis. 

20May23: sleepy kitties invite this…

Andy wakes me up to remind me it’s “feed-the-kitty-time” – usually around 12:30 AM!

That inspires me to… 


…the favor!

Take this, Andrew!

OK. I’ll let you have your nap now. (Good move on your part, kitty boy! That recliner footrest fits you to a “t” and the recliner reflects body heat back to you. You should sleep better here than on the lapboard.)


I think I’ll order a taco pizza in town today instead of driving to Rushville tomorrow. I’ll eat half today and the rest I’ll warm up tomorrow. Of course, taco pizzas have to have the lettuce taken off before reheating, but that’s a small job compared with a two hour round trip, eh?!


Mostly, I just let Andy sleep. He’s so angelic in that state!


19May 23: Andy is a cat after all!

Andy just likes to be “kool”! He’s a cat after all.

Part of being “kool”…

…is ignoring…

…a challenge…

NOT to be “kool”!


Oh well. He’s a cat after all!


The television service at the hospital was messed up yesterday. Dialysis without the television is a challenge to one’s patience if one isn’t prepared with alternatives – a book, a smartphone with a good charge, being tired enough to nap for four long hours. I took the latter since I didn’t have any of the former.

It was a good practice for Sunday. The city is doing maintenance of some sort on the electrical grid and there won’t be any electricity citywide from 1 pm till 9 pm. It might be a good day to take a trip to Rushville to check out the Twisted Turtle, a pizza bar that gets good reviews from Alliance people who’ve been there.

Rushville is an hour away. Leave Alliance at 1 pm, arrive in Rushville in time for the pizza bar to open at 2 pm, order pizza and a drink, enjoy pizza, pay bill, leave Rushville for Alliance at…? After a pizza, arrive back in Alliance, take a long nap till the lights come back on.

It might work!


18May23: a new place for treats….

Now that there are Greenies, Andy has a new variation on hiss habit to get used to.

Greenies on the ottoman lapboard.

He hesitates, then…

…hops up on the lapboard for his treats!

A few left for later, then to take a kitty bath. Andy’s adjusting well to the change!


Yesterday’s post wouldn’t publish when scheduled for no reason I could figure out. At a bit after three o’clock, I ended up copying the whole post, pasting it on a blank page, and, miracle of miracles, the miserable WordPress let it publish!