22Nov23: an average kitty moment…

Andy likes this beatup ribbon…

…to lick!

After that, he likes…

…to explore between the ottoman, the glide rocker, and the end table.

It’s pretty exhausting, so it’s up on the ottoman again, hinting to Doug it must be Greenies time.

21Nov23: waiting for the delivery…

Andy waits for the delivery.

So does Doug.

Andy has to check up on his delivery

“This must be what Doug’s waiting by the door for….” Andy thinks.

“My delivery’s here!”

Scamper the Squirrel!

What could Scamper possibly bring to Andy?

Umm…a peanut?! I guess the “delivery” was a chance to see a squirrel!

In the meantime, Gail arrives with Doug’s oxygen. 


WordPress messed up the first version of this post. I redid it hours later. Perhaps it is better than the original, which had alignment quirks and disappearing photos. Sorry for the delay for those of you who saw the messed up version and wondered if I had a heart attack or a seizure while doing the original! 


20Nov23: for Andy, birding is a solo sport…

I set up a walker for Andy to watch morning bird activity.

He became aware of me…

…and gave me a look while moving on.

Maybe he’ll get back on the walker.

Nope! He went into my bedroom to bird watch the tree activity in the backyard.


19Nov23: only two Greenies…

It was a sad moment for Andy till I added some more Greenies to those on the lapboard.

jfwknifton asked about Greenies in his comments. I’m not compensated for comments or photos about this product, incidentally, nor intend to encourage the manufacturer to do so. It just happens that Andy’s veterinarian carries this brand of kitty (and dog) treat and Andy approves! The photo shows the large size tub of cat Greenies. His veterinarian carries the small pouch format. Andy goes through that size in no time.

18Nov23: just stopping by…

Andy stopped by.

I asked him if he’d been a good boy. (When he last left me, he hadn’t been….)

“Oh! You just came back for Greenies!”

“And I don’t apologize for being a bad boy!”


I know you will wonder how sweet Andy might be a “bad boy”. When he puts his paws on me, he sometimes has his claws out. The time concerned above, it was on my bare knee and it hurt like hell!


I made lemon bars for yesterday’s AHS Class of 1966’s monthly luncheon. Unfortunately, it was called off at the last minute because of COVID-19, which has reared its ugly presence again in town. Sadly, I got up early and made the lemon bars, and now have to eat them all by myself.

Boo hoo! > fake tears <




17Nov23: Nom! Nom! Food is good!

Andy enjoys his treats, as you all know!


Today is the day my classmates get together for our monthly luncheon. It’s Mexican today! Yes, burritos and tacos are on the menu.

I hope Suzie’s there today, too, because she’s the Queen of Margaritas – and I love a great “margie”!

I never know what to take but it has to be something I think everyone will eat so I don’t have to take anything home. With that in mind, I made lemon bars when I woke up this morning. I do know there are a couple of others who, like me, love, love, love the dang things. If any are left over, I know they will help out and take some home with them.

We’re meeting at Donna’s so I look forward to Tootsie the dog, too. I scared her the last time trying to lift her so will go easy this time! Maybe she’ll bring her tug-a-war toy over to me and we can play! I love my cat but I always – (whisper!) – was a dog person growing up.

16Nov23: a slow day…

I guess today is doomed to be one where little happens. I hope this single photo of Andy holds you over till something happens!


Here’s a little historic Dougy video to help tide you over.

Here’s a shorter historic Andy video…


15Nov3: Andy’s overwhelmed…

A new tub of Andy’s favorite kitty treat arrived today.

Andy is overwhelmed.

Those on the lapbard are left over from the old tub.

“Open it, please, Doug.”

“Finish the old tub first, Andy.”

…visions of rolling in a tub full of Greenies!


14Nov23: morning is “RAWR the sparrows” time…

The blind cord was in the way.

I moved it, then…

…Andy noticed the blind cord was moving back and forth. Andy forgot he was “hunting sparrows” for the moment!

He sniffed it, then went back to Priority One, sparrows! The morning “RAWR the sparrows” time was back on!


Lavinia Ross sent me photos of the Salmon Brook Farms kitties, which is much appreciated since she has had to cut back of blogging. Here’s Wynken!

Awwww! Nod is looking as sweet as ever!

Silkie and Marcus know a good window when there is one! 

Thank you, Lavinia, for the photos of the Salmon Brook Farms kitties. I know I’m not the only one who misses your blog posts but appreciate that you have good reasons to cut back. 


Earlier, before “RAWR the sparrows” time, Andy tried to catch a gnat on the television screen.

13Nov23: “Wanna play, Andy?”

“Wanna play, Andy?”

I needed photos for today’s post and pointed my smartphone at him in one hand and held a “toy” in the other.

I waved it in Andy’s face. He flinched because he realized I wanted an action photo of him, any photo. (He gets really wound up with this trashed oxygen nose piece, if he’s in a playful mood!)

He hid his face, playing like he was asleep…but he wasn’t! As soon as I put my smartphone away, he perked up and stretched out like he was in the first photo.


Andy wasn’t in the mood to let me photograph him today. Notice how he’s looking down or away? Or hiding his face, period? Dang cat!