Post 2253: groomer day for the kitty boys…


“Yes, you have to go, Andrew!”


After a short drive, we arrive at the groomer’s. Dougy, as usual, whines from the carrier. Andy and I ignore him!

Brilliant! They look neater, but Athena cut their hair long. I think the kitty boys like the new look, too.






Post 2252: The photos were in a queue…what?!


These are the eyes of a disgusted, world-weary blogger. The photos didn’t post to my laptop because they backed up in a queue, a new smart phone problem for me! (See the earlier Post 2251.)

Once I resent the top message in the queue, the logjam broke loose, giving me 34 mostly duplicated photos to sort through on the laptop. I hate technology some days. Now, back to kitty pictures!

From their sleeping places, Dougy (left) and Andy slowly move in closer, reminding me it surely is “Feed The Kitties Time”! And it is! Andy, as usual, is the most adamant, closer and closer, giving me the “I Am Not Going To Tell You Again Dark Stare Of Pending Doom” look that tells me I best better scurry to the kitchen to prepare a plate of kitty food. Andy follows me into the kitchen to assure the task is done, tout suite!


Breakfast over, the kitty boys clean up and take a nap.

Post 2251: it never ends…

There’s some technical issue with my smart phone settings (I presume) where I can’t e-mail photos to my laptop. It wears me out! It also complicates doing my blog posts since that’s how I create them each day. So, until I work it out, I’ll post old photos I guess. Ugh!

IMG_20181223_085324 Dougy, December 2018: Enjoying the sun.


Andy, March 2019: He enjoys a serious “scritching”!

I hope I work this issue out so you can see the kitty boys’ new haircuts. Yes, today is the day they go to the groomer!

Post 2250: favorite sleeping places…


Some days, the photos I send to my laptop from my smart phone take too long to pop up in my e-mail to be used in that day’s post. Today is such a day. This is the only new photo that showed up.

Not to worry, Dougy’s head (lower right) doesn’t look like that. There’s a lot of distortion at the edges in this particular smart phone’s lens. Even a Persian cat doesn’t have that fat a head!

Tomorrow is the day the kitty boys go to the groomer for a final 2019 haircut and for me to get their 2020 schedule. Yes, I have to schedule a year’s worth of appointments at a time since I get two appointments side by side, a good trick!

Post 2249: slumber time…


Oops! Dougy’s trying to sleep and I’m disturbing him. (That’s his grumpy face.)


So he rolls over on his head and hides behind a paw. Hmm. 



Día de los Muertos, November 2nd, I partially graduated to dialysis using the new fistula. “Partially” because one line used the fistula, and the other used one of the catheter lines. Once it is established the fistula is fully adequate for use, the catheters will be removed. The best part about that is I’ll be able to take showers again!  

Post 2248: a relaxed Sunday…


The two Dougs have a relaxed Sunday. Dougy enjoys having his head rubbed!

Post 2247: it is what it is…

Dougy’s proud of his handsome pelage. What he doesn’t know is he and Andy have an appointment at the groomers on November 6th…! (All the “stuff” on the floor in the lower right photo is cardboard Dougy’s scratched off his and Andy’s kitty lounger. So much for the notion kitties are “clean” animals. They will scoot on the carpet and knock over trash cans, too. I know. I know. I was shocked, too! You do know they butt sniff each other, too, don’t you? LOL!)

Post 2246: emphasizing a claim…


Dougy lets me know the ottoman is his!


Let’s see that in slow motion. One doesn’t want to miss Dougy’s message in all its subtlety!

Post 2245: “We know where you live…!”


My coffee mug came to life… Happy Halloween!