30May23: Coban serves as kitty amusement, too!


Andy does a touchup on his face first….

“Just wait, Douglas! I had a treat and can’t play till I’m spic and span!”

“Scrunchy and mouthable. I like it!”

Andy enjoys Coban after Doug takes it off his arm.


Andy caught his second miller yesterday. He patted it till it wobbled away. Andy let it take off to behind the recline, where he followed to continue his abuse of the poor insect. He doesn’t eat them, just beats them to a frazzle. Good kitty!

02Apr23: Class of 1966 luncheon for March…

Not thrilled to have my photo taken myself, the least I can do when taking everyone else’s photo is take some selfies of myself, eh?!

We had our March get-together on 31 March. 

I was really happy Flo and Ted were able to come to the luncheons again!

We met at the Gathering Place. It took a bit of time to get orders placed. I had a crispy chicken cordon bleu sandwich and potato salad, both of which were excellent!

We chatted while we waited for our orders to be taken – the long-haired standing lady in the back on the right is the waitress-bar keep. She managed quite well so I made sure I gave her a good tip.

When I ordered my beer, I thought the choice of a large was like the glass with the red beer in it. I got a surprise when the huge mug showed up. I got through it, though. Man, was it heavy for this old man to hoist!

Half full or half empty? Half full for certain when I’m with my friends! 

Will Doug ever put that $*%& smart phone camera away?

Time to pull out for desserts at Donna’s! Well, for most of the crew. Between the beer, a large lunch, and a kitty intervention in my rest the previous night. I bow out this time.

Andy woke me up at 10:30 pm and I’d been up since. I missed the rest of the conversations, but it seemed the best thing to do this time. I fell asleep in my chair almost as soon as I sat down! And the kitty boy? Andy was not amused when his kitty food was late. Everyone knows what the kitty wants, the kitty will have! NOW!


Our group is breaking into the mid-70s in age and each time we get together I realize just how much I value these friends and the other friends who make it sometimes. We share lots of old times together, many school memories, and lots of sorting out where this or that person is now or if they are above ground.

I never imagined this is something I would enjoy as much as I do. I feel blessed to have this group in my life!

Eid ul Fitr 2022

Eid ul Fitr is observed by my Muslim friends beginning either today or tomorrow. It marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and is observed in many different ways, depending on the country.

“Sending best of the best Eid wishes to you and your family as the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end. May you always be smiling and full of happiness and joy. Eid Mubarak to you!”


The soldiers of Australia and New Zealand suffered incredible depredations and losses in WWI. Their sacrifice in that war and all other wars is remembered each year on ANZAC Day. It originally honored those who served and died at Gallipoli.

As a veteran of another era, I salute them.



This film was made about Gallipoli, though it has some inaccuracies, typical of films about historical events. It is, nonetheless, a powerful anti-war film.

Veteran of Vietnam, former Governor of Nebraska and then Nebraska-elect Senator Bob Kerrey sang “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”. 



The Holi Festival of Colors is today in India!

This has been the year many, many Indians have signed up for my posts. Though I am unfamiliar with most of the holidays of India, I am familiar (sort of!) with the Holi Festival of Colors because I’ve seen videos showing the activities. And what activities they are! Enjoy the video and read up on the holiday that is today, 18 March 2022!


Best wishes to my Indian friends on Holi Festival of Colo(u)rs!! 

(It looks messy but fun!)


The 18th of March 2022 is a Muslim holiday as well. Lailat al-Bara’ah, begins today as well. I’m not familiar with the holiday, though I know it precedes Ramadan by two weeks. Best wishes for my Muslim friends as they prepare for the holy month of Ramadan!


30Jan22: an anniversary…

On January 30th, 2009, 11 AM, I began my early retirement from Parker Hannifin. I worked there, mostly in Quality Assurance, for just short of 36 years. Only one person had more seniority than I, and it was a running joke we had that I was going to work there till I’d worked one day longer than Mike. It didn’t happen, so I was never Nr. 1 in seniority.

Sadly, five of the people in this photo have passed. I was blessed to work with each and every one in the photo.

I think this must have been taken in the 10th anniversary year of the plant, 1982. Most of us in the photo retired from the plant, which went through major updates in products produced and equipment over the years and became a cash cow for various owners, the last of which, Parker Hannifin, was my favorite to work for. 


Retirement made possible getting my first kitty, Freckles.

Louie came shortly after.

And, of course, the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, followed Louie.

I’ve enjoyed my retirement!

11Nov21: Veterans Day…

That’s me, Specialist Thomas, on the far right. Yeah, I’m a US Army veteran, so I’m taking a day off today from blogging to observe the holiday. How can that be? I put this together on the 10th.

I was a motion picture photographer stationed in Germany. Here, I was on a mopic job in Greece. 

The Vietnam War was winding down when I entered the US Army in December 1969 or I would have experienced my job – 84C20 or Combat Motion Picture Photographer – in a different way. My time in West Germany was pleasant, almost a vacation, and my job took me all over that country and to some jobs out of country to Italy and Greece.

02Aug21: dreams and dreamy times; different play approaches….

Another kitty boy meditation….

The kitty boys enjoy a spring snowstorm.

Andy and Dougy play differently.

The zoomies!