31 Jul22: stringing along…

A rompiferous romp of rompers ’round the recliner…and a bit of string.

Andy approves of this 👏 ! Woo hoo, meow!

09Jun20: bugged again…


The miller is on the lampshade again, which…

…activates Andy’s killer instincts and alerts Dougy to the possibility of a yummy snack should Andy miss.

The kitty boys share a perch. That miller is better than a $30 kitty toy and is edible!

No! The miller flies away!


Post 2286: Dougy poses, nakedly…


Dougy is well aware of his sexy appeal. He always stops mid-lick when taking a bath in case I have a camera on him.


“How’s this one, Doug the human? Too sexy? (Well, the blurred focus would be sexy for an old movie star, but Dougy is in prime time for a kitty boy….)

Good grief! Now Dougy’s giving me multiple options for head shots! Upside down. Right side up. Really close in!


Yeah, that’s about right, Dougley! Upside down with eye wink! That’s your best shot! But maybe we should brush you down next time for a smoother, cool look. You look a bit like a neighborhood stray with that scruffy look. 

Post 1918: the hunt…

Dougy spots a fly over in the doorway to the guest bedroom. The hunt is on! Sneaky fly! Now it’s by the television.

I think Dougy missed another sneaky fly maneuver…it’s over in the corner now. The hunt is off for the moment till the fly reveals itself again!