Post 1978: …in which little happens.

Dang! Almost deadline time and neither kitty boy’s doing anything interesting! You know it’s desperate times when I photograph myself preparing to photograph Dougy sleeping.


Post 1977: Andy again!

Andy’s decided to be more present lately. Nice!

Purr! Purr! Purr! Andy enjoys the attention.

Dougy misses being at the center of attention…. Oh! Oh! This could be bad news!

Post 1975: Too much Caturday!?

When Dougy wears his ear like this, I wonder if he had too much Caturday fun….

(Oddly, this happens when he cleans up. Andy doesn’t fold his ear back when cleaning, however.)

Post 1974: Woo hoo! Caturday!

Finally! I got a decent photo of Dougy’s healed right eye. Now we can enjoy Caturday!

Here’s what that eye looked like a couple weeks ago.

Post 1973: “Let’s see that eye, Dougy!”

Andy’s been watching me for some time as I try to take a photo of Dougy’s improved right eye. He can’t believe I haven’t succeeded yet!

Yeah, typical! The moment before, he was looking directly at Doug (the human).

“Try a GIF, Doug!” Andy, if anything, is encouraging the quest for a clear shot of Dougy’s right eye.  Yep! More failure!

Two more at the bottom…hiding in the shadows. Take my word for it, that right eye looks really fine!

Post 1972: Tempt me…!

Dougy plays it cool. Some days he can’t be tempted to play! Of course, other days he puts on his best irritating whine to get  me off the laptop to play with him! Andy is more particular yet!

Post 1971: Seriously, it’s good again!

Here are half of the photos I took to show you how much better Dougy’s right eye is after two weeks of eye drops. Typical! He closed his eyes or blinked every time I tried to get an “open eye” shot!

Oh well! Right eye open; left eye partially closed; slightly out of focus. This seems to be the best I can do for the moment. And it only took me eleven tries!

Post 1970: Finished!

Dougy doesn’t realize it yet, but he had his last eye drops Monday noon.

In the meantime, he cleans up. (While he was getting eye drops, his eyes produced a lot more gunk than normal. I finally got a chance to clean it off while Dougy was burrito-wrapped. From now on, Dougy probably can keep it in control.)

Post 1969: conked out…

Dougy wanted to play, and we did. Then he conked out. We definitely had fun, but a kitty’s got priorities. It’s nap time!

Post 1967: kitty burrito…

Around that eye looks a little icky, but that’s the medicine over-flow after I gave Dougy his eye drops. Between Dougy and me, we clean it up. I just wanted to show you how I restrain my kitties to give them medicine. I can’t believe I used to give them medicine without wrapping them in a towel! Impossible! And they do have claws.