Post 958: cabbageburgers…

There is an Eastern European treat commonly found around this area, the cabbageburger.

Not much to a cabbageburger: browned ground beef, julienned cabbage, julienned onion, salt, pepper, and spices as preferred. I add ground ginger, paprika, and Worcestershire sauce. Cook this down to an al dente stage, and stuff into a lump of raw bread dough. Bake, eat!


I decided to make cabbageburgers for the second time in twenty years. Before I used bread dough I made from scratch. This time, I experimented with commercially available frozen raw bread dough. Should have been simpler that way.

Oh dear! Oh well...they taste great if you eat them with your eyes closed!

They taste pretty much like they look!

Done correctly, they look like hamburger buns that haven’t been sliced open.The first time I made them, they looked like they were supposed to. These, erm, I need a dog.

Dear, dear me! I guess I won’t be serving these to company! Or me.