Post 1462: “You’re what???”


Dougy’s incredulous!

“You’re what?

Yes, Dougy, I’m getting my beard and hair cut today. You and Andy get to go till the end of September before you get yours.

Post 1461: Sundays are for rest! And play!

Dougy chose the recliner for his snooze…

…while Andy thinks this piece of paper on the floor is perfect for his!


The kitty boys and I played with the old favorite, the  Neko Birbug before they took their snoozes.

It’s been awhile since I brought that toy out because of a peacock feather interest that lasted a long time.

They exhausted themselves on the Birbug, they had such a good time snatching it out of the air and “rawring” it to death.

Yes, they definitely got their kitties on! Nothing like an old favorite set aside then brought out again after the kitty boys forgot they had it.

Post 1460: …so stinkin’ hot!

Andy is tired of the stinkin’ heat, as am I. I’ve added something new to the air conditioning I turn on to help the kitty boys deal with the heat: old-fashioned ice! 

Yes, I brought out the cat dishes I usually use to give the kitty boys the water off of albacore and turned them into heat relief watering holes.

It’s a new enough heat remedy Andy has to contemplate it a bit first. (The kitty boys still have their water fountain, their regular watering hole, but putting ice in that might not be a good idea because it might cause problems with the little pump that makes it work.)

Andy tests it out…

…and decides licking the ice or drinking the iced water is a hot weather hit!

Dougy, on the other hand, finds ice in water a bit avant-garde for his tastes, though he did give it a lick. He chose to find a cool spot in the bathroom.


Post 1459: a slow start…


Dougy surveys the damage to his ottoman: “Mine!” Yep, he’s proud of his “pawsome” work!


But he is more interested in perching on the recline just now. This is the kitty boy’s favorite place on the recliner. Andy’s off somewhere else, so Dougy has it all to himself, just the way he likes it!


Of course, Doug (the human) has a harder time catching the kitty boys for dematting when they perch here.

Post 1458: Dematting time, boys!

Andy saw me coming. He didn’t know what was on my mind, but he quickly hopped on top of the PC, which offers easy escape routes for the wary kitty boy.

He looked right, then took off left! Well played Andy, my kitty! Well played!

“La! La! La!” Dougy comes around the corner, oblivious to what’s next!

“Not dematting! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” (Which in Cattinese is “Mrow! MROWWWWWWWWW!”)


I suppose it will be like this till late September, the earliest I was able to reschedule them at the groomer.

Post 1457: What!? What!? What!?

Dougy looks forward to quiet time on his ottoman.

Things just don’t feel right…. Dougy feels “off”.

Dougy’s kitty sense tells him to swing around, and then he sees the “problem”!

What!? What!? What!? Andy is on the play box and that is too close to the ottoman by Dougy’s reckoning.

Faster than a sluggish smart phone camera, the chase is on!



Post 1456: upset kitties behaving poorly..!

Dougy’s on the prowl! Doug (the human) just dematted Dougy, and Dougy’s taking out his upset on his poor brother, Andy! (Bad kitty!)

Yeah, Dougy chased Andy up there, but now Andy has a safe spot from Dougy. Dougy has to think this out: How to beat up Andy when he’s up there!?

I think Andy’s enjoying this a bit too much. Dougy makes his move, but Andy can escape easily. (I’m not so sure he isn’t giving Dougy the kitty boy equivalent of a thumb to the nose in some of these poses…!)


Uh oh! Andy ran to the top of the PC, and Dougy followed him. Where will this end?

After some “eyeballing”, Andy and Dougy remember it’s Doug (the human) they are upset with. I mean, Andy told Dougy a fact he didn’t know: Doug (the human) dematted Andy’s chest before he flipped Dougy over to do the same! 

“Ohhhh! If he didn’t give us kitty treats, feed us kitty food, and play with us, I’d be sooooo mad!” Dougy said to his brother Andy.  


“Look at him! Watching television and acting innocent!” Andy says to Dougy. “I think we can take him if we do it together, brother!”


Andy and Dougy ran off to take a snooze, perhaps to dream up ways to get back at Doug (the human) for combing out mats on the kitty boys.

We’ll see. We’ll see. Mwahahahahaha!


A note to you who follow this blog: I usually have the worst of all light to take photos of the kitty boys. I lucked out for all of these photos. These photos show the kitty boys more accurately than most photos I post.

They are shedding more hair and experiencing more mats now because they didn’t get their May grooming, and their hair is the longest it’s been in years.

They are smoke Persian kitties, and the longer their hair gets, the more the smoke Persian characteristics show in their pelage. 

Please take a close look at the last photo in the series. It shows Andy and Dougy at the prettiest they’ve been in a long time. Well, Dougy’s ruff is a bit messed up, but it combs out.





Post 1455: where they cool it all day…


In the guest bedroom, under a night table…


Clever boy, Dougy. It’s tricky catching you there because you are close to the bed~! I move toward you, you skedaddle under the bed.

Andy hides in the bathroom in a dark spot where I had to really sap the white to get any detail in his face or fur!

I didn’t see him till I turned on the light, and it still was very dark where Andy hid – another clever kitty boy! 


Here’s a bonus photo of Andy. 


Post 1454: Andy is wary…

Andy came from the guest bedroom, but stopped on this play box to survey the scene.

I was on the glider, and he didn’t want to risk taking the easy route to the other end of the apartment for fear I’d catch him. (He hasn’t had his medicine yet!)

He sat there for a long time before he took a run for it! 

Don’t worry, Andy! I’ll catch you sooner or later. I always do.

Post 1453: Dougy rejects the feather…

Hey, as the French know, presentation is important! I just didn’t present the temptation properly.

In the meantime, Andy was holding onto his chair in the bathroom.

“Don’t bug me, Doug. Go away. Now! RAWR!” (Well, it is more like “meow”. Andy speaks softly but with authority. He gave me “The Look” – see last photo.)