01Aug20: What’s up, Doug?


Andy’s curious. Why won’t I let him come around to the other side? 

Maybe it’s because he has “Itchy Paws” and all I need to start hyperventilating again is Andy to wipe out what little hard won progress I’ve made on the nightmare configuration issues on my new laptop and photo sharing from my smart phone.


Seems like I resolve one issue and bring up twelve more. I’m not kidding about hyperventilation! ( I hope the person who cuts my beard and hair is operating again soon or I might be tempted to do it myself. >self to myself< “Don’t do it, Doug!”) 


Post 1896: The kitty boys are back!


We’ve had a grumpy few days, thanks to a laptop giving up the ghost, but my new laptop means the kitty boys and I can return to regular posting.

What’s going to fall apart next? I suspect it’s time for the smart phone to go belly up. I mean, don’t expensive things always fail close to expensive holidays like Christmas? And it’s about the only bit of technology I use that’s left to croak!

11Aug20: “Respect my authority!”


Andy has a way of letting me know he’s through with me. It starts with a paw on my hand. If I try to top his paw with my hand, he reasserts his desire to be left alone by putting his paw back on top of my hand. If I ignore his wishes, he’ll add a little bite to my hand. It has just enough pressure to let me know “I AM NOT KIDDING, BUB!” What can I say? Petting a kitty is very satisfying business if the kitty boy agrees to the attention.

10Aug20: But it’s different, sort of!


“Seriously,” Andy meows, “it’s different.”


Yes, when I leave my lapboard on the late Dougy’s memorial ottoman, Andy hops on the lapboard. As far as he’s concerned, it isn’t the forbidden ottoman when the lapboard tops it. 


“I can do what I want now,” purred Andy.


No surprise that Andy tops it off with a nap.








09Aug20: What?! Another fly!…

We thought all the flies were dead, but Andy spots another late season Musca domestica, a rare treat for a kitty boy if he can catch it.



08Aug20: lapcat…


Every cat person is…


…pleased when his or her cat decides to become a laptop kitty. Um…, no, that’s “lap cat”. Andy’s decided he wants to become my laptop kitty and every time I’m on my laptop, he tries to get on the keys. I try to keep him behind the screen or my message to you looks like this: vewu3rbnihjnnnnnnmasdvs;l.










07Aug20: Who’s that in the video?

Andy’s minding his business…


…when I interrupt his kitty bath to make an Andy selfie video.

“That’s you, boy!” As always, Andy demonstrates that he is a “Kool Kat”! Can you believe his nonchalant glance toward the cameraman? “Of course it’s me, silly! I’m the only cat here. Who else could it be?”


06Aug20: maybe some television…


Though Andy basks in the heat of the end table lamp…


…till he feels up…


…for a little television…

20200802_012852…it just puts him to sleep.

04Aug20: watching…

Andy’s horns are up. He’s watching me. Watching, watching, trying to look like he’s not watching, watching! Then I give him blinky eyes and he gives me blinky eyes back. I got your number, kitty boy! 

03Aug20: cloistered…


Andy hopped onto the glider arm. I barely could focus on him in this photo. Regardless, he satisfied his curiosity about the smart phone and left on important kitty business.

02Aug20: calmness descends upon the land…

In the chaos of the burn in phase of setting up the new laptop, I exhausted myself and Andy as well. We survived as of last Thursday, when I made this post. There are some minor details to work through, yet all the features I need immediate access to work.

20200727_214516 (1)

Yes, things are pretty much back to normal!