Post 1191: So my kitty boys can get along, too….!

Dougy came over to visit me at the computer. He used the kitty highway (the recliner) and stepped over Andy, who was sleeping on the computer desk shelf, his especial territory. Andy didn’t get upset! Dougy didn’t stop by to irritate his brother! My word! So my kitty boys can get along, too!


I greet Dougy when he steps off the computer shelf. Then I see Andy watching Dougy! I hadn’t noticed Andy till then.102716-andy-and-dougy

Dougy looks back at Andy. A fight to start shortly?!102716-dougy-sneaks-a-peak-at-andy

No. Andy is calm about the intrusion into his space by Dougy. Dougy had to step over Andy to get to his spot by the all-in-one machine.102716-was-is-los-andy

Dougy stays long enough to get some loving, but Andy moves closer to me for a snooze.102716-still-life-with-andy

Dead to the world, my little kitty boy…!102716-andy-close-up-sleeps

Sleep, sleep, sleep! And (being a Persian) Andy snores a little bit.102716-useme-still-life-with-andy

How does he sleep with his head cocked that way??102716-andys-head-upside-dow-use-me

Andy had his rest and left for a little dry kitty food and another snooze in the bathroom, where he’s claimed the bath mat by the shower as his.

Dougy stopped by the computer again for more loving. Persians are very needy kitties. They love their loving!102716 dougy 2.jpg

Seeing Matts And Pelts From A Cat’s Perspective

Here’s an excellent reference on care for long-haired cats. Matting is a problem for these beauties, but there are simple ways to control the problem. (Frankly, if you aren’t prepared to give your long-haired cats regular brushing and trips to the groomers, you probably aren’t the person to have them! They do require your attention.)


“Great article, I will certainly be using some of the points in this in the future with clients”

Emma O’Connor, Veterinary Surgeon at Anton vets

The Facts

What is matting?

Matting is when a cat’s fur becomes knotted and entwined. Matts can occur when the cat’s undercoat  sheds (moults) and gets trapped under the top layer of fur. A build up of dirty fur or oily skin, affecting the condition of the fur, can also result in matting. The fur bunches together if left uncombed.

Without proper and regular grooming a cats matting can very quickly become pelted.

Most owners concentrate on the top layer of fur, when they brush their cat, leaving the undercoat without attention. This can be the start of matting. A matt or knot can sometimes be teased out with the fingers or gently combed out if held at the root. If a comb can be slid between the matt…

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Post 1190: Andy relaxes on the recliner…

Dougy wandered off to sleep off his morning kitty food, and Andy used this Dougy-free time to make use of the much disputed recliner for kitty purposes.

Yes, it was clean up and nap time for Andy!


Of course, Andy knew he still needed to be vigilant….!102616 but andy knows be vigilant.jpg

But cleaning up after kitty food time is necessary, too.102616 no useme andy cleans.jpg

Ah! Time to relax a bit!102616 andy in relaxed state.jpg

But he realized he hadn’t cleaned his precious yet. “Must.Clean.Precious!”102616 nomming his precious.jpg

Relaxing again.102616 really use me andy cleans.jpg

Very sleepy now…102616 use me getting sleepy andy.jpg

My kitty boy takes a nap!  102616 useme sleeping andy.jpg

Andy enjoyed his recliner time. Dougy never showed up to take it away from him. 

Post 1189: Andy prevails…!


So starts the endless posturing to take over all the favorite high spots in the apartment! Andy and Dougy sort it out daily. Who gets the recliner? That’s the new favorite.

Dougy still hogs the ottoman and Andy roosts on the stacked carriers. But…that recliner! Rawr! Both kitties want it!


Dougy isn’t happy. Andy’s on the recliner.102516 unhappy dougy andy on recliner useme 1.jpg

Dougy wants me to help. “But you have the ottoman, Dougy. Isn’t that enough?!”102516 dougy looks to me useme.jpg

Dougy ponders the risks. He wants that recliner. More, he doesn’t want Andy to have it!102516 dougy sees andy on recliner use me.jpg

Woo hoo! Dougy takes the recliner from Andy!102516 deougy takes over recliner useme.jpg

But Andy steals it back. And now he is unhappy with Dougy.102516 andy go away use me.jpg

“Don’t go away mad, Dougy. Just go away!”102516 andy with dougy leaving use me.jpg

Though they play this power game all the time, they rarely squabble to the point of a fight. Good boys!

Post 1188: early morning on US 385…I drive to Bridgeport

I love the early morning! Colors are saturated, dramatic shadows are cast by the low sun, and there is an awakening. This time of year, too, the drama of Autumn ganging up on Summer, turning a verdant world into one of vibrant colors, makes a drive down to the North Platte River at Bridgeport one I look forward to.

Of course, there are better places to see the Platte in Autumn, but I enjoy Bridgeport, a small but vigorous community on the Mormon and Oregon Trails. Autumn on  the North Platte in Bridgeport is just fine with me! 


At the intersection of Potash Avenue and Kansas Street, the southern most street in Alliance. There is town to the north of Kansas and country to the south.102316 Potash and Kansas Street.jpg

Wow! What a gorgeous morning this chilly October day!102316 morning near intersection of 26 and 385.jpg

Looking south down Angora Hill, your first glimpse of the North Platte River valley.102316 angora hill 3 use me.jpg

Bridgeport is built on the Mormon and Oregon Trail routes that paralleled the North Platte River, the I-80 of the westward migration in the 1800s.102316 mormon trail marker close up.jpg

This monument marks a Mormon campsite on the North Platte, which you can see in the background.102316 platte river behind mormon trail monument.jpg

Well, coal trains are a traveler’s woe around these parts. Wyoming coal’s transported by the BNSF and Union Pacific lines to eastern and southern power plants.102316 coal train stop bridgeport 4.jpg

Time to head back to Alliance.102316-noth-to-alliance

Nebraska is flat. (Angora Hill, heading north on US 385.)102316-angora-hill-2

Of course, once you get into Box Butte County, Nebraska is flat! LOL! Squint and you just about can see Alliance on the horizon. The double power lines show that there is progress on moving power lines to make way for the Heartland Express. This road is going to be a divided highway in time.102316-just-before-dinklage-alliance-at-end-of-road

OK, here’s your kitty dose for the day! Andy watched birds out the window while I took a short day trip. No idea what Dougy did.102316-andy-on-computer

For a bit of history on the Oregon Trail and the Mormon Trail:

About Bridgeport, Nebraska:,_Nebraska

About the Platte River:

Post 1187: fugitive…

The endless game of giving Andy his heart medicine began with Andy escaping from me each time I tried to catch him. 

Frustrated, I decided to take a photo of Andy hiding in the dark, feet away from me where I couldn’t move without him scooting off to some inaccessible spot to “cat smirk” about how he avoided his icky medicine once again! I’d call the blog centered on the photo “fugitive…” I decided.

While waiting for my computer to settle in and be ready, Andy stopped by my computer chair! He was within grabbing distance, so I just reached down and captured my little fugitive! 

“Try giving me those sad kitten eyes now, you little rascal! You will be medicated today!” 


The fugitive, moments before he came over and was captured. (Photo taken in low light.)102316-andy

This is Andy’s main defense: “sad kitten eyes”. Didn’t work!  For those unfamiliar with Andy’s “sad kitten eyes”, here’s an historical photo, back when I had to wrap him in a towel to contain him long enough to give him his medicine:

andy realizes hes getting medicine

…wrapped in the white towel! He spots the medicine bottle on the table. This can only mean one thing! (Original caption for this photo – this shows you an Oscar-worthy version of “sad kitten eyes”, as Andy performs them!)

Post 1186: Caturday and everything’s cosy…

Not much to report today. It’s Caturday and everything’s cosy!


Dougy’s relaxed on his ottoman…102216-dougy-1

…and Andy is suspicious of me. (He hasn’t had his medicine yet!)102216-sceptical-andy

Put your feet up and relax with your kitties! It’s Caturday!

Post 1185: a quiet morning watching the news….

The boys had kitty food, the wet kind. Andy had his medicine earlier and was a good boy! Now he’s sleeping in the bathroom on his favorite place: The mat outside the shower. He claimed that the moment I put it down. Dougy knows. Yes, Dougy knows! He leaves that spot alone unless he wants a fight!

Fixed myself french toast (French toast?) for breakfast, along with  a rich Brazil Adrano coffee made from beans I roasted, and a fruit cup. Then Dougy and I sat down for the morning news. Well, maybe Dougy was more interested in a nap, but, well, you know….


Dougy asks the question, “Meow?!”102118-dougy-on-ottoman

I’m busy watching the news, so give him a “brush off” answer. “Later, Dougy! This is important, too.”102116-dougy-watchoing-tv

That’s OK by Dougy. He wanted to take his nap anyway.102116 me watching tv.jpg

Of course, that doesn’t mean I get the recliner to myself.102116-andy-stops-by

While Dougy’s off getting a drink, Andy stops by.102116-andy-in-middle

“Meow!” he says, meaning, “But none of that dang politics on the news for me!” He has standards.102116-but-no-poklitics-andy

I can appreciate Andy’s concern, though I feel I, as a citizen, need to be informed. He’s just a cute little kitty!

Post 1184: Dougy repurposes part of a neglected toy…!

People in the USA probably remember the advertisements for the Cat’s Meow toy. Man oh man! Your cat will put on his or her kitty, and eagerly play with this toy! It will change your kitty’s whole outlook on life, and probably…blah, blah, blah. So I bought one. The kitty boys played with it at first, but soon became jaded. The toy, a $19.95 purchase, plus shipping and handling (about $25 or so total) was a bust.

I put it up and occasionally brought it out again. I got the boys to play with it, though they quickly got bored again. “Oh yeah,” they told me through body language, “this stupid toy!” I’ve attached a video proof of this, below.

Then, yesterday, Dougy showed up with the action part of the toy, a thing supposed to simulate a mouse tail, I suppose. He was really into it! I tossed it. He chased it and brought it back to me! This was doggy-like behavior he’s never exhibited before. So I tossed it again. He brought it back to me again! And again! And  again!

I don’t know how he got the toy part since I put it on top of the little rolltop woman’s secrétaire, but there it was, and Dougy was going ape snot over it! 


The video:

And here’s Dougy playing with the toy part when I wiggled it over his head:

As for Andy, he’s still less impressed with this toy or any part of it. He may change his mind when I try it out on him when Dougy isn’t around to hog the play. We’ll see!

Post 1183: Andy, in two views…

Yep! Same old problem! Andy (or Dougy – same difference) is being cute, posing nicely, looking like a potential subject for a blog post, but…he’s in the dark. Oh well. I took the photos anyway, hoping Photoshop would rescue them. One turned out subtle because his whiskers were highlighted by the sun behind him. The others had to be manipulated beyond a reasonable point, turning Andy into an extraterrestrial alien kitty: “Come to the light!” 


Here’s the subtle “highlighted whiskers” Andy.101816 andy whiskers.jpg

This is pretty much what the rest looked like after typical Photoshopping.101816 andy in the shadows.jpg

Then, one last effort to bring out detail in Andy (exposure) resulted in this…101816 andy in the shadows copy.jpg

…and this~!101816 andy in shadows 3 copy.jpg

Oh well. I kind of like the “highlighted whiskers” Andy. In the meantime, I’ll try to catch him in good light for future posts.