Post 1619: string video mania…

IMG_20180114_104508 (1)

Andy let me know he wanted to watch videos by hopping onto the recliner arm closest to me. I knew which one he wanted: the string video!

It didn’t take long before he started to hop on the laptop, so I put it on the light stand instead of having a cat on a keyboard on my lap. 


Inevitably, he hit something that took the video back to the Google screen.


Dougy pouted in the meantime because Andy blocked the screen…


…which now showed scary stuff that told me Andy found the taskbar and might be changing settings!

Whew! I pulled him off the laptop and ended the video show.

Andy was not amused!


Andy’s Video Rating

Andy rates this video: Three Point Seventy-Five Paws out of Four! He was mesmerized by the large string popping out of nowhere, and watched till he had to climb on the keyboard to catch it! It amused him a bit more than the video in this series that he’s watching in the photos above, which features a smaller string. Size does matter to this kitty boy!


Post 1620: Peacock feather play!

Dougy’s hunting style is to ambush from a hiding space. His prey comes to him!


Andy usually takes care of more important things while Dougy plays….


Dougy doesn’t mind. This way the feather is “me, my, mine”! 

“Silly kitty,,,” Andy thinks!

Dougy love, love, loves the feeling of a peacock feather snagging on his claws. I wonder what he’d do if he saw the bird this feather was attached to!

Post 1618: a sleepy morning…

IMG_20180112_141634 (1)

Andy is very sleepy this morning and can’t be lured off his new happy spot, the top of the stacked cat carriers. When he isn’t on top, he slips into the top carrier for a little privacy and a different place to snooze. 

Dougy looks a bit more ready for Freddy! So I get out the wand toy for what promises to be a vigorous, enthusiastic play session!

Whew~ could use a vacuuming by and under the recliner! But for the moment, it’s a dead bust for play. Dougy decides he’s not in the mood.


Since Andy’s still on the stacked carriers…

…Dougy hops up on the computer desk and hangs out on Andy’s sometimes happy place. What cheek!


“So what?” Dougy seems to say, “Andy can come and take it if he thinks he’s a big enough kitty boy!”




Post 1617: not connecting today…


It looked promising. Both Andy and Dougy were positioned to play with me. 


What!? What!? What!? Where did the kitty boys go!?

Andy decided to nap on the carrier, and Dougy positioned himself to play. It looked promising, but Dougy got bored with the game and decided he’d have a nap, too.

Some days we just don’t connect!

Post 1616: Andy’s new passion…

Andy discovered a new video that he love, love, loves!

Nothing to it. Just a string that meanders in and out of the screen. Andy went wild!


He moved from his end table happy place to the floor  to the recliner footrest to try to get a better look at the action. (Of course, the photo showing him batting at the screen didn’t turn out because the smart phone “decided” it was time to shut down to preserve battery power. Take my word for it: Andy was sitting on the keyboard, trying to catch the string!)

Here’s the video. It definitely is cat-centric. It is about as boring a video as I’ve ever seen!


Yes, Dougy thought it was fascinating, too!



Post 1615: it’s the quiet ones you have to watch…

andy at 8 weeks

I tend to think of Andy the way I did when he was a sweet little kitten boy!

To some extent, that’s how the little sweetie is today. Yet…

…sometimes Andy’s the one chasing Dougy away when Dougy gets too close to his territory.




Post 1614: “Me, my, mine…!”


Dougy sees Andy on the recliner footrest. He comes running from the guest bedroom to let Andy know this is unacceptable!!! (See how demolished his ottoman is from asserting his territorial right to this piece of furniture?)


Andy is watching a kitty video. That is his sin! Well, being too close to the ottoman is but it’s a perfect place to watch kitty videos from. Ask Andy!

Dougy shoos Andy to the recliner back. Andy resumes watching the video from this perch.

Dougy continues to watch Andy and make sure Andy knows the ottoman is his!

Post 1613: the quiet kitty boy…


Disengaged and ready to sleep…


…then very engaged and showing full horns! 

Andy is the “quiet” kitty, but there are ways to follow what’s on his mind.


Post 1612: silver heels…


It isn’t immediately obvious about Dougy that…


…he has silver heels!

Smoke Persian kitties, which Andy and Dougy are, have a lot of coat variation. The longer the kitty boys’ coats become, the more their smoke Persian characteristics show. 

Post 1611: recliner Birbug play…

Dougy insists on wand toy play first thing in the morning. Sometimes it takes place on the recliner. Why not? It is soft and provides a bit of hiding to surprise the Birbug when it “flies” over Master Douglas the kitty hunter!

Yes, Dougy has a great time!


Another house predator hides behind the all-in-one machine…. He sees Dougy playing like a kitten and thinks he might join in later. But it is time to clean his precious or take a nap now that he’s had his morning kitty food.