Post 1828: Dougy could be more cooperative…

Lots of photos taken, none to my satisfaction today! I was trying to get Dougy to give me that look of bliss he gets when I scratch and pet him “just so”, but he wiggled too much for a clear photo. Then I tried getting one where he looked up. Yes, that’s the bottom three photos! Oh well. I didn’t post the five or so really unusable ones. 


Post 1827: A bit late today – sorry!

Some days are just not as organized as others. Andy best shows how I feel for missing my 2:00 AM target.  (Sad kitten eyes works on me. I hope it works on you! I need some sympathy just now.) Seems I slept a bit more than usual yesterday after dialysis and didn’t get anything prepared for the blog today.

So, I share a selection of photos of poor Andy, terrorized by the prospect of taking his blood pressure medicine. I still don’t get it: The medicine is chicken flavored, He loves chicken! (Regardless, remember to be affected by the sad kitten eyes. I’ m counting on it!) 

Post 1826: were it so simple…

It takes a bit of effort to get sufficient usable photos for this blog. Today, it was three shots to get one where Dougy just posed nicely! (Lower right hand photo…)

The large photo on the left is Dougy being curious and looking up at the last moment when the shutter went off.

The top right hand photo is Dougy being a good boy but me tripping the shutter before I was positioned to get a decent photo.

The last photo still has its problems. A backlit black kitty always presents problems that require post shot editing, but it’s a “good enough” shot with a little work.

Whew! And you think I am a master photographer who only takes perfect kitty boy photos each and every time! Well, you do. Admit it! Nope.

Post 1825: Excitement!

Dougy spots a tiny moth on the ceiling and goes into hunt mode! (With help from me – I shooed the moth off the ceiling so it was closer to its fate in the “Gaping Maw of Horrific Crushing Toothy Death”.) That done, Dougy takes a rest!

Yeah, same old business giving Andy his medicine! He was an exceptional kitty boy today, however, and very little of the medicine seeped out the sides of his mouth. Give the kitty boy his kitty treats! (And I did!)

Post 1824: the Sunday “rather nots”…

“Please cooperate, Dougley! Please, please, puh-leeeez!” Well, he finally gave me his “I don’t want to cooperate so I’ll give you a goofy stare pose. OK!?” You get what you get. Later, when I walked by, he swatted me with his paw.

Too much for the morning, I guess because he ran to the guest bedroom shortly after to get away from me. So…

IMG_20180811_235723  …we terrorize Andy to give him his medicine, put some Chopin on the CD player, and look forward to finishing Jon Meacham’s book, American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the  Making of a Nation. (Not a ” Jesus” book – it details the history and role of religion in the full run of history in the English colonies through the USA today. The most disturbing period and people were the Puritans.  Miss church three times, and they put you to death! So much for coming to the New World to escape religious persecution!)  

Post 1823: dream time…

Ever vigilant Andy. He watches Dougy while Doug tries to get him to play….


…but Dougy is in REM sleep or something like it!


Well, Mr. Sleepy Butt’s awake now, but he still isn’t quite in the same page as Doug!


The television gave up the ghost yesterday afternoon, so I read the rest of a book then went to bed around 4:30 PM… to take a short nap that ended at 3:30 AM! Even the kitty boys couldn’t get me up at their preferred kitty food time, 12 midnight.

I vaguely recall visitations from wee four-legged angels, but Morpheus had hold over me. I woke up well-rested, but well behind schedule, that is to say, if you expect a 2:00 AM post, you were disappointed.

Of course, today was the time MS “decided” I needed to change my password, a process that began with a little message to please wait while it took a five minute pause to piss me off but for no particular benefit to MS.

Then we went through an ordeal till I got the code that allowed me to create a new password, then another while I came up with a formula that matched the particular “needs” of MS and security.

By the time it all got me to my home page, I’d lost my good mood, yelled at the moon, and basically vowed to put my laptop under the front wheel of my VW Golf Sportwagen – sic- and drive back and forth over it till it was atoms.

andy winksAnd how was your morning?  

Post 1822: Know about that, Andy?


I keep coming in to this – the pronghorn picture askew. Grrr! Suspiciously, Andy is known to perch on the glider below the picture. When he hops off the glider, it reacts in pure Newtonian terms: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


“You know about the picture, Andy?”

“How could I? I’m just a kitty and I know nothing about physics.”

A bonus from the vaults…Dougy explains time!



Post 1821: Andy helps out…


It started out pretty much the way it always does – kitties watching birds out the back window.

Dougy pooped out and decided it was time for a nap.

Andy spotted something of interest, kitty boy interest! He deemed an investigation necessary!

He spotted me taking a photo of an old-fashioned film negative-to-paper photo. Of course, before his curiosity was satisfied, he knocked it over. I eventually got a good enough photo of me when I was pretty (LOL!) and some friends.

Post 1820: Andy resists…to no avail

Andy spots the signs. It is time for his medicine!

IMG_20171001_114050 (1)

“Escape! Escape!” Andy will avoid it today if it’s the last thing he does! 


“You need to do better than that, kitty boy!” Andy hides in the open in a shadow, his current “hiding” place. 


“We gotta do it, kitty. We gotta do it!”


Andy was a big boy and took his medicine with only one yelp of protest when I picked him up. Yes, he got his kitty treats, too. 

Post 1819: Dougy and Andy find their places…


Andy’s my “shy guy”, but he still stopped by to let me know he wants to watch birds out the back window. 

IMG_20180806_104715 “OK?!” Andy asks, fully expecting a big no.

Sure, Andy! This is your home, too, and the computer desk is free.

Of course, once he was up there, he didn’t watch birds because he saw Dougy stopped by to let me know…


…he was coming around to play box, something he does happily and well. Dougy’s the b&w kitty, kind of straight forward and unapologetic about his wants and needs…


…and he looks pretty good in that box! Of course, he turned his head at the exact moment the shutter tripped because he saw Andy headed for the recliner. Uh oh! Time for a recliner challenge, which we know is classic kitty boy fun, too. 

The collage below shows past challenges for the recliner.

Andy won, taking over the top of the recliner back as his prize! (He deployed “The Stare”, his famous stratagem that usually works against his brother Dougy! See it best in the bottom photo – Andy is on the arm, looking down on Dougy.)