Post 1563: Dougy wants to know…

Insatiable curiosity, of course, is what kitties are all about. 

I took the bandages off the  **dialysis fistula buttonholes, and they were unusually bloody this time. Dougy indicated he wanted to see them. (Top photo) So, being servant to this master, I pushed them toward Dougy.

“Mmmm! Bloooood!” Dougy is thrilled!


WARNING!! What follows are graphic descriptions and videos related to dialysis for end term kidney failure!

** “dialysis fistula buttonholes” – You have to source the blood for the dialysis machine somewhere, and these two little openings in the skin to the dialysis fistula are it.

After dialysis, the needles are removed, and I sit there for 20 minutes applying pressure so I don’t bleed out through one or the other buttonhole: a scab forms and you don’t bleed to death!

Sometimes, however, the scabs are insufficient to do the job, and continuing pressure is applied with tape and bandages with a pad that coagulates any fluid blood. That is the blood in these particular bandage pads. Usually, there’s barely a hint of blood.

“Buttonholes” are created by using the same holes in the skin and to the fistula till they become permanent. A dull needle, then, can be used to access the fistula. Otherwise, a sharp one has to be used.

I know this is more than you ever wanted to know about dialysis, but wait till you open this video! It shows the surgery where the artery and vein are fused together to create the dialysis fistula: 


Eek! Urp! Blap! Well, I know you are as curious as a kitty, so there you go! If you are ready for more, here’s how they hook you up to the dialysis machine:


Never mind! I don’t look either! LOL!





Post 1562: play time, please…

The medicine bottle contains that silly cat food bag tear strip the kitty boys currently regard to be “The Best Kitty Toy Ever”! Dougy is begging me to open it and play Tear Strip with him.

Yay! Great fun is had by all! (Well, Andy wasn’t around or he’d have had fun, too.)

Sorry for the poor lighting, but here you see Dougy protesting the end of play. His paw is on my leg, and his claws are out just enough to make his (no pun intended) point. 

Post 1561: sneaking up on the kitty is fun…


Dougy’s minding his business, being a good kitty boy…


…when I sneak up on his opposite side and “scritch” him.

He’s OK with that!




Post 1560: what Andy did after Dougy left the room…

Yes, Andy was chased away from the recliner yesterday by Dougy. But that wasn’t the end of the story! Here’s what Andy did once Dougy left the room!

I’d say things worked out just fine. Happy Caturday to you!

Post 1579: I thought it was a meatloaf…!

I mean it moved like a meatloaf! Then something happened….

Yeah, Andy showed up and the “meatloaf” moved! In fact, it chased Andy off the recliner. Of course!

Andy chased, Dougy returns to the recliner.


Yeah, you big meanie! You should feel ashamed! Andy wasn’t even in your zone and he was minding his business when you chased him!


Dougy has the recliner and that’s all he cares about. In a short time, he will transform again into a meatloaf.

Post 1578: …better than “Animal Planet”!

Dougy lets me know: “This is not ‘Animal Planet’!” Then something happens – it is “buggy”, big, and it flies past Dougy!

Dougy hops on the end table because “it”, Mr. Bug, flies into the light! If Dougy has a choice, Mr. Bug’s about to have an out-of-body experience!

00002IMG_00002_BURST20171116035207 (1)

Andy gets in on the excitement. (But gets left out in the end. Awww!) Dougy hops onto the floor when he sees Mr. Bug’s landed in front of the favorite box.

Woo hoo! Faster than you can say, “Dougy, let me see what you caught,” Dougy chomps down on Mr. Bug – crunch! crunch! – and swallows! This is better than “Animal Planet”!



Post 1577: “Tear strips are toys, aren’t they?”

Dougy is very excited now! RAWR! The tear strip off the dry kitty food bag instantly brings out the kitty in him!


Andy suspects it’s play time for him, too. (Check out his “horns”!)

But it’s Dougy’s time first! Who knew a Persian kitty could get his kitty on to this degree? Whew! Better watch my fingers!


Andy knows the medicine bottle is where I keep the tear strip because both kitty boys want to chew on it. In the meantime, he gets ready for his turn at play! Woo hoo!

Get it on, kitty! Who knew the tear strip would become the kitty boys’ favorite toy?


Game’s over and the kitty boys settle down. (Notice how they resolve the issue of Andy being too close to Dougy’s ottoman? That’s right: they are back to back! Out of sight, out of mind!)

Post 1576: watching a Swedish movie with Andy…

“So you want to watch this Ingmar Bergman movie with subtitles? What’s it called – Summer With Monika? Sounds, um, complex!” Andy has it worked out.

“Looks pretty dull to me, but I’m a cat.”

“Boring! I spend my life with no clothes on.”

“I’ve watched it for several minutes now. You’ve missed nothing!”


** “See what I mean?”

**  The subtitle on the screen reads: “He and I would sit at home all evening, neither saying a word.


Eventually, I saw enough of the movie (without subtitles, thanks to Andy) to realize I have seen the movie before. I would have enjoyed seeing it a second time, but Andy managed to block the screen long enough for me to lose the thread of the story.

Bad kitty! I suppose I could have moved him, but then I would have lost content for today’s post. See how I sacrifice for you!? LOL!



Post 1575: waiting…is the game

Dougy’s ready for play but Andy is off somewhere. Dang it! Dougy’s ready to pounce his brother, begin the morning chases through the house, maybe play a little “nip butt” and “tug tail”, but Andy is nowhere to be seen. So Dougy must wait. Wait. Wait! 



Post 1574: Almost forgot to post today – oops!


Andy snoops. So this is what was in that box! (That and another book, kitty.)


In the dark of night, Andy returned to the new box. Still works for my kitty boy, but not so hot for photography…!


There’s that sweet Andy face! Had to dig it out from another day.


Dougy doesn’t want you to forget his sweet face, so here is an old photo of the handsome boy!


Whew! Didn’t break my current record for continuous posts, but I’ll try to do better tomorrow. Time flies!