Post 1750: Mr. Meowy MacSlick…


Andy (on right) gets kitty treats for being a good boy when I give him his medicine. Of course, he always is a good boy!


Dougy always gets kitty treats, too, because he figured it out. He is Mr. Meowy MacSlick!

Post 1748: then Dougy stopped by…

After a long morning nap in the guest bedroom, Dougy needed some loving!

“More! More! More!

Geez Louise, Dougy! Get a grip! Ignore me all day, now you want it all!

Post 1747: something of interest…


It doesn’t take much to amuse the kitty boys…


…and Andy and Dougy are curious as heck about this new thing out the front door.


It’s just Memorial Day planters for the family graves,  kitty boys. This year I lucked out and found geraniums, the traditional plant for Memorial Day in my family. I’ll put them out the day before, Sunday. 

Post 1746: hunting season…

A fly got in. Not to worry! Dougy’s on the lookout for the little bugger, and will cat ch it eventually, unless Andy catches it first.


First, it has to fly by him!

Post 1745: Andy’s wary but doing fine!


Twice daily doses of medicine make Andy very suspicious of me. I try to pet him, give him pleasant attention so he has some sense that we’re on the same team, but…!

Post 1744: breakfast slows him down…

Dougy love, love, loves to play! On the other hand, after a big breakfast of chicken pâté, he’d just as soon slow down, relax, maybe take a nap…so he does!

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Post 1743: trust issues…

IMG_20180520_054027 (1)

Poor Andy! He becomes mistrustful after his medicine times, and it takes a bit of time afterwards, even with kitty treats given immediately after dosing, before he lets me get close to him again. Here, he hides behind a chair.

On a positive note, I use the time I hold him before giving him his medicine to pull hair mats apart. He is pretty cool about the process as long as I don’t pull attached hair.

With the matted hair out of the way, I can brush him, collecting tons of kitty hair. He’s looking and feeling a lot sleeker these days, matching Dougy more and more for a soft, sleek pelage!