01Aug20: What’s up, Doug?


Andy’s curious. Why won’t I let him come around to the other side? 

Maybe it’s because he has “Itchy Paws” and all I need to start hyperventilating again is Andy to wipe out what little hard won progress I’ve made on the nightmare configuration issues on my new laptop and photo sharing from my smart phone.


Seems like I resolve one issue and bring up twelve more. I’m not kidding about hyperventilation! ( I hope the person who cuts my beard and hair is operating again soon or I might be tempted to do it myself. >self to myself< “Don’t do it, Doug!”) 


Post 1896: The kitty boys are back!


We’ve had a grumpy few days, thanks to a laptop giving up the ghost, but my new laptop means the kitty boys and I can return to regular posting.

What’s going to fall apart next? I suspect it’s time for the smart phone to go belly up. I mean, don’t expensive things always fail close to expensive holidays like Christmas? And it’s about the only bit of technology I use that’s left to croak!

22Jan21: “Kitty boys still don’t like tea, Andy!”

When I named Andy after an apostle, I should have named him after Thomas the doubter.

A prime example: he sees me with a mug and he expects me to let him examine it. It might be suitable for kitty boys!

“Sniff! Sniff!”

Come on, Andrew! My Oolong tea is getting cold!

Kitty boys still don’t like tea, Andy! (Poor kitty! He really hoped it was something he could enjoy.)

21Jan21: Andy checks it out…

Andy wastes no time checking out changes.

Yes, Andrew, that’s a pen! (He was a good kitty boy and didn’t bat it off the end table.)

One of Andy’s favorite games is chasing the wand toy string under a magazine, newspaper, or blanket. Of course, since I was making a video of it, he didn’t play. The shredded magazine is evidence of early kitty games! 

Ah ha! Andy’s curiosity takes him back to the end table, where he gets his kitty on. Sort of.

19Jan21: Kitty boy on watch…

Couldn’t help notice I’m being watched…

Yes, there he is! Andy’s watching, watching…

…watch…um… (I think he’s losing interest!)

Hee! Hee! Predictable! You’d make a terrible guard dog, Andrew!


If you look at the last three photos, the kitty boy in the box in the photos within the photos is the late Dougy.

18Jan21: Andy and Dougy back in time…

Andy’s always been a kitty boy that could play alone and be happy.

Dougy usually was the dominant kitty brother, but Andy could be a pest and dominate Dougy when he was in the mood.

Usually, though, the kitty brothers enjoyed each other and sought each other out for kitty fun! (Andy and I miss his brother. RIP dear Dougy. New subscribers may not know he died 15 July 2020, age nine.)


Once in awhile, it feels like I’ve posted the same thing twelve times in a row. On those occasions, I am glad I can pull a few videos of the kitty boys from my YouTube channel. Old videos of the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, remind me of how much fun and joy it was to have two kitties interacting with each other. For those who remember Dougy, the last video is especially fun to watch.

17Jan21: head to tail…

Andy cleans up head…

…to tail!

But (no pun intended…) that tail end really needs a lot of attention. Andy is no slouch when it comes to personal hygiene.

16Jan21: How’s the ‘nip?

“How’s the ‘nip, Andy?” Andy is a strange cat. He loves his ‘nip. He begs me for his ‘nip. But he just looks and acts normal, like this, after he has his ‘nip. (This is Andy after he just finished snorting ‘nip today….)

14Jan21: happy cat…

Andy follows the national news. “Curiosity”, you know, is his middle name. (No, it’s “James“, silly!)

Andy’s glad he’s a kitty boy! He has better things to do.

13Jan21: stylin’…

You can be sure, this Kool Kat is stylin’!

“Not now…I’m stylin'”

“Didn’t get the memo? I AM STYLIN‘!

“I don’t get it, Andy. Don’t you want to play?”


“Stylin’ or styling is a verb used to describe something being done with style and elegance.” For example, see first photo.