Post 1890: Dougy vs. the mouse…


Dougy was minding his own business when…

…I reintroduced him to an old toy – “the mouse”! Rawr!



Post 1889: “scritchability”…


“Scritchability” – ask Dougy what that means! Wishing you a happy Caturday full of scritches and kitty treats and…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Post 1888: Dougy’s fine ballet!

Must be nice to be so flexible! Dougy puts on a show for me.

Post 1887: “Not today…!”

I tried to get Dougy interested in play. I mean, when he gets onto the recliner, that’s usually his signal for playtime.

His response went from indifferent to very cold!

No means no!”

(Not to worry. A short time later he was very playful when I changed from tempting him on the recliner to dragging it under a pillow. He love, love, loves diving under things to get to his “prey”!)





Post 1886: Andy amuses himself…

Dougy got bored playing wand toy. I didn’t put the toy away, just left it where Dougy stopped playing with it. Andy found it, and, in between cleaning sessions, played with it by himself, making sure Dougy wasn’t sneaking up on him from the guest bedroom (upper right).

He’s such a sweet kitty! Once I noticed what he was doing – and took some photos for you! – I stopped what I was doing and played wand toy with him.

Post 1885: floofy face revisited and update on the kitty boys’ trip to Doctor Dave’s…

When someone comments on how Dougy and Queen Elizabeth II have a resemblance, I have to laugh! They do!

Of all the things said about the Queen, “floofy” probably is the least likely. Thanks, jesuisleroisoleil , for pointing this out. I will start to show a little respect for my little monarch in future!



Update on the veterinarian appointment yesterday, October 15th: The kitty boys were pills when it came to being caught and put in the carrier, but they redeemed themselves at Doctor Dave’s.

Andy was the perfect patient, putting up with the blood pressure cuff without a protest. Dougy let me hold him the whole time Andy was on the examination table till it was his time for shots. It was the longest time ever I’ve held him! 

IMG_20181016_012311 (1)

Andy puts his head on my shoulder when we have our quality time before I give him his medicine. Awww!


Both are about the same weight as they’ve been for all their adulthood, which surprised me since they hit those kitty treats with great enthusiasm.

As for Andy’s blood pressure, he is high normal (134 +/- systolic), so continues on the same dosage of his medicine. He “gets” to visit Doctor Dave again in April for a follow-up. Doctor Dave says he has a new medicine that may help bring it down more if it looks like Andy needs it in April.


[I don’t know who has rights to the photo of the Queen, above, but will remove it if there are any issues or give attribution, their choice….]

Post 1884: the big day…

Today’s the day we have a veterinarian’s appointment. Andy hopes this is the day his veterinarian says he only needs one dose of that icky blood pressure medicine each day instead of two. Better yet, NO doses!

In the meantime, Doug (the human) and Andy go through this ritual twice a day: Andy hyperextends to try to get away from the impending medicine (lower right); Andy enjoys a few quiet moments of brushing and petting till he starts to wiggle, indicating he is ready to bolt (upper right); Dougy swaddles Andy in the towel (left); the dose…(which Dougy can’t photograph because it requires two hands); the kitty treats, which Andy (and Dougy) enjoy.  

Post 1883: a better thing to do…

Dougy has a decision to make. Hmm…


….a better thing to do. 

Post 1882: [cat]birds of a feather…


Andy (on left) and Dougy have distinct personalities, as anyone who follows this blog knows. Still…

…in other ways they are similar!.

Post 1881: the good kitty boy…


The movie is in French, with subtitles. It is loaded with dialog. Dougy blocks the subtitles. He’s sure he sees a fly or something up there. Darned if I can follow the story line now!


Andy snoozes away at the same time. Yes, he’s the good kitty boy.