01Aug20: What’s up, Doug?


Andy’s curious. Why won’t I let him come around to the other side? 

Maybe it’s because he has “Itchy Paws” and all I need to start hyperventilating again is Andy to wipe out what little hard won progress I’ve made on the nightmare configuration issues on my new laptop and photo sharing from my smart phone.


Seems like I resolve one issue and bring up twelve more. I’m not kidding about hyperventilation! ( I hope the person who cuts my beard and hair is operating again soon or I might be tempted to do it myself. >self to myself< “Don’t do it, Doug!”) 


Post 1896: The kitty boys are back!


We’ve had a grumpy few days, thanks to a laptop giving up the ghost, but my new laptop means the kitty boys and I can return to regular posting.

What’s going to fall apart next? I suspect it’s time for the smart phone to go belly up. I mean, don’t expensive things always fail close to expensive holidays like Christmas? And it’s about the only bit of technology I use that’s left to croak!

26Jan22: in his face…

Weird what you can see in your subject’s eyes when you look up close.

My hand holding my smartphone while I take Andy’;s photo….

…and the same here!

20Jan22: Andy takes time out…

Andy’s pretty busy watching television, but…

…when I call…

…his name, he turns toward me.

“Want me to ‘scritch’ your chin?”

Silly me! Of course Andy does!

19Jan22: Andy is adorable with his new ‘do!

Andy had to undo the spa bath with a proper kitty spit bath…

…before he could settle down.


Andy got a high grade for being a good kitty at his groomers. Whew!