Post 1656: Where’s the kitty???

It starts out pretty much as it always does. Naptime!

They wake up after a good snooze…

Dougy notices something odd. Where’s Andy?


I look by the end table where Andy was moments before…


…there he is! Andy has a new happy spot!








Post 1655: how to eat blueberries on waffles…

A mess…!

Everyone knows you have to line the blueberries up in the holes before you can eat your waffles!

Post 1654: Dougy hangs out…

Dougy cleaned up a bit while on top of the computer chair back. Like his brother Andy, Dougy hangs out with me when he can. 

Then I intended to enjoy the recliner. Except…Dougy had the same idea and settled in for a nap there first. Rats! Now I’m fighting my kitty boy for the recliner!

Post 1652: Proud Dougy…


Dougy knows he is a pretty kitty boy!


“But can you do this!?” Andy’s known Dougy all his life, so he doesn’t put up with that nonsense from his brother! 

Post 1651: Andy’s video reviews…


Andy’s pestered me all morning to watch videos for kitties. Soooo… we watched this bird video. It held his attraction for a moment, as you can see from his viewing position. He rates it: 3 paws.

It’s 4:32:00 long, so you bet Andy got up and had some kitty treats and a rest stop several times during the play. I kept turning it off, but Andy came back and whined because it wasn’t still playing.  



Andy really, really, really loves these string game videos. Very interactive, keeps his attention like nothing else. Andy rates it: 6 paws! He knows he has only four paws, but Dougy said he could use two of his for this high rating.

His tummy and kidneys lasted the whole video.

[Sorry for the poor exposure but this is what you get when you make a GIF of a black cat in a low lit place!] 


We also watched a fun video (for me) of a squirrel family in a tree box. It lasts about 55 minutes, but Andy love, love, loved this video and wanted me to include it in this post.

He had to borrow all four of Dougy’s paws to give this video: 8 paws!

If you are a cat or a dog or if you have cats or dogs, watch or let them watch a bit of these videos and see if you agree with Andy’s review rating.

Post 1650: more Andy and Dougy from the memory stick archive…


Proof that Andy isn’t always the “nice” kitty boy…!


Clockwise from left: Andy tends to his “precious”; Andy is a pretty kitty; Andy finds the catnip.


Dougy poses nicely; Dougy enjoys the sun while lounging in his – well, Andy’s – grey plastic tub. Yeah, Dougy took the first one for himself. I bought a second one for Andy, and Dougy claimed that one, too!

andy and louie

Taking photos of black cats in low light is difficult, yet it is possible to make purses out of those sow’s ears. Here is an impressionistic portrait of Andy with the framed Captain Me-Ow (the late Louie the ginger cat) picture behind him. 


Yet another fake poster! This time, it’s Andy. Yes, he is very adamant and inflexible about his kitty treat time~! 


Dougy in a box, of course. No box too small, tall, thin, large for this kitty boy! This is the box my laptop came in. 

andy chases rats

RAWR! People might try to rub his tummy to get their way in Congress, but he’d kill their hand! Feed him kitty treats, though, he might cave in. Catnip? Forget about it! He’d sell his own brother for it!


Not a kitty photo, but one of the coolest postage stamps I’ve ever seen.

dutch cow

Of course, this Dutch postage stamp with the leaping cow with outlines of EU countries for spots, flying wooden shoes, tulips, and ribbons in the Dutch national colors is pretty cool, too!

Post 1649: passive resistance…

IMG_20180214_061413 (1)

I tried! Dougy caught the lure and would not let it go. We had a very short wand toy session today.

So I decided to try Andy out for a blog story…


…and this was his contribution: a GIF where there is virtually no movement. 

Maybe they’ll co-operate tomorrow.

Post 1648: more “memory stick” kitty photos


Long before he destroyed the ottoman, it was Dougy’s domain.


Poor Andy! He was terrified at the veterinarian’s, even though the technicians treated him with gentleness and concern!

vet 6

I don’t make the kitty boys wear collars since they are inside cats, but I do get them vaccinated for all diseases their veterinarian recommends. I think these were their second tags for rabies. They’ve had another shot since then. I think they get another one this year. (I get postcard notifications when the kitty boys are due!) As for what happens if they were to get loose, they are microchipped.

Dougy always liked to hang out with me when I was on the PC. His “horns” are up in the last photo…! He usually put his paw over my arm, even as a kitten.


Look at that insolent expression on Dougy’s face while he is a naughty kitty destroying the settee!

andy in stripes

Andy in stripes!

Andy is the good kitty boy! You have to work hard to catch him being bad.

Post 1647: they call them memory sticks…


I decided to take a look at the files saved on the PC memory stick Andy always wants to take off the PC. Today’s post features some of the things I found when I put it on my laptop, the tool I’ve come to prefer. First found: the “fake poster” above! That’s Dougy trying to play innocent. LOL! Yeah, sure! 

Of these four Dougy photos, only the last one is a good kitty photo of Dougy. Top left – Dougy takes on camera strap; top right – Dougy takes unauthorized excursion outside; bottom left – Dougy caught after he knocked over wastepaper basket; bottom right – good kitty! Dougy uses little red chair to watch critters out the back door…

…while getting his kitty on to deny Andy a chance to watch critters out the same back door. Look how he deploys “The Glance” in the last photo as Andy walks toward the pot he eventually claimed for his perch. Dougy then found critters more interesting than denying Andy a chance to watch them, too.

Of course, Andy isn’t all about cuteness! On the left, he considers what he can wipe out on the computer desk. Then, well, cuteness!

Of course, the time Dougy discovered a slightly open drawer on the little desk, he encouraged his brother to join him because Andy is the master of opening drawers and doors! That was when I had to intervene. [See last photo!]

That was fun taking a look at the files on the memory stick. I’ll continue this in future.