Post 1896: The kitty boys are back!


We’ve had a grumpy few days, thanks to a laptop giving up the ghost, but my new laptop means the kitty boys and I can return to regular posting.

What’s going to fall apart next? I suspect it’s time for the smart phone to go belly up. I mean, don’t expensive things always fail close to expensive holidays like Christmas? And it’s about the only bit of technology I use that’s left to croak!


Post 2226: he sees I see…


He sees I see he sees…


…I see he sees…


…I see he sees I see…


…he sees I see him, but he pretends he doesn’t. He’s a kitty boy!







Post 2225: Andy likes it… till he doesn’t.

Ecstasy! Andy love, love, loves me to scratch his chin and rub his face…


…till he doesn’t. Out comes the hind paw. He brusquely pushes my hand away, and if I ignore he first warning, he will bite me lightly to make his point. I’ve learned to pay attention!

Post 2224: waiting…


Dougy seems aware that  major snow storm is coming.

Of course, there is just so much a kitty boy can do till it comes! A nap works.



Post 2223: restless…


Dougy starts out with Andy’s modifications on the newspaper bed, but it just isn’t right somehow.

A modification here…

… a modification there…

…and Dougy’s satisfied with all his modifications!


Maybe not. 






Post 2222: Maybe it was making the bed..?


The other day, I thought Andy was hunting for mousies in this newspaper. Today, it looks more like he was making his bed. 

Post 2221: Andy’s mousie hunt’s done…

Moments before, Andy tore into this newspaper, hunting those elusive mousies he and Dougy just know are hiding there. Tired out, he made himself comfortable on top of the rumpled mess. Later, he’ll look again for those mousies! They can’t hide forever.

Post 2220: lazy hunting…

Here, Dougy demonstrates lazy hunting.

Don’t know what you’d call this…!


Post 2219: perhaps there’s a fly…

Dougy thinks there might be a fly on the lampshade. Never know! Could be!


Nope. No fly.

Dougy hops on the ottoman and does the next best thing: He takes a nap.




Post 2218: the fragile connection…

Tuesday was some day. Around 11:15 AM, the Internet and television went down. After a few calls to the provider, the reason came out: a fiber optics cable was severed. Or was it Wednesday this happened? I tell you, losing connection with the world leaves you, well, unconnected! So, the kitty boys and I made good use of that unconnectedness: We all took lots of cat naps! I’m not sure when the repair was completed, only that when I tried to get on the Internet again yesterday, I couldn’t. More naps!  (That’s Dougy napping, above. But you knew that! That’s Dougy’s ottoman under the kitty boy!)