The Ms. Zulu and Benji Interviews

Links to the Benji interviews:

Benji is a shelter dog. In his puppy photos, you can see he is a cutey, and he grew up to be a very beautiful doggy! The kitty boys, Andy and Dougy, were pleased to get involved in a second set of interviews with Benji after all the fun they had with the interviews with his older sister, Ms. Zulu. (“Sister” in the sense she accepts him as her little brother. They aren’t related except by their good fortune to be adopted by anarette from the same shelter.)


Life of Benji now is on Facebook, too:

Links to the Ms. Zulu interviews:

Ms. Zulu, like her new little brother, Benji, is a shelter doggy. She also is very nice because she shares things with him! They get along very well together and enjoy a good life with their human, anarette, in Florida!


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  3. Thanks to anarette, there is a place to comment on this page! I forgot to turn on the pingbacks and comments boxes in the set up. And yes, I hope you do read and comment on these four interviews. Anarette and I had lots of fun doing them, and out four pets showed they had lots to say about themselves and inter=species relations.

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