Post 958: cabbageburgers…

There is an Eastern European treat commonly found around this area, the cabbageburger.

Not much to a cabbageburger: browned ground beef, julienned cabbage, julienned onion, salt, pepper, and spices as preferred. I add ground ginger, paprika, and Worcestershire sauce. Cook this down to an al dente stage, and stuff into a lump of raw bread dough. Bake, eat!


I decided to make cabbageburgers for the second time in twenty years. Before I used bread dough I made from scratch. This time, I experimented with commercially available frozen raw bread dough. Should have been simpler that way.

Oh dear! Oh well...they taste great if you eat them with your eyes closed!

They taste pretty much like they look!

Done correctly, they look like hamburger buns that haven’t been sliced open.The first time I made them, they looked like they were supposed to. These, erm, I need a dog.

Dear, dear me! I guess I won’t be serving these to company! Or me.


30 thoughts on “Post 958: cabbageburgers…

  1. It does seem a shame. I suspect that dough is designed for people who like the over-refined tasteless white fluff in the stores. Such a hearty sounding dish probably needs some good solid peasant bread dough.


  2. Reminds me of my infamous “tacos al carbon”. Many years ago I was making tacos and wanted to warm the shells. I hung the taco shells on the wires of the oven rack, turned on the oven, then got distracted and ended up going outside to do yard work.

    The Mrs comes outside telling me the house is full of smoke and what exactly was I doing? When I open the oven I see the taco shells are completely black … carbonized. “Tacos al carbon”


  3. Em…pleasing to the eye, they are not! I’ll bet done right they would be tasty. I am making Shepard’s pie from hubby’s meatloaf that fell apart when he tried to carve it but he kept carving so we have a small pile of chunks. They aren’t pleasing to the eye but they taste good.

    Shoko’s mom


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