Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Am I conpliant? Who the heck knows??? No, I don’t sell your personal information. I don’t want mine to be sold either. Do I make income off this blog? Yes, a teeny tiny amount off the advertisements posted on the blog, which costs me nearly $300 a year, yet generates under $30 a year in “income” – it’s a losing proposition, but it is the only way I’ve been able to increase the amount of storage that comes with my plan. (I had to go to “Business”, though that’s a joke!) If I am in violation of the EU regulation, I don’t know. Let them take all my “income” as a fine. Four percent of virtually nothing is virtually less than nothing, eh?! ($1.20 of $30 – whew! run the bureaucracy with that!)

To my EU-associated friends: I would miss your comments, but understand if your have issues with privacy and stop coming around. While I personally don’t have a clue how to profit from this blog by selling information and wouldn’t consider doing it if I did, I will close this blog if the EU rules complicate what is a silly cat blog! Good grief!

Here’s a link to information on compliance, little to none of which makes sense to me: