Post 424: rainy season

We’ve had some really good rainstorms this week, including one yesterday afternoon that promised to scare the tails off Andy and Dougy, who hang close to me during storms. Not that they are frightened and edgy, mind you. Just aware and prepared to “hit the dirt” if there are any incoming bolts of lightning. 🙂

Though the video quality of this is poor, the audio is the thing. It was a constant rumble for the duration, with frequent bolts of lightning lighting the sky. That’s why it’s stupid to stand by an aluminum door to make a video of it! 🙁 Of course, here in Western Nebraska and other places where rain is an infrequent event (14 inches or so of precipitation a year is typical, 36cm), we are notorious for doing just that!

Give us a tornado, though, the whole neighborhood is standing outside with video and still cameras documenting the twister coming straight at us. Ha! Otherwise, how do you think those terrifying videos of tornadoes you see on television come about? (Could be why the High Plains is sparsely populated. Call it the “Dorothy lands in Oz” effect.) 😉