28Jan21: Andy on the defense…

Toss a magazine on the floor between reads and Andy claims it in an instant! Then it upsets him if I want to take it away from him so I can read it.

I interrupted Andy’s snooze on the end table, which upset him. So, he hopped over on the kitty lounger because I have to stand and stretch to bother him there! (May as well groom while he’s out of reach from the human, eh?!)

21 thoughts on “28Jan21: Andy on the defense…

  1. That’s funny. When you put it on his level – that’s his lol

    You have an Andy second rule… instead of the normal 5 second rule lol – anything you drop or put down becomes his lol

    He has a sweet little personality ❤️

    • He i8s a sweetie! And, yes, what’s mine is his and what’s his is probably mine, too. Her takes over anything that isn’t instantly claimed.

      • I have a chihuahua that thinks he is the GOD of all lol … thinks he owns the world lol ❤️

        He is half chihuahua and half pug lol – so he’s adorable and I allow it lol

    • If I stopped using the floor for reading materials… Uh! Oh yes. Andy claims the end table I used put reading materials on, too.

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