I followed a link the other day, a seriously addictive one.

DailyBooth. You hear of it? It’s sort of a Twitter, I guess, only you post a daily photo of yourself. Failure to do so results in an e-mail letting you know “it’s time to post a new photo”.

Yes! A new photo.

"Leaf me alone!"
“Leaf me alone!”

On one hand, I hate taking self portraits. Seems retarded and self-defeating for a guy so anti-photo. On the other, I have a sweet new Gravatar because I had to come up with something “fresh” to satisfy the addiction! (Look to the right- I’m wearing an orange shirt with a weggie slogan on it.)

I’ve never been a happy person in front of a camera, though I’ve often been the person behind one. Strategy, you know: Can’t be photographed (theoretically…) if you have the locked and loaded camera.

Then comes DailyBooth. And webcams!

Erm. Maybe a little preliminary build up. Zack Scott. He lives in Oklahoma, is married to Ashley, has two cats (Otto and Egon), and a tiny chihuahua that is the object of cleaning by one of the cats (Egon). Cleaning a la cat tongue.

Izzy actively seeks this service out ~ yeah.

Yeah, Izzy also likes catnip mice ~ don’t judge, don’t judge!

I’m seriously off track here. I think it is the Twitter ~ DailyBooth mind set short circuiting both my attention span and several layers of mental acuity. I mean, you know of my other addiction to Japanese cat videos. It’s documented. It’s fierce. I even have a “Favorite” link to Maru the “jump in the box” cat featured in an earlier blog. What? Oh yes! You want me to snap out of it and get to the point. If there is one for this paragraph, let alone the whole blog.

Watch this Zack Scott classic video while I try to figure out where I am!

The trail, as best I can determine, is that I followed Zack Scott on YouTube. He started a second or third channel for lighter stuff (animal videos I’m addicted to) called “Zack Scott’s Fun Club”. He set up a link to another activity on Facebook, then to PhotoBooth.

All is a blur. PhotoBooth! Staying up all night checking out who’s posted a new photo. Accumulating a few followers, finding people you want to follow! If you don’t think we are pack animals, sign up for DailyBooth.

There’s a bit of voyeurism in it. Some stalking. Leads to new masters of video, which Zack Scott is. Friendships? I hesitate to call them that, yet many people do become genuine friends through these social networking sites. A little bit creepy. Entertaining. And addictive!

(At the ends of the videos, there’s a place to subscribe to Zack Scott videos. Do it! Zack Scott establishes American cat videos as equal to all the Japanese cat videos posted on YouTube. Don’t try to fight the addiction!)

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