17March21: the “owie”…

When this three-way bulb failed, it cracked off at the base. “Oh sxxx!” I said, clearly in for a challenge. How to remove it from the lamp socket? Fortunately, I was able to use the glass stem that holds the filaments to remove it, but not without a little wound.

“Hey, Andy! Look what happened to my thumb.”

He sniffed it, of course. He’s a kitty boy!

Then Andy tried to pat it OK.

Thank you, Andy! It’s all better now! (Well, not immediately, but soon after.)

26 thoughts on “17March21: the “owie”…

    • I’d think that would create a potential fire problem. It would be hard to clean out completely. Fortunately, it did come out easily, but there was just enough of a sharp piece of the bulb still attached to the base that I didn’t notice that I got cut.

      Yeah, Andy did what he could!

  1. Years ago – probably in a “Hints From Heloise” column – I read to get out a bulb broken at the socket by cutting a raw potato so it can be jammed down into the socket. (I suppose make sure the power is off, since raw potatoes have a fairly high moisture content.) I have also read to use an old broom handle or some such.

    • I must have read the same column (I used to read it regularly) because that was the first thing that came to mind. I didn’t have any potatoes on hand, though, so tried the filament stem that looked substantial enough to do the trick. It worked!

  2. Awww, that’s so sweet of Andy. I use needle-nose pliers to extract the base from the threads. Be sure to unplug lamp first! My left hand was bitten by a small saw yesterday when pruning loose pieces of palm tree off.

    • That definitely was a concern since I’d turned the switch a few times when the bulb burned out. I thought one of the other two settings might work still. Consequently, I wasn’t sure if the lamp was still live or not. Unplugging is the best defense for sure!

  3. I read on some household hints column that an old rubber glove pulled over a broomstick works, but only if it fits inside of the light bulb’s base. One irritating thing I’ve discovered over the years is that light bulbs no longer come in “standard” sizes. You have LEDs, fluorescents, “smart” lights and the old school incandescent lights, which California is trying to phase out—and which also come in chandelier, appliance, and lamp sizes! Anyway, take care of Doug’s owie, Andy! Make sure he washes it and puts.a bandage on it!

    • That’s one I hadn’t heard about. I also heard you could push a potato over the broken base and extract it that way, but it sounds kind of iffy to me.

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