When I placed Memorial Day flowers on family graves, I used six small flags (two each in each of three planters) and two larger ones of the size shown in the Allen N. Turner blog. When I picked the planters up today, more flags were missing.

This year’s Memorial Day toll: three of six small flags, and both of the larger ones. I am flabbergasted.

Next year, I will write the following words on the “pole” of the flags I set out: STOLEN FROM THE GRAVE OF [NAME]. SHAME ON YOU!

There was a chipmunk running around my father’s grave today. They are cute little guys, and this one amused me for several moments with its antics, then it ran away. I’ve never seen one a chipmunk at the cemetery before. I associate them with a different habitat, so it was a happy surprise!

2 thoughts on “flags

  1. I ultimately decided not to place flags on graves after this incident. Even writing a note on the dowel doesn’t keep zealous helpers from the Legion or VFW from picking my flags up, mistaking them for flags they put out. I have, however, continued the practice of placing potted live flowers on family graves. No one seems to bother those.

    As for Mr. Turner’s grave, I failed to buy an extra plant for his grave because someone placed flowers on his grave in 2012. I think it was part of a program sponsored by the local history museum, the Knight Museum and Sandhills Center, to have people “adopt” old graves so people who no longer had family here would be remembered on Memorial Day.

    The person who adopted Turner’s grave last year failed to put flowers on it this year. I noticed this when I picked up my potted flowers the Tuesday after. I cut off a geranium flower head from one I put on my maternal grandparents’ grave (which is close by). It wasn’t much, but it was- and is- important to me that this person be remembered. It looked huge againt the small white marble Celtic cross on Allen Turner’s grave, and beautiful because the flowers were scarlet red.

    The flowers don’t last long, but the symbolism and intent do. Next year, I think I’ll buy an extrfa flower for Allen Turner’s grave instead of finding out too late there are none there.

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