21Dec20: window cat…

Andy realized he could use a chair by this window to get onto the sill. The late Dougy and he love, love, loved this window, but couldn’t get onto the sill after I replaced a stacked washer-dryer with a new one that didn’t have a handy top loading washer they could use for a springboard.

Making up for lost time. Thanks to that handy chair by the window, Andy can use the sill for cat business again. He doesn’t like it when I interrupt him, though, because cat “window television” is serious business!

(Note: When you walk by homes and see blinds that look like the one in this window, you know there is at least one cat in that household! I have a replacement I think I’ll leave down as long as I have Andy.)

Andy heard me talking about him. Yeah, you and your brother pretty much messed up that window, Mr. Cat! This is one reason landlords have pet deposits (no pun intended) on top of the rent!

37 thoughts on “21Dec20: window cat…

  1. My cat sat on the top of the refrig next to a window with blinds. She pawed at them so she could look out. She finally ripped the whole top part out so now she has a clear view. =^..^=

  2. That Young Cat Finally Found Something New (mostly a true story) …

    ‘If only I had something new to do,’ / she mused, ‘some wander most adventurous / like when the nearby fields grew tall / towering greens from which wild fowl fed and flew / as a feisty feline and precocious / I must have a venue change or else climb the wall!’ // She walked along the window pane / and looked out to neighbouring homes / where she hoped to find something / new, something beyond the back lane / rocky road where she often roams / with her green eyes wide and wandering. // When her attention was caught / by the towering dark roof / of the local convenience store / the cat at once decided she ought / to climb to its black peak as more proof / of her worth to those who already her adore. // Out the door, through adjoining yards she went / glancing round this and that corner / going over then under fences small and tall / till she stood at the wall she meant / to surmount as a foreigner / without fear (though windy it was) she may fall. // She looked passed blown leaves at two garbage cans / standing beside a wooden shed / right next to the store painted so pink / and up she jumped, her clawed feet and hands / reaching each peak by but a thread / yet of no better place she could think. // Having achieved her hazardous climb / she contemplated some swaying trees / unaware her human hostess stood near / at a bus stop, as passed the time / the woman looked up only to freeze / seeing her beloved black feline knowing no fear! // Thus the feline had done something big and new / and not seeing her master’s silent stare / descended and went home more than content / for from this day excitement the cat drew / indeed deciding she’d again climb—dare / herself to ascend any site worthy of her scent.

  3. When Beba was younger, we had to rehang window drapes almost every day. She would climb up the side drape and work diligently on top to pull the entire thing down. Eventually I got tired of it, and we took the drapes down permanently. It’s not as pretty, but much less labor intensive.

  4. I’ve been looking for blinds that meet two criteria: I (not too handy in the house) can figure out how to mount and are cat safe. It’s one of those unicorn problems… LOL!

  5. Mom has one of those springy shades that pulls down to cover the window and some thin curtains. She says I’ve left puncture holes in the curtains. No Mom, I just autographed them for you. Tee hee hee. Winks.

    • Accidental. (Thanks! I always like little surprises like that one. I wasn’t aware I got that until I was flipping through the photos to see which ones to save for this post.)

    • I run into that problem from time to time, too, nia. When I see it on my posts, I realize there may be a server overload problem when people post that causes this problem. I notice I have the worst problems later in the day when more people, logically, will be on the Internet.

    • Yes, “window shopping” or “watching people on the street” are very human activities, too. Our kitties want to know what’s happening outside – a rabbit or cat passing by, for example?

  6. Ah yes, we know too this window dear Doug, they are so creative about mess in the home. But I don’t care anymore what they make… I give up to keep the home in tidy…Decoration not for nia, decoration for them… There is no anyplace that they don’t own… Thank you, Love, nia

    • Though I defend kitties, when you see naughty villain kitties in movies, I guess there’s more truth than not to naughtiness in felines…

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