Post 1386: Andy and I now understand the Universe…I guess

Andy joined me to watch “The Story of Everything and Nothing”, an explanation of the origins and nature of the Universe. You know cats and curiosity!

Andy paid close attention. I was impressed!

“Geez, this is intense! Can you explain Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle for me, Andy?” It kind of went over my head. (He couldn’t, but I reminded him most kitty cats can’t! Mrow!)

20 thoughts on “Post 1386: Andy and I now understand the Universe…I guess

  1. Hi Andy & Mr. Doug! I’m sure Andy knows the answer to your question, Mr. Doug, as we cats know all the secrets of the universe. I like watching those kind of shows with my humans, too. Where was Dougy? Maybe he was working on plans to take over the world?

    • Dougy like videos for cats, but the likes of that show on the Universe just bore him snotless! Andy, on the other hand, likes to make sure the film has not inaccuracies because he’s a fastidious kitty!

  2. Doug cats are the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle! Whatever is happening as soon as you observe it it changes. Cat fighting noises? Sneak into he room and see a pair of “Not us!” faces and perfect calm. Sleeping cat. Pull up the camera for a snap and get a running cat blur. Andy knows but with no verbal skills can only illustrate not explain.

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