July 2010

I had a post completed, but ran into a little business about missing the renewal date on this blog by two days. When I returned to the draft, several newer revisions were gone.

I suppose the world will continue on its course through space if I don’t post something in July 2010. The sun will come up in the East tomorrow morning, and set in the West. It is tempting not to post.

I mean, as a weggie, a person with Wegener’s granulomatosis, I know my energy level issues well enough to know that I overdid computer work today, especially wasting too much time on a blog that’s history now, a part of the ether. I should stop for the day, come back.

When my energy levels get too low, well, sometimes I end up in serious medical circumstances. Probably not today, but I know I will have to watch myself the next few days to avoid other days where I exhaust my energy.

This is my favorite collage of the ones I made during World Cup. It features my cat, Louie, as a football fan and as a player blocking a ball from becoming a goal against Denmark.

What was in the blog I lost when I renewed my WordPress blog privileges? Oh, some thoughts on World Cup 2010. Nothing too deep. It might have been fun for the few people who read this because I made several collages during the tournament that reflected my emotions at the time, and how they were getting wilder and wilder as the teams were winnowed out. For example:

Curiously, by the end of the tournament, I was for Spain, not Germany, which lost to Spain.

This is it for July. I’ll continue to write from time to time. For now, I’m exhausted.

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