window on new worlds

Andy recently discovered windows. It’s part of becoming an adept climber, I suppose, but more a typical bit of Andy’s approach to his world: He is an explorer! Because it’s there! Because it’s higher than where he is!

Sometimes exploring causes Andy problems, such as this morning, when I noticed it was time to feed the kittens, and important cat event of the day.

I pushed the lever on my recliner forward, only to miss the “thunk” it makes when it closes fully. Instead, I heard a sickening “mrow!”, my first notice that Andy had turned my blanket-draped footrest into a kitten hiding place from which he attacked his brother Dougy.

Andy discovers the bliss of fresh laundry. Bad kitty!

I’d heard the thump-thump-thumping of running kittens earlier, but missed that one set of legs, at least, stopped under my chair.

Gad! The kittens know the inside of the veterinary clinic because they've spent more time there than at home. Andy in particular has spent more time there than here, though his health is much better now. Crushing Andy in my chair was the last thing I needed to happen.

I chased after him, trying to detect any lameness or hurt. When I finally caught up with him, I rubbed him all over (except his tummy- he attacks hands!) to determine if he had any broken bones or soreness. He seemed OK. I would watch him closely throughout the morning for signs of internal injury or death.

Um. Yeah, I worry about this one alot more than I do his robust and thriving brother, Dougy!

All’s well, as you can tell from this “happy Andy” video, taken later this morning, when Andy climbed onto the bathroom window sill. Only one thing bothers me now: Where has Dougy been all day? He’s been very, very quiet…!