Post 587: …better now

Yesterday, I took a veteran down to Scottsbluff to the VA clinic and the regional hospital for some therapy. It’s one of those things I can do through the RSVP program here, and it’s one way to give back to the veterans who don’t have easy access to health care in town and have to go hundreds of miles out of their way to get it. (Thank your Congressmen for this wonderful convenience.)

I sat in my car for the whole time, in subzero weather, though the solar heating I got through the window seemed adequate at the time, except for my feet. My feet were very cold by the time we got back home. My rider asked if I could cut back on the heat, which I did.

Because one has to sign some paperwork when one either gives or accepts a ride and we returned to Alliance during the RSVP people’s lunch hour, I had to make a separate, special trip back into the cold to write my name on a piece of paper at the RSVP office. I was not amused.

I started the day feeling not so well, and ended it feeling like crap.

I started the day feeling not so well, and ended it feeling like crap. Today, I just want to keep warm.

Once I finished the paperwork, I came home, had a light lunch, which didn’t settle well in my stomach. I went to bed after I fed the kitties at 2:30, and pretty much hugged the mattress for the next 15 hours, trying to get warm.

I had supper for breakfast this morning. The potato soup I made for yesterday and couldn’t face at supper time sounded like a good way to warm up, something I might be able to handle. It tasted good. I still felt a bit out of it. Not to mention  — but I will! — I had a bit of diarrhea on top of it all.

I spent the most of the day wrapped in a comforter, just keeping toasty. I didn’t even get on my computer until this afternoon. I’m not going to try to catch up on the e-mails, videos, blogs, and other things that popped up in the past two days. Sorry.

Though the kitties still insist I play wand toy games with them, and they need  a little loving, they are the only responsibility I’ve met today. Feed the kitties and play with them. The rest of the time, keep covered and warm. Get past this icky feeling. Drink a nice mug of tea. Maybe I’ll get back on track tomorrow.