Post 600: “Purdytail” and “Fluffybutt”

In this season of giving thanks, counting one’s blessings, I have to add two to the long list: Purdytail and Fluffybutt. You know them by different names…!

They came to me when I was grieving the loss of Louie the ginger cat, and they added just the right element of fun back into my life. I mean, who can resist the charms of kittens?

Purdytail (left); Fluffybutt (ri9ght)

Purdytail  (AKA Andy) and Fluffybutt (AKA Dougy)

I don’t usually use their nicknames. Andy is so serious a little cat he just doesn’t seem like the nickname sort, even though his nickname features his handsome tail.

His brother Dougy, however, is a full-fledged character, and  the name Dougy seems to capture that sense of him.

By any name, though, Andy and Dougy are a joy in my life, the best reason ever to get up in the morning, if only to see what they destroyed with their claws in the night. 😉