03Feb23: the 2nd didn’t last forever….

It was just a movie, Doug.

Here it is almost 3 o’clock on the 3rd and…

…you just realized you haven’t made a post yet because you bought into the “always the 2nd” joke of “Caddyshack”. It’s just a movie!


I’m moving slowly this week for some reason. Yesterday turned out to be a week after I planned to have data posted and printed out for my nurse practitioner. One problem, well two: I didn’t have the data posted on Excel and the new printer isn’t set up yet!  


17 thoughts on “03Feb23: the 2nd didn’t last forever….

  1. Andy is such a sweet little kitty, reminding you it is now the next day and time to post!

    I have plenty of “I’m way behind” weeks here too, Doug. Some of it is that I try to get a longer night’s sleep. I don’t do well without sufficient sleep these days.

    • I get screwed up most times because I take naps (or fall asleep in a chair) during the day, then go to bed later to sleep again.

    • I hope so, John! I have a dread of getting a call from the dialysis unit to let me know they are expecting me and it’s an hour or so after I should have been there. I did get a late start once, but another time i showed up a day early. LOL!

      • Wow, I did showed up a day early for an appointment a few weks ago! I keep a running list of what needs to be done each day on paper to kep track. Got the idea from my dad long ago, maybe this will help you, Doug?

        • My to do list is pretty sparse. Keeping straight on the days of the week, etc. is helped by an atomic clock that gives me the time of day in military format, the date, the day of the week, and the room temperature. For the most part, that keeps mw on track.

          • All of my reference clocks are atomic clocks since they spare me the hassle of changing them manually when Daylight Savings Time comes arouund and when we go back to regular time. It is the best invention related to time ever!

          • I work in both. Another clock is in the 12 hour format. Because I have weird sleeping habits, it is easy for me to wake up at, say, 6 pm and think it is 12 hours later if I don’t check the 24 hour time, too.

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