03Apr23: mean kitty…

Hello, Andy!

What?! What?!

Ow! What’s with the claws, Andrew?

No kitty treats for you kitty boy! Biting is naughty!


Andy can be a little poop! Later, not even five minutes, he was really happy to have his head and ears rubbed. 



03Feb23: the 2nd didn’t last forever….

It was just a movie, Doug.

Here it is almost 3 o’clock on the 3rd and…

…you just realized you haven’t made a post yet because you bought into the “always the 2nd” joke of “Caddyshack”. It’s just a movie!


I’m moving slowly this week for some reason. Yesterday turned out to be a week after I planned to have data posted and printed out for my nurse practitioner. One problem, well two: I didn’t have the data posted on Excel and the new printer isn’t set up yet!  


02Feb23: Groundhog Day

You know the Groundhog Day joke. The same events repeat themselves endlessly. Well, here’s Andy doing what Andy does. This seems to be his favorite place to clean up these days.


Yippee! The coming week is going to be sunny and almost Spring-like weather!

30Dec22: getting ready…

Andy’s resting up for the holiday.


Not much happening here today. I probably should get a few groceries before the locust-like shoppers buy out everything in the store on the chance they’ll use 20 rolls of toilet paper by the second of January, etc. 

03Aug20: cloistered…


Andy hopped onto the glider arm. I barely could focus on him in this photo. Regardless, he satisfied his curiosity about the smart phone and left on important kitty business.

Post 2168: Andy wants his videos…

Andy sees me turn on the laptop. He hopes I’ll play cat games for him!


Dougy is cool about it. He’d rather doze. He knows how the string hides behind the screen . It upsets him!

No cat games, no fun! Andy pouts.

20200226_231937 (1)

Dougy has the box all to himself! Andy doesn’t feel like challenging him today. 

(I played kitty videos for Andy later, after I checked my e-mail and bank balance,)




Post 2066: Suspicious!

Here’s the latest photo of my friend Deborah’s kitties, Charles (front) and André.
Deborah writes: “The boys send their regards.  I caught them sitting suspiciously close together a few days ago. Maybe it’s because the heat is off!”

The kitty boys are happy to have a day off to show that their kitty friends Charles and André are doing well in New Hampshire!

Post 1874: Dougy plans a surprise…

Andy and Dougy get along, yet there are times when they treat each other like prey. Andy minds his own business here, yet Dougy waits for him to hop down within “pounce” range! RAWR!

(Andy suspects something’s up and stays on top of the carrier.)

Post 1738: Andy’s fine sunny day…

Andy enjoys a little sun before he cleans up.


“Say what!?” Dougy pops up out of nowhere. Andy’s main concern is the fresh supply of potent Maine ‘nip Doug (the human) just put out. Andy doesn’t like to share ‘nip!


Andy’s had as much ‘nip as he needs for now. Maybe Dougy can have some, too. Or not. Everything’s fuzzy and warm. Oh yeah! It’s Andy’s fine sunny day and it’s time for his nap!


Just in time to make the post deadline today, my Seattle sister sends this new photo of her beautiful tuxedo kitty, Molly:


She writes: “This is Molly’s favorite outdoor activity…when the sun is shining.  Otherwise, she doesn’t like to go outside.”


Here’s the other side of Molly! Her kitty cousins, Andy and Dougy, agree with her that sun is fun!

photo (6)

So does my friend Deborah’s handsome kitty boy. He’s been to France, so he should know, “Le soleil! Le soleil! Le soleil! “ (I think this is André , though light on his chest almost makes him look more like Charles….) 


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the kitty boys’ favorite kitties!

Post 1597: Christmas 2017


Neither Andy nor Dougy likes to dress up for the holidays, but my friend Deborah’s cat Charles has a different attitude about it!
Says Deborah: Yes, Charles says he would be honored to grace your blog post for Christmas.  He wants it to be known that no kitties were hurt during filming and that he rather enjoys the attention that he receives while getting into costume.  This is in fact true: my son is so amazed by his behavior and tolerance for this kind of thing (well especially mauls from [my granddaughter, Charles’ favorite kid]) that he tells me all the time that 99.99% of cats would never put up with these things – as if I did not know that.
Regardless, I’m sure Andy and Dougy wish you a blessed Christmas, as do I! And may the new year be better than the last.