01Feb23: dialysis day…

Yeah, there are needles involved. Two of them, one for arterial blood and the other for venous.

There’s the machine that takes the blood, cleanses it, then returns it back to the patient. The process is painless unless you get cramps.

Mostly, you can hit the heat button on the recliner, enjoy the warmth of that and the blanket they put over you. Sleep if you wish or…

…turn on the television that is available at each station. I usually watch the television.

There is that time, though…

…when your four hours are almost up! That’s when the clock stands still! Some people have longer times than others, and some have shorter times than others. Four hours seems to be pretty much typical.

When I turn the key and open the door at home, Andy comes running to greet me.


My kalanchoe plant is blooming right on schedule! It gives me a winter show every year even though all I do for it is water it when I notice leaves are falling off some of the stems. It is my kind of greenery!