03Apr23: mean kitty…

Hello, Andy!

What?! What?!

Ow! What’s with the claws, Andrew?

No kitty treats for you kitty boy! Biting is naughty!


Andy can be a little poop! Later, not even five minutes, he was really happy to have his head and ears rubbed. 



04Feb23: eyedrops…

Andy fights it.

You’d think I was pulling his tail off!

He squirms a bit, especially…

…when he sees the bottle…

…but afterwards he leans against my chest for comfort. Yep! Giving Andy glaucoma eyedrops is a process. The hyperthyroidism goop in the ear is much easier.


Rats! It was trash day – Friday – when I took the photos and put this post together, I heard the trash truck compressing the trash from the dumpster I use. I guess this week’s trash going to the landfill next week will work out, but it would have been better if I’d been on the ball and got it out to the dumpster when I woke up. I did take a couple bags full of trash out yesterday, but it seems there’s always more to go.


03Feb23: the 2nd didn’t last forever….

It was just a movie, Doug.

Here it is almost 3 o’clock on the 3rd and…

…you just realized you haven’t made a post yet because you bought into the “always the 2nd” joke of “Caddyshack”. It’s just a movie!


I’m moving slowly this week for some reason. Yesterday turned out to be a week after I planned to have data posted and printed out for my nurse practitioner. One problem, well two: I didn’t have the data posted on Excel and the new printer isn’t set up yet!  


02Feb23: Groundhog Day

You know the Groundhog Day joke. The same events repeat themselves endlessly. Well, here’s Andy doing what Andy does. This seems to be his favorite place to clean up these days.


Yippee! The coming week is going to be sunny and almost Spring-like weather!

30Dec22: getting ready…

Andy’s resting up for the holiday.


Not much happening here today. I probably should get a few groceries before the locust-like shoppers buy out everything in the store on the chance they’ll use 20 rolls of toilet paper by the second of January, etc. 

16Dec22: Yeah, we’re still here!

Some things seem eternal.

Andy’s fascination with this piece of peacock feather, for example.

He licks it, sniffs it, RAWR’s it!


12Dec22: hiding in plain view…


Andy is staying out of reach just now because I tried to comb him.

Of course, he still takes care of kitty business since I can’t get to him fast enough to comb him over there….


One day to go before the predicted winter storm. A lot of times, these storms strike north or south of here and we get a small taste of the bigger storm. Stay tuned! 


11Dec22: the stop by…

Andy stopped by.

I guess he plans on staying awhile.


We’re getting closer to Andy’s 19th of December grooming appointment. He really needs it this time since the last appointment had to be cancelled by his groomer because of an equipment issue in her mobile business van. I set up the appointments for once every three months because that’s about how long he can go before his hair starts matting. 

A major snowstorm is predicted for here next Tuesday. Ugh!  


Post 1517: Black Hills adventure, part 1…

My Dutch friend Marianne and I first visited the Mammoth dig site in Hot Springs. There were restrictions on photography during the tour, then I forgot to take any photos after when the restrictions were off. Good grief! I’d be fired from my job if I were a reporter!

It was raining when we arrived thirty minutes before opening time, but the woman who turned out to be our excellent tour guide opened the door and let us in, where we could wait on a bench in the lobby till the official opening.

After the video, tour, and a little time to select agates and other small souvenirs, we drove to Custer State Park (photos above) where smoke from park fires earlier was cleansed from the air by the mist and rains of that morning. Everything was glistening, magical! 

A prairie dog town (photo with Marianne, above) provided a glimpse of the wildlife to come. The leaves on deciduous trees had begun to turn, turning the landscape into a festive one.

Apparently, these burros are seasonal at Custer State Park if I understood comments from a South Dakotan responding to our description of an “encounter” with this band of beggars! 


After a long drive through the Black Hills glistening in rain and light fog, we arrived at Mount Rushmore. Believe it or not, there is a carved mountain in this photo! It was pointless to pay the admissions fee to view more of this, so we turned south to see one last major sight and any wildlife we could view along the way.

[to be continued]