Post 404: Election Day in Nebraska

Today is the primary election day in Nebraska. Unlike most years, there must be a half dozen candidates for each office, and most are Republicans of various stripes.

The state is conservative, the candidates tend to be, at minimum, very conservative, and it brings on curious charges against fellow candidates who slip a little from the orthodoxy of conservatism.

For example, a PAC with no Nebraska connection ominously reports one Republican candidate for US Senator donated to Democrats running for office! The horror! Implied, maybe he’ll also actually work with Democrats as co-partners in governance of America, too, if elected. Wow!


And he says he always will vote to raise the debt limit. You know, Congress votes to spend money, but the debt ceiling or limit is the amount the US Treasury is authorized to raise to pay for what the US Congress already voted to spend. Remember the Senator Ted Cruz US Government shutdown? That was what that was about.

He also thinks the Affordable Care Act has some good qualities. (Always called Obamacare in this state, where many drink the Kool-Aid of birtherism and don’t accept the legitimacy of the President’s administration.) As someone with a pre-existing health issue, I would have benefited from ACA had it become law a few years earlier than it did, so I’m inclined to agree.

In the commercial, the candidate, for the reasons above, is accused of that ultimate sin in this state: Liberalism! (His general positions seem fairly conservative to me, not that different from the herd.)

So far, I don’t have any favorites.

Joe, you sanctimonious lala…!

Grrrr! I’m at it again.

Some days, I want to take Joe Scarborough aside and...!

Some days, I want to take Joe Scarborough aside and…!

Earlier this week, I sent my Congressman a message, which is the subject of the last post, “Dear Adrian”. No, I haven’t had any response from my Congressman. Unlike Joe, I realize and accept the possibility his staff is buried in messages from constituents, and, though his response record stinks and I might not get one under any circumstance, it is greatly possible (if he responds), it will be late. You know, like the people trying to deal with the huge response to the Affordable Care Act inquiries.

Joe, well, I best better shut my trap. I’m really upset with you just now.

“Morning Joe”

I make the mistake of starting my day with “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. “Joe” is Joe Scarborough, an articulate former Congressman who’s inclined to talk over his guests and his co-host, Mika Brzezinski. There are times I’d like to reach through the television screen and choke him!

He does, however, represent a rational conservatism, whether I agree with him on many topics or not. I feel I can listen to what he has to say and hear a legitimate conservative point of view, not some Ted Cruz anarchist crap.

Mika and Joe

Mika and Joe

Recently, for whatever reasons, he seems not to be there on set as much or else he participates in the first segment from some location other than the studio from which “Morning Joe” originates.

On the days Joe isn’t there, hosts and guests speak in complete sentences, try not to step on each other’s points by talking over each other. There is no loud talk, no interruptions of the news when Mika reads it, no need to reach through the screen to choke somebody. You know who!

One needs to hear all sides of an argument, not just the ones that match one's closely held prejudices....that's where Joe comes in.

One needs to hear all sides of an argument, not just the ones that match one’s closely held prejudices….that’s where Joe comes in.

To my amazement, Mika actually is articulate, is a great moderator of the discussions, and she smiles! On days Joe’s in studio talking over her, she frequently doesn’t get to complete a thought, and she has a nearly show-long scowl on her face… even though she is close enough to reach over and choke Joe in person, something I sit there urging her to do since I can’t reach through the television set.

On days Joe appears from another studio, he participates, of course, because he is articulate and has fully formed opinions on the news of the day. Not to say he’s infallible, of course, but he, at least, isn’t an ideologue like so many on Fox News are. (I find Shep Smith and Chris Wallace usually are watchable, professional journalists; the rest leave me reaching through the television set to choke them…!)

Also, on the days Joe appears from another studio, he is less likely to step on other people’s comments by talking over them. Those days are more meaningful, as I actually can hear what everyone says – I have total deafness in my right rear, and some hearing loss in my left, so this over-talking makes listening difficult to impossible. On those days, though Joe is more subdued, I actually like him. Closed Captioning helps, but isn’t the whole answer for me.

I note that Joe Scarborough is my conservative of choice because he presents an argument rather than proclaims an opinion as a fact. You might call him the Chris Matthews of Conservativism. (Cheap shot! Cheap shot! I love you, too, Chris! But you do walk over other people’s comments.)

Where I live, in Nebraska's 3rd Congressional District, people sent to Congress tend always to be Republicans who get around 70% or more of the popular vote. The district isn't red, it's screeching scarlet!

Where I live, in Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District, people sent to Congress tend always to be Republicans who get around 70% or more of the popular vote. The district isn’t red, it’s screeching scarlet!

I also note that I watch most of the MSNBC political and news programs in the afternoon and evening. They tend to be liberal, as charged, though they are honest about their biases, unlike Fox, where they routinely parade Republican Party propaganda as news, with the exception (in my opinion) of Chris Wallace and Shep Smith.

All I ask of newscasters and pundits: honest arguments based on credible facts. That and a desire for Joe to shut up and listen more to Mika and his guests rather than risk me reaching through the television set to choke him!

I didn’t intend to write a review of a television show today or get political. It occurred to me, however, during today’s dose of “Morning Joe”, that a lot of my upset about the Obamacare defunding/debt ceiling mess originates with this start to my day. That and the fact that Joe Scarborough irritates me when he talks over guests before my morning joe kicks in.


Incidentally, it was reported on the news that 26% of all Texans are without health insurance. What about that Senator Cruz? Wouldn’t working to correct deficiencies in the Affordable Care Act make more sense to your constituents than you working to deny them access to some form of affordable health insurance?

Just asking, sir. Maybe you’d even look presidential if you worked for the people instead of self-aggrandizement. Nevermind. It’s too late for you now.