23Dec21: kitty televison…

This photo of Andy watching television up close and Dougy watching from his ottoman came to the surface recently. Dougy liked “My Cat From Hell” and Andy has more eclectic tastes. 

Of course, keeping up with the news is important, too!

19 thoughts on “23Dec21: kitty televison…

    • Yes. My brother died on December 19, 2016, so this time of year is especially conflicted.

      On a happier note, I just received your recipe book from Amazon yesterday, and I look forward to trying them out!

    • I realize I have relative few photos of the two together, and the ones where they both are there usually show them interacting in some way (like my header photo, where Andy’s stalking Dougy!)

    • It isn’t clear to me what the attractions are to Andy. Birds, mice, and string videos meant for cats are understandable, but what he sees in noir is beyond me!

    • Will do, GP! He loves them! Yes, I am the same when Facebook po9sts a memory from my file and it includes Dougy. I miss him every day. It was Andy Dougy forever, and I would wonde3r what I would do if one of them died before the other. Andy has adjusted pretty well [- he owns the whole house now…. I’m glad of that adjustmment.

  1. Bittersweet memories , Doug .
    Thank you for your Christmas wishes . The same for you , of course .
    Your Praetorius video did not work on my blog and I am asked to watch on You Tube what I will do later ( I go to dialysis soon (30mn)
    Here is a song by Praetorius for Christmas . It is a choir I have made in 1994 at church :It is titled Noël ?

    • It is the same Christmas song, “Es ist ein Ros entsprungen”, only in a church setting, where the majesty of music is amplified by the reverberations created by the sound bouncing off the stone walls! Also, it is your presentation, which makes it special! Lovely!

    • Andy always has been more eclectic in his tastes. He love, love, loves noir in black and white, kitty videos, news, reality shows, and more.

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