Post 404: Election Day in Nebraska

Today is the primary election day in Nebraska. Unlike most years, there must be a half dozen candidates for each office, and most are Republicans of various stripes.

The state is conservative, the candidates tend to be, at minimum, very conservative, and it brings on curious charges against fellow candidates who slip a little from the orthodoxy of conservatism.

For example, a PAC with no Nebraska connection ominously reports one Republican candidate for US Senator donated to Democrats running for office! The horror! Implied, maybe he’ll also actually work with Democrats as co-partners in governance of America, too, if elected. Wow!


And he says he always will vote to raise the debt limit. You know, Congress votes to spend money, but the debt ceiling or limit is the amount the US Treasury is authorized to raise to pay for what the US Congress already voted to spend. Remember the Senator Ted Cruz US Government shutdown? That was what that was about.

He also thinks the Affordable Care Act has some good qualities. (Always called Obamacare in this state, where many drink the Kool-Aid of birtherism and don’t accept the legitimacy of the President’s administration.) As someone with a pre-existing health issue, I would have benefited from ACA had it become law a few years earlier than it did, so I’m inclined to agree.

In the commercial, the candidate, for the reasons above, is accused of that ultimate sin in this state: Liberalism! (His general positions seem fairly conservative to me, not that different from the herd.)

So far, I don’t have any favorites.

2 thoughts on “Post 404: Election Day in Nebraska

  1. I felt the same here and we have a big vote here to male local hospital public which means it will enlarge it’s jurisdiction up further into the county.
    Most are not going to vote of fit to go public and it can not survive being private and not getting govt. funds.
    I think the hospital needs to shut down and restructure as it serves no purpose and the care is substandard.
    they would become a smaller trauma unit and stabilize people and send them into the city and that would be a much better use than it is now with no specialists there and no heart unit either.

    • The hardest part about living in our political system is when what we see as desirable doesn’t always happen because the other guy or thing posts the higher number of ballots. For example, the senatorial candidate I feel the least interest in because of the nature of his support is the one who polled the highest count for Republican candidate for senator. That pretty much means he’s the next guy to represent the state as the junior senator since Democrats rarely get elected unless they are essentially Republicans with a different name.

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