Post 629: Stay tuned!

Dear Reader,

Tom von Kapherr, whose “Cats at the Bar” blog is a longtime favorite of mine, suggested he and I collaborate on a list of blogs we feel have exceptional interest and merit, maybe even create a regular “award” celebrating these blogs. At least, we’ll post one collaborative blog on New Years and see where it takes us — and you!

I had my doubts. Not that I couldn’t pull up a list of worthy blogs, but that I’d run into the  dreaded realization that I really, really like a lot of blogs. My list easily can extend over several pages or be broken into several posts. Tom’s list, of course, still is to be revealed, and may be long, too! Though I’ve no doubt there will be overlaps, we may get a surprise and have that dreaded multi-part post I note above!

(Should I hide like Dougy? )

(Should I hide like Dougy? )

To date, I’ve buckled down and made my tentative list, made [Print Screen] images from the selected blogs that give some sense of what I like about them, and now I’ll spend a little time creating the text to e-mail off to Tom so he can see my selections and add his.

Will our first collaboration be a hit or a miss? Stay tuned!


Doug Thomas, AKA weggieboy