Post 975: snowed in…

We got enough snow over night that the maintenance people where I live haven’t been able to clear the lanes and walks in time for me to take off for the military museum. I’m snowed in.

Drifted in....

Drifted in….

It isn’t deep all over, but there are drifts just outside my front and back doors and along the driver side of my car, which is parked across the snow-covered lane.  

It's worse on the driver's side....

It’s worse on the driver’s side….

The snow doesn’t change the cat brothers’ plans. They always have their fun, regardless of the weather outside.

Andy has the best plan: watch birds out the back window! Or me at the computer, whichever is mroe exciting at the moment.

Andy has the best plan: watch birds out the back window!
Or me at the computer, whichever is more exciting at the moment.

Turns out the museum is closed today anyway because of snow. I feel better about not making it to “work” now! 


41 thoughts on “Post 975: snowed in…

  1. Oh man, you have got a lot of snow. When I saw the picture, I was thinking of the shovel and scrapping all the snow out. Clearing.
    The brothers are lucky, they don’t have to go anywhere.

    • I thought about going for groceries this morning, then cat food later after the veterinarian clinic opens, but I have enough food on hand for the boys and me that I can wait till Monday even and be OK. I will eat things like tuna sandwiches and beans toward the end, but I won’t starve. Nor will the boys!

  2. WOW! It’s been such a long time for me to see snow like that!!!!! I hope we don’t have this year… Stay in warm with your cats dear Weggie, cats are the best friends especially when you have nothing to do 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

    • I had an Indonesian penpal when I was a kid, and he told me one of his favorite songs was “White Christmas”! LOL! Clearly, he’d never experienced a blizzard on the High Plains!

    • It’s a bit chillier than average here this year, but 2013, on this day, it was 73°F! Of course, same day in 2008, it was -8°F It’s 19°F at 5:13 am, and won’t get much warmer today.

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