It’s July. The last time I was here was March. Whoever said time flies wasn’t joking. Honestly, I barely can account for that time and what I did between then and now!

I did have a lot of cleaning up in May in preparation for the annual summer visits of my brother and one of my sisters. That took me up till my brother arrived the 9th of June, I think it was. The five weeks he stayed passed so fast two things I’d planned for when it was here never happened: The broken patio chair still needs fixing and I never did make that rhubarb pie! He left July 12th, I think it was. My sister came a few days before he left, and stayed for three days past the time he left since my nephew came down for a short visit before taking them both home.

In total, I hosted visits for five weeks, three days. I picked up a respiratory infection from my sister.

I made several videos of the kittens, now cats.

Gad! I made quite a few videos between this blog and the last one in March. Sorry, but there actually are a few more. Of course, if you follow me on daily booth, you have the advantage of having seen these before….


Do I have anything to say? Not really. I feel sick, of course. I’ve caught up on magazines and books I couldn’t read when I had company. The kittens became cats at some point. Tempus fugit, eh!? Oh, and I’ve done my military museum volunteer business on Thursdays. That’s about it. Nap and catch up! My garden is small this year, though I planted several herbs. It’s lovely when you water because it releases the scents of the planted herbs.

What have you been doing? Having a decent summer are you?