30 thoughts on “Post 848: just a picture of Dougy…

    • Robert – I finally figured out why I couldn’t pull up your YouTube channel or locate you on Facebook, and have added a link to one and information on the book title and availability in a separate post for August 11th. It’s such an entertaining book and so reasonably priced!

      I’ve enjoyed your videos of your cats for years, and am pleased to have an excuse to share them with anyone following my blog who might not yet know about them. (If that’s humanly possible….!)

    • I’m confused, I think. The Canadian Cats and Canadian cats Shorty and Kodi are two different sets of kitties! I think one set is in BC and the other in Ontario. Sorry for the confusion! I highly recommend both. The confusion comes from “Shoko” and “Sho Ko”.

      • I did not know this Doug! There are 2 Canadian Cats then. I don’t know Shorty and Kodi. We are in BC. Shoko’s name is pronounced Show ko. I’ll bet that’s no help at all. hehe
        I must contact the ones in Ontario to say hi. Thanks for letting us know Doug.

        • How likely is this? My confusion came from the fact that you both are Canadians, and it never occurred that two Canadians would have cats, an Internet presence, and use the same name to identify one cat/ abbreviate the names of two cats! I hope you are able to make contact with Robert Moore, compare notes, and start to enjoy each other’s cats on the Internet! I’ve had some little contact with him, and he seems to be a pleasant fellow. He certainly is a cat person!

      • Last night, I settle back to watch my film noir. Do ya think I could find it? No way! Hubby found some films this morning but I don’t see Louis Malle’s films anywhere.
        We are having a new roof put on the house today so I’m getting outta here shortly. There is always the public library too.

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