25May20: Andy takes the kitty lounger…

Dougy slips in under Andy’s gaze. Will there be a problem?

Perhaps this is a good kitty day! 


The direct gaze, again. Uh oh!


Andy ends the moment and takes a nap. After a short time, Dougy leaves…


…and Andy takes the kitty lounger for his own. Well played, Andy!


22May20: Andy manages a pass by…

Andy wants to do kitty business elsewhere but Dougy’s spotted him. Maybe…


…a quick rush by way of Dougy’s ottoman will do the trick. 


(It does!)

Later, Dougy’s taken off on his own kitty business. Andy finally enjoys his favorite spot on the end table.

21May20: televison blocker…


Dang that Andy! Why does he always take a snooze in front of the television?


…but wait! That’s…


…Dougy, because…


…Andy’s at my right on the end table…! Silly me. Can’t tell one brother from the other!


18May20: a bridge…


One leg over…

…then the next. Andy uses me as a bridge from the recliner arm to the end table. It doesn’t matter if he has to walk across my laptop or my legs, my usual place to sit puts me in the position of being the bridge.

15May20: What’s on Andy’s mind?


Persian kitties can be inscrutible. Is Andy upset? 

Aw! A clue! Andy’s…

20200511_105058 (1)


12May20: What time is it?


Andy is quite happy to sleep on top of the recliner back…


…until his internal alarm tells him it’s…


…”Kitty Food Time”! “Dang it, Doug [the human]!  I’m pointed in the “Kitty Food Time” direction. What do I have to do to get you to head to the kitchen to prepare my kitty food?!”

11May20: my little angels…

Sleepy kitty boys behave the best!