20Jan23: taking a siesta…

Andy and I are pooped today, so we’re taking it slowly.


Whew! I never seem to sleep more than four hours at a time, no matter how tired I am. I took a nap this afternoon, aware it might mean I couldn’t sleep tonight. The way I feel right now, I think that I will sleep just fine. (This was written around 7:20 pm on the 19th.)

Why is it a kitty tummy screams out “Tickle me!” when everyone knows touching a kitty tummy is almost always a risky business!? Yeah, I just tickled Andy’s tummy and Andy gave me the look that I know means my hand will die if I do that again. Of course, I will do it again.



31 Jul22: stringing along…

A rompiferous romp of rompers ’round the recliner…and a bit of string.

Andy approves of this 👏 ! Woo hoo, meow!

30Jul22: kitty massage…

The instructions say to let your kitty see and experience the sounds of the massager before using it on him or her. So far, Andy is wary of it.

What?! Seventy-how-many-days without my laptop or a suitable, equivalent replacement 🤔?

Woe is moi!

29Jul22: exploring…

Andy is looking for where I put his kitty toys. He’s close!

Day 73 without a laptop. Do you think I am being jerked around and lied to? I kind of suspect so.

Andy is happy to be back!

I won’t reply to comments till I have a laptop again. Using a smartphone to do this is problematic. My typing accuracy is screwed by the small keyboard and potatoes attached to my hand. LOL!

Thank you for sticking around during my period of despair. I was shocked to discover I not only didn’t lose subscribers, I picked up several new people! Thank you all!

I have so much to catch up on. I missed reading your updates as much as I missed continuing the story of a small kitty boy named Andy, the main reason for most of you to follow this blog. (Don’t think I didn’t know that was you reason!)

02Oct20: that’s debatable…

Andy stopped by just as the presidential debate began.

It started well enough, Wallace presenting a question.

Andy’s kitty sense began to tingle.

Geez! He’s over-talking Biden so bad I barely can understand him! ENOUGH! Andy could not agree more, so he ran off for peace and quiet elsewhere. 



01October20: Must have tasted yummy!

Cleaning up after a yummy chicken dinner, Andy puts energy into it! Of course, he’s on a special diet now, and that chicken dinner is unadulterated chicken, no grains or additives. At the price, I’m glad Andy love, love, loves it. You know kitties, though: as soon as you buy a long term supply of a food they seem to like, they decide they don’t like it, not really! (I’m crossing my fingers with the new food. He’s been eating it for a month of so now, no problems!)