Post 2089: siesta de gato

Kedi şekerleme


No matter how you write it, the kitty boys pooped out this afternoon and took one: Cat nap!


Post 2087: Andy’s curious way…

Andy has a curious way. He “hides” slightly out of sight, but comes up from behind to meow for attention and to scratch on the back of the glider arm to let me know he wants attention…but not too much!

I reach back to “scritch” whatever part is closest, usually his chin or chest. Andy barely allows me to do this, yet he’ll continue to try to get my attention whenever I stop giving it to him.

Dang cat! I never know for sure what he wants since he doesn’t let me get too close, though I suspect he’s hinting that it’s time for kitty treats! (I try to limit his treats, though, since the last thing he needs to be is a fat kitty.)

Post 2082: Persians mat like heck!

Athena, the kitty boy’s groomer, and I decided with the November 2018 appointment to think about letting the kitty boys go more Persian. The plan worked fairly well for three months, but the fourth month between grooming sessions, I started losing control of mats in their hair and started stepping in more poop that fell out of their floofy butts. Four months between grooming sessions is too long.


Andy is especially matted because he is less cooperative with brushing sessions than Dougy. I pull apart mats I find, but they form fast and easily in Andy’s really thick fur.


On the other hand, Dougy is tired of me pulling apart mats that formed on his chest and sides. The ones on his butt will takes shears for sure! They don’t show since his hair is so long now, so I missed them. (No, I generally don’t rub my hand over that part of the kitties! LOL! I probably need to get over my aversion to that.)

Andy and me.

Tomorrow is the next grooming appointment for the kitty boys. I made a commitment to four months between sessions for this year, so am pretty much stuck with that schedule, but the mat issue is big enough that I will try to get three months between sessions for 2020. In the meantime, I think I’ll have the kitties trimmed in teddy bear cuts for the summer tomorrow, which will take them till August’s appointment.

Post 2080: spying…

Andy hops on the walker for a quick snoop. What’s Doug (the human) doing? Catching on, he is! The kitty boys like the walker because they can watch me, yet be somewhat out of sight since it usually is slightly behind the recliner!

Oops! Andy sees I see he sees I see him! He slips away.

Dougy is a bit more sneaky! Yep! He’s watching me now!

Post 2073: reluctant kitties…

Andy wanted kitty treats, but I made him pose. He was not happy!

Nor was Dougy…

…who fled as soon as he saw the smart phone!

Post 2071: morning zombie walk…

We have a routine here, a zombie walk through the early hours of our day. After we have breakfast, Dougy hops up on his ottoman to bug me while I try to update this blog. (Yeah, it takes a few minutes before the color turns on!)

Grimly, Dougy hounds (hee! hee!) me to play kitty games with him. I protest, but he persists while…

…Andy hides in full view far enough from me that he thinks he can avoid medicine time. Bad move Andy! As soon as I walk toward him, he runs into the bathroom, where I just lean over and pick him up. There is no escape! Yes, medicine time is reasonably simple and fast as long as Andy doesn’t change his strategy.

Post 2069: it’s that pesky bird again…

Dougy’s relaxing. La la la! Nothing to do. Nothing to do, but…

…out of the corner of his eye, he sees something’s sneaking up on him!

Oh no! It’s…

…that dang mockingbird! Dougy is not in the mood for that today.

Hiding in the depths of darkness, Andrew spots an opportunity to get his kitty on…if he can avoid Doug (the human)! Rawr! Kill the mockingbird!

Post 2068: smart phone blues…

My smart phone’s acting up, so I returned to my point-and-shot Nikon camera. Nasty! Relearning the capabilities (limitations!) of the Nikon is more than I feel up to just now. Above, a low light shot of Andy and Dougy enjoying a treat. Lovely, hunh? Ugh! I think it’s time to get a new smart phone instead of piddling around with the camera.

Here’s an Andy photo on the SID card in the camera.

Post 2065: what’s up…

Andy feels safe enough to come out from hiding. Ick! Ick! Ick! The nasty medicine would be totally intolerable if Andy didn’t get Greenies treats afterwards! (At least that’s what he tells me.) On a happy note, Doug the human discovered Andy needs the new medicine once daily instead of twice. He should have read the label!

Bad kitty? Actually, Dougy is hunting a tiny spider you barely can see slightly above and to the left of his right ear. See it? It is a little black dot. What a good boy!

Post 2057: Dougy has a snit…

Something’s bugging Dougy.

Good grief, Douglas! Andy’s not bothering you there.

I guess Dougy can’t handle Andy sleeping on top of the stacked carriers for the moment because he ran off.

Andy is totally unaware of the drama. Dougy’s portrait hangs heavily above him!