05April20: the blahs hit hard…

After doing nothing, nothing is left to do. Here’s what Andy’s doing. Same as yesterday. Nothing.

Hey! He moved! What’s up?


Oh. Same old, same old. Time to bring out the Birbug wand toy!


03Apr20: Nanook vs. Andy…


No two ways about it, Andy is fascinated by the classic documentary film, Nanook of the North!

* He formulates his plan, the best hunt of his season!

20200329_232948 (1)

They’re getting away, Andy!  

RAWR! Damn that Nanook!

  * Sorry about all the movement. I was unaware I was shooting video at the time!

02April20: shift change…

A big moment in the Andylandia vs. Dougylandia kitty lounger wars!

A nonviolent shift change! Dougy yields to Andy for time on the second kitty lounger and there was no squabble or posturing beforehand.

01Apr20: mosquito…


Andy has a new favorite kitty game!






That’s a nightmare sized mosquito, eh?! Not to fear, Andy will take them on.


My sister in Seattle shared this photo of her kitty girl Saki’s fine tail:

saki's fine tail

I thought you might enjoy it, too!



31Mar20: The kitty boys sharing the lounger…what?!?!?


Dougy stopped by and used the lounger for a little quiet time, then…

20200329_03161420200329_031719…Andy stopped by. No fight. No head bopping. No wild chases. Just a change from one kitty boy to the other. It’s the first time in weeks I didn’t have to plead, “But he’s yer brudda!” (I speak differently when talking with cats.)

30Mar20: Andy enjoys the new lounger…

There seems to be a lot less stress now that I repositioned the second kitty lounger closer to where the kitty boys and I usually hang out during the kitty hours. (I am somewhat nocturnal…) Andy and Dougy both mark the newly positioned lounger each time they climb on it, but there haven’t been any serious disputes over it, yet. Well, Dougy did bop Andy on the head once when Andy hopped off the lounger and landed a bit too close to Dougylandia than Dougy liked, but it was half-hearted.

A sniff, some scratching, then a nice rest on the lounger! Andy enjoys the peace and quiet for a few minutes before he heads out on important kitty boy business “up north”. 

29Mar20: La Grande Expérience

I’ve had it! The Grand Experiment is today. I moved the second kitty lounger over to where the new box was and the new box to behind the glider. Dougy is confused (of course!) but finally tries out the second kitty lounger at its new location. Of course, he first scratches on it to establish his claim. Whew! 

Andy watches from a safe spot on the walker. Dougy’s on the second kitty lounger and seems satisfied with the change. He even scratches a second claim on it just in case Andy missed the first performance. Once Dougy’s settled in, Andy returns to the disputed kitty lounger, hopeful, as am I, that the kitty lounger wars are history!



A Few Minutes Later: Uh oh! Is that…

…Andy?! Yes. And he stays just long to scratch his message into the second kitty lounger. Now Dougy will know “Andy was here, you scruffy alley cat! HA! HA! HA!” 


28Mar20: Awwww! Sweet kitties!


I looked back to find photos that show how sweet the kitty boys are…

..and there is photographic evidence to support…oops!  That kitty lounger dispute is an old one. Bad kitties!


27Mar20: tale of two kitties…continued

Yes, they are letting be!

Aware of each other, but, meh! Are the kitty lounger wars over, finally?


It’s looking positive for detente!

Then Andy decides kitty food sounds good. He slips past Dougy and Dougy gives him a light slap. >Boop!<


26Mar20: No Dougy…


Andy sees Dougy isn’t around, so…

…he takes a snooze on the disputed kitty lounger!


But he still checks, just to make sure Dougy isn’t sneaking around! (Notice the shredded kitty lounger pieces on the floor! Every time either kitty boy stops by for a snooze, he has to scratch at the lounger to re-establish his claim.)