Post 1586: poor baby…!


Dougy gets upset with me when all my attention is on updating this blog. He gets whiny and paws my leg. If I ignore him too long (as if that were possible!), he treats me to those pointy things on his toes.

Dougy will not be ignored! Poor baby!

“Good grief, brother! Get it together!” Andy can’t believe Dougy sometimes!


Post 1585: Don’t do it, Dougy!

LOL! Kitties don’t eat mandarin oranges, Dougy! (Do they?)

Post 1584: kitty tummies…

Marc-André of  Katzenworld encouraged me to provide photos for Tummy Rub Tuesday. I protested a lack of new photos of either kitty revealing a fluffy tummy to rub.

On a second look, I seem to have a lot of Dougy photos where he exposes his tummy and a few of Andy, including this classic pose of Andy with added glasses:


I better get on the ball and send Marc-André some photos for future Tummy Rub Tuesdays

Post 1583: same old, same old…

Dougy and I were in intense feather toy play when I accidentally flopped the bird into the overhead fan light cover, causing a loud “ping”.

The “ping” sound was very, very, very interesting to Dougy, so he hopped up on the recliner to try to catch whatever made that sound!

I tried to get him reinterested in the feather toy, but Dougy insisted there was something big and worth a follow up behind that “ping”!

Andy, on the other hand, made sure his “precious” was cleaned and kitty-sanitized for the next use.

Just the same old, same old at the kitty boy place…. 

Post 1582: so Dougy will play with other toys…

Kool Kitty!

Dougy pretends nothing’s happening, but the lower right hand photo betrays his “indifference”! He knows, yes, he knows!

Woo hoo! the Birbug toy plops by Dougy and he pounces. The game is on.

Post 1580: expensive toys…meh!

The early enthusiasm lasts a short time.

Put some effort into it, kitties. Any effort!

This toy is toast.

This toy amused Andy for a short time and Dougy just didn’t get it!

Much like the food bag strip that’s amused the kitty boys for a long time now, Andy found a toy he really, really, really likes ~ a folded piece of copy paper!

Post 1579: “You still want to play with THAT?!”


Gad! That kitty food bag strip still excites the kitty boys, as demonstrated here by Dougy. It’s getting a bit, um, “germy”, so I will wash it down with hot soap and water before the next time we play. I hate touching the dang thing!



Post 1577: Move, dang it!

After waking me up in the middle of the night, Dougy needs his sleep. 

Surely he will wake up and entertain us shortly. (Hey, there’s some movement in the upper right hand corner!)


He’s awake! What amusing cat behavior will Dougy treat us to now? Can’t wait!


Of course! He raises a hind leg. Time to clean his “precious”! I’ll come back tomorrow.

Post 1576: Dougy’s busy morning…not to forget Andy


All that’s left to do is eat kitty food, and Dougy’s dreaming about that as you read. Shhh! Don’t wake the kitty!

Not to worry! Andy gets attention, too. After I made these GIFs, I showed them to Andy, who tried to paw them off the smart phone screen. Of course! He’s a kitty boy!

Post 1575: a relaxed Sunday morning…

Dougy’s “skritched” so now I need to find Andy to give him his first daily dose of loving!