Post 2124: king of the hill…


Dougy’s recent victories in the new box-ottoman-shredded paper nest “Kitty Civil War to Establish Total Control of the Southwest Corner of the Living Room” give him an exaggerated sense of being one tough kitty boy! Oh how the high and mighty will collapse under the weight of their hubris when they forget their origins!


Andy shall return. And he’s the smarter kitty boy! And their mom loved him best. He’s sure of that!


Post 2123: What?! What?! What?!

Dougy enjoys a new box interlude. No Andy.

Dougy wallows in the pleasures of his shredded paper nest while he can.

Something’s stirring. Dougy slips under the television stand. What does he spy?


What?! What?! What?! It’s Andy! Dougy needs to deal with this unwelcome development!

Dougy chases Andy onto the stacked carriers. The lower right is the blur of Dougy’s and Andy’s tails when Dougy chases Andy into the guest bedroom. Dougy can’t tolerate Andy being on the stacked carriers!

A few minutes pass and Dougy and Andy resume where they left off. It’s true: The more things change, the more they remain the same!





Post 2122: Dougy loves his shredded paper nest!

Dougy is content to doze and snuggle in his shredded paper nest!

For once, the new box isn’t an issue. No kitty tantrums today!

Dougy is happy, happy, happy! That rascal Andy is nowhere to be seen! 

Post 2321: moving on after the new box


I heard scratching by the new box. Dougy was digging a nest in the newspapers that I really should toss one day. (The kitty boys like them….)


I guess the new box time is finally, officially concluded! Dougy finished his  newspaper nest and is sleeping in it.


You can tell I don’t have a wife or the newspapers and box would be gone, pronto!


“Rested and ready for Freddy”!* Dougy had a nice snooze and is ready to do “kitty things” again… 

…or take another nap. That’s a “kitty thing” after all!

*My family used this expression – “ready for Freddy” – decades before the Freddy Kreuger horror movies and the song that suggested “ready for Freddy” was to be ready to be killed by Freddy Kreuger, that is, the grave. We used it in the sense of “ready to go” in that more innocent time when the only scary thing was the prospect of a nuclear bomb dropped on your front yard. The expression was teen talk in the 1950s, when my older siblings were, um, teens. Cool! See you later, alligator!


Post 2320: Dougy’s worked it out…

Just an ordinary morning. Andy on the end table. Dougy in the new box. Me…um…! Those are the suspicious “Terribly Frightening Tool of Kitty Boy Pelage Mat Removal” that Doug’s hiding behind the laptop screen! 


Dougy’s worked it out. Perhaps he can hide from Doug here, under the television stand. (I decided not to work on the mats after he looked stressed.)

Dougy has some major mats on his hind legs. Little by little, I’ve been working on them because Dougy freaks out when I do it. I find these scissors designed to cut through sutures work better than any other tool I have in my mat removal arsenal. They seem to cause Dougy the least distress.


That tip on the bottom blade is ground to a fine sharpness and is small enough that it readily slips under or through mats. I can either cut through the mat with the sharpened tip or use the tool as a scissors to do the same. It has the added advantage of being less dangerous to the cat than the seam ripper that also works well but requires care in use to avoid stabbing the cat. Ow! 

Post 2319: A test – find the Andy!

One of these five photos is of Andy. See if you can find him! The last time they were groomed, they came back looking so much alike, I sometimes have problems sorting them out!

Seriously, I can tell them apart mostly by behavior and feel. They have different colored eyes. (Andy – yellow; Dougy – copperish.) Dougy has a broader face, wider-spaced eyes. Andy has a curious kittenish look, yet always seems serious. Dougy is slim, longer bodied. Andy is a fuzzball shaped kitty! LOL! Dougy is very social. Andy is circumspect, yet happy with those he knows.

Actually, the more I look at the photos, I think there are two Andys. Or are there? Even I’m not sure. 

Post 2318: Caturday and the new box continues to be an issue…


Andy claims the new box, then…


…Dougy stops by to claim it.

It’s Andy’s turn again. This time he stays long enough to try to “catch” a broken handle to a fly swatter that’s partially exposed next to the box. He leaves as soon as I pull it out so he can have it.


It seems Andy’s more on top of the game today than Dougy, but I won’t place any bets on it!

Post 2317: a test of will power…


Neither Andy nor Dougy seems to “own” the new box. So today, Dougy takes it, with Andy watching from one of his favorite spots, the end table.


Yes, Dougy definitely likes the new box. Andy surely isn’t happy about that.


Surprisingly, though, he watches quietly while Dougy claims the new box for a long stay.

Then, Dougy leaves the new box to snooze on his ottoman. Andy stops by the new box briefly to sniff around.  That done, he hops onto his other favorite spot, the stacked carriers. Andy determines it’s… 


…time for a cat nap. Here’s wee Andrew snoozing under the watchful gaze of a photo of Dougy in another box. Such irony because…

…here he is, the little sneak! While Andy dozes…


…Dougy hops into the new box for a deep snooze. The moral of the story: Don’t sleep on guard duty, at least while Dougy’s around!




Post 2316: Dougy gets his, part 2…

Andy returns after the encounter with Dougy shooed him out of the new box. First, he checks to make certain Dougy is elsewhere doing his “kitty things”. Good! No Dougy in sight!

It’s been fun but Andy’s had enough of it for today…

…so he heads back to the top of the stacked carriers. That’s where he wants to be anyway.


Remember how Andy vowed to make sure Dougy got his in post 2015: Dougy gets his, part 1? Dougy never showed up to discover he just got his, courtesy of brother Andrew~! You can be sure, though, he will sniff evidence of Andy’s revenge the next time he hops in the new box!


Post 2315: Dougy gets his, part 1…

Andy feels it is his time to use the new box again. Dougy has other thoughts and conveys them to his brother through the “Unrelenting Killer Laser Stare That Sizzles The Brain Like Bacon”. Andy soon gets the message and leaves!

Dougy sniffs the box out just in case Andy left his stink – well, of course he left “Andy stink”! – then he makes himself comfortable. “Mine!” Dougy thinks and he is very happy.

There’s always the end table. Andy is satisfied for now, but Dougy will get his, soon!