23Jul20: Andy’s day, yesterday…


Andy’s at an age for cats – nine – where a comprehensive medical checkup is a good idea, unless you’re Andy, above in his carrier. The report is he was a “good boy” while there.

Andy was at the clinic from 7:30 till 2:00 yesterday. When we finally came home, he ran through the apartment, happy to be back in familiar territory, and trying to figure out what his priority for the moment was: eat, sleep, drink, groom, play?

He hopped on the stacked carriers to think it out. Oh, and to take a nap. That was easy!

Andy’s veterinarian had an emergency to deal with when I went back to the clinic to get Andy, so I will go to the clinic after dialysis today to learn the results of Andy’s checkup.


Ann Adamus of  Zoolatry created this badge of Dougy. I will attach it to this blog as soon as I feel up to finding the place where I do that. I think I remember, but am exhausted today. She did a beautiful job. Dougy’s on his ottoman in this photo, which I find appropriate and typical of my kitty boy. RIP Dougy.

dougy memorial ann adamus of zoolatry


19Jul20: how we are…

Little did I realize this odd behavior was Andy looking for his brother. It started the day Dougy died, though I didn’t know Dougy was gone yet. Andy’d found the body hours before I did. When I found it, Andy was there. He sniffed Dougy, just like he would in life. Andy still does this recliner arm vigil, and it makes me sad for him and for me.

He’s not coming from the guest bedroom, either. Or off the stacked carriers. Or off the recliner. Andy is silent, patient, hopeful. “He won’t come back, Andy,” I tell him, more for my benefit than his of course.

Some activities are normal…


…others are alarming. Andy’s shallow deep sleep breathing barely moved his chest. Holding my breath…20200716_234110

…I touched him to make sure he was alive. It’s been like that.


I intended to put Dougy’s savaged ottoman out of sight in the guest bedroom. “Not yet,” I told myself, “not yet.” 

I appreciate all the condolences from followers of the kitty boys. They were thoughtful, welcome, helpful, and a reminder that the world still holds a lot of compassionate, empathetic, nice people. Some made me cry, but all comforted me. I hope I returned to each and everyone of you who took time to send me their message of condolence and let you know your message was seen, read, and it helped. 

Dougy and Andy were a team when it came to hunting.

16Jul20: spider!

The latest excitement is a spider made a home in the stacked carriers. Dougy tried to catch it, but it ran around to a spot he couldn’t reach. Poor kitty! It is a big one, a nice kitty-sized snack!

There’s always the consolation head rub to make up for the missed snack. 



I’ve posted this “baby” picture of Dougy before. It’s the one I have hanging on my wall. Any time I was on my PC, Dougy was there, paw on my arm this way. It was was his favorite place to be. Awww!


I had posts up to Saturday prepared, not knowing Dougy’s fate yesterday. I decided to go ahead with the three, no changes if they featured Dougy. This is the last one featuring him prepared before he died. RIP Dougy.

15Jul20: my sad news…


I hadn’t seen Dougy yet this morning, so I looked for him. I found him on the sofa in the guest bedroom. He died sometime during the night, and rigor mortis had set in. There was a bit of blood on his nose, otherwise I have no idea what brought this about.

I’m still in shock, had a bit of a bawl. I will miss the little guy. He was my explorer, comedian, and furniture destroyer. I will miss him every day of the rest of my life now that he joins Freckles and Louie the ginger cat.

It’s just Andy and me now. We’ll get along, but we will miss the interaction between the two kitty boys.

I’m dropping Dougy off at the veterinarian’s for a post mortem and cremation next. It is a sad day. I acknowledge your comments now because I don’t feel I will be up to replies. With my health issues, I’d always assumed I would die first, that I wouldn’t have to face the deaths of these kitties. I always thought it would be Andy’s turn first since he has the heart issues.


Douglas James Thomas ~ July 1, 2011-July 15, 2020

The ottoman will go into the guest bedroom where I won’t have a constant reminder of Dougy’s naughty side. Thank you, Dougley for all the joy you brought into my life.


WordPress is acting up. I tried to respond to the comments, and weird things happened. I will try again because I want each and everyone of you to know your comments have helped me come out of shock and begin grieving. 






























13Jul20: my posse runs on naps…

Andy and Dougy “hang” with me no matter where I go. That gets very tiring!

12Jul20: where there’s light…

I suppose the heat off the light bulb feels good now for Dougy…

…till Andy >boops< him off and sends him to the kitty lounger.

11Jul20: settling in…

The kitty boys ran all over the apartment to re-establish this is home and that other soap-smelling kitty is, indeed, a brother. Dougy found a comfortable position on one of the kitty loungers and…

…Andy tries hiding the captions on the television. Little chance of that now and for a few months. There’s surprisingly little bulk under that Persian hair.

10Jul20: stripped…!

Yes, it’s Dougy! He had so many mats, he had to be trimmed down really close. It grows back, and the next grooming session (1PM on October 30th) will be a return to a teddy bear cut.

Dougy looks patchy now, but that won’t last. 

Andy had fewer mats, and they weren’t as big mostly. He doesn’t look so rough.

Not much kitty boy under all that Persian coat, eh?! More Andy views here.

I expect the fans of the kitty boys will be upset with this extreme cut, yet it is what needed to be done to get back to routine touch up to restore their teddy bear cuts. I only asked that their tails be left untouched so the kitty boys had some small dignity left! 

Dougy says “buh-bye” in Cattinese, of course, so it sounds more like “meow”.

Turns out the new groomer has a play area where the kitties can be out of the carrier. The former groomer didn’t have one. She also turns out to be the daughter of a woman who used to give the best haircuts, you know, the ones that actually feel good as well as look good.

09Jul20: Where’s Dougy headed?

It’s kitty haircut day for the kitty boys! About dang time!

08Jul20: divided attention, Part 2…

Where we are up to now: French movie, with subtitles to block; a fly on the lampshade; the decision so tiring, Andy puts off both for a nap.


The nap helps sort things out: a fly snack would be nice! Andy returns to the fly.

Andy’s attracted another interested party. Dougy hears the racket and suspects there’s something yummy in it for him!

Andy welcomes his brother, but would be happier without the competition.

The fly moves on briefly. The kitty brothers wait for its return.

Return of the fly! It gets serious now!

What!?  After all that? The fly survives two experienced predators…for now! Later, both Andy and Dougy catch a yummy fly and have their snack. I hope at least one of these flies was the one that got away in the video.