Post 1801: what they do most of the day…



Yeah, once in a while, I poke them to see if they still move!


Post 1800: Good grief, Andy!

Time for Andy’s medicine. As usual, he looks like he’s about to get his tail pulled, but maybe he’s just reacting to Dougy, who came around to say the kitty boy equivalent of “Nya! Nya!” 

Post 1799: “You didn’t tell us!”


Dougy’s a little upset… and hurt. “You didn’t tell us!”


“But I just noticed it myself when I looked out the window…”


“… and saw the Siamese kitten playing in the window with Zoe!”

It seems Zoe has a new Siamese kitten friend and they look like they get along well with each other.

Post 1797: breakfast’s done…

Kitty breakfast is done. Andy and Dougy take a rest now, clean up, digest their food. 

As you probably know, cats have the mammal equivalent of a straight pipe exhaust – it goes in one end and comes out the other end pretty much unobstructed. Or it seems that way to the kitty boys because they always are ready for kitty food and treats! 

You can see they lick their plate clean – upper right hand corner – especially now that  I add a little water to their wet food to make a slurry. Persian kitties, because of the shape of their faces, have difficulty eating some food. If they can lap it up, though, it’s as good as turned into kitty poop! Sorry! Just true. 

Post 1796: “You see Zoe?”

Andy’s kitty sense tingled. He was hiding under the computer desk when it happened. 

“Was ist los, Douglas?” he asked in Cattinese so the human wouldn’t understand kitty business was afoot. [Cattinese is based on the same roots as German, so the human understood a bit of the exchange… Just letting you know! And the question is posed in Cattineese exactly as in German – “What’s up, Douglas” colloquially speaking.]

Dougy encouraged Andy to come, quickly. He’d caught a glimpse of Zoe, the beautiful short-haired black kitty girl across the lane! 

“Woo hoo!” Dougy proclaimed, “She’s a beaut!” But Andy (on right) arrived too slowly. Zoe had left the window. He’d have to see our new neighbor later. Zoe makes window appearances regularly and several times a day!

“She’s worth the wait, Drew,” Dougy chortled. 


Peut-être que les garçons kitty [“kitty boys”] regardaient un défilé de la Bastille au lieu de chercher Zoe! A mes amis français, Joyeux 14 juillet!


Post 1795: Must be kitty food time!


I wake up to a cluster of hungry kitty boys. Andy’s above me on the recliner back , where I fell asleep watching news and slept last night. Dougy’s watching me surreptitiously (?) from the stacked kitty carriers, just in case I make a move toward the kitchen. Yes, it must be kitty food time, and the kitty boys want to be as close to me as possible! 


Some readers were alarmed Dougy didn’t or doesn’t get his fair share of kitty food and treats. Don’t worry! I keep track of Andy, the little piggy, and make sure Dougy gets special “make up” plates of kitty food if Andy pigs out on the first plate or put out extra kitty treats if Andy hits the treats and leaves Dougy out. 

Post 1793: Where’s Andy…? / Part II


“Come on, Andy! The sooner you come out of hiding and submit, the sooner we get our kitty treats!” Dougy’s impatient with Andy’s twice-daily hide-from-medicine-time routine. You would be, too, if you were anxious to get your kitty treats!

Andy gets it: Dougy wants his kitty treats but doesn’t care that Andy has to take icky medicine before Mr. Doug (the human) puts them out. Not fair! NOT FAIR!  

Dougy supervises while Andy takes it like a big kitty. >Erk!< 

“Yay! Time for kitty treats!”

Post 1787: bugged…


The big bug is a worthy adversary. After days of trying, Dougy has yet to capture the darn beetle to dispatch it. Not to worry! Dougy is on the hunt…again! “Today will be the day,” Dougy says, “RAWR!” 

Post 1785: the kitty boys’ meal ritual…

Andy comes to the table first, and Dougy sits by till Andy’s through. Andy gets a drink  after he’s eaten, then Dougy  comes over for his share of the kitty food. Andy – my little chow hound – hee! hee! – returns to finish whatever is left on the plate after Dougy’s had his fill. Dougy refreshes himself at the fountain before he leaves for a whisker cleaning. Andy is mighty pleased to have the plate to himself now! This is the usual order of things, though sometimes they eat at the same time.

Meal times are more than just having a bite to eat!