Dear Senator Johanns

Here I go again. The hearing yesterday with Kathleen Sebelius was bad enough, but then I get this message from my senator, Mike Johanns:

Senator Mike Johanns - He gets some hosannas for responding to letters in a timely and complete way.

Senator Mike Johanns – He gets some hosannas for responding to letters in a timely and complete way.

Senator Johanns e-Update
October 30, 2013

Like many Nebraskans, I am fed up with the failures and misinformation associated with Obamacare and its exchanges. The American people deserve better from their government, and someone must be held accountable.

Today, I cosponsored several pieces of legislation to address some of the problems surrounding Obamacare and to hold Health and Human Services (HHS) accountable to the public by providing much needed transparency.

The first piece of legislation removes the Obamacare mandates that require insurance companies to discontinue or dramatically change many existing health care plans. Reports recently surfaced that the health care plans of millions of Americans will be cancelled in the coming months because of Obamacare. This comes on the heels of admissions from supporters of the law that they knew their repeated promises that Americans could keep their current plans under Obamacare were false. Forcing millions of Americans to give up the current health care plans they actually like is unfair to hard-working families who were promised otherwise by the President and supporters of Obamacare. This bill ensures this broken promise is actually kept.

The second piece of legislation holds the Administration accountable for providing better information about the rollout of the Obamacare exchanges by requiring HHS to submit weekly reports on the website to the American people. HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius today testified before a House committee, and when asked by my colleague Rep. Lee Terry whether she would authorize the release of certain information to the public, she responded, “No sir,” claiming the information was not reliable enough. I’m concerned, in truth, it has more to do with concealing the depth of failure.

For more information on allowing individuals to keep their health care plans, click HERE. For more information on forcing HHS to be more transparent, click HERE.


Not that I'm finger pointing or anything, Senator...!

Not that I’m finger pointing or anything, Senator…!

Dear me! After all the efforts Republicans made to stop, destroy, discredit, defund, and debunk “Obamacare” (Affordable Care Act), I won’t stand for such nonsense from my Senator. So I wrote him back:

Dear Senator Johanns:

Please excuse me for being snarky, but what the heck were that 16 day Republican-precipitated governmental shutdown (24 billion dollar hit to GDP, was it? Threat of an adjustment down in our credit rating? Who knows how much HUMAN suffering for lack of pay or certainty?) and those 44 votes to wipe out ACA in the House all about but to make sure the ACA would fail…and NOW you and your fellow Republicans are all concerned because it didn’t start up without a flaw?

I’m sorry, but those big Republican crocodile tears and faux outrage that the policy your party worked so hard to destroy all of a sudden has you so concerned and worried.*

This is the sort of bull that lead me to change my voter registration from Republican to uncommitted after McConnell’s infamous remark about working to make sure the President would be a one term president.

I’m not really thrilled with either party at this point, but the Democrats seem slightly more sincere about this issue than you do.



* NOTE TO BLOG READERS: Who knows where I was headed with that sentence? It’ll stop the reader in his tracks to try to figure it out, perhaps. Or not. I think this is one way I could have ended it:
…don’t work on me.

The link below is to a story about a woman whose insurance policy was cancelled as a result of the changes brought about by the ACA. It has a surprise ending, for those totally hooked on the Fox News version of the “truth”:

Remember: salvation

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