Post 1944: styling…

Dougy occasionally dresses up for the holidays by styling…

…his ear. Like it? I think it gives him a ’50’s retro “duck butt” look.


Dougy does this sometimes when he cleans his face. If he doesn’t put his ear back in position, I do it for him. On the other hand, I sometimes think he is channeling the ghost of my childhood dog, Peanuts, who was a canine comedian and who sometimes wore his ear this way . Dougy is my feline comedian, Sometimes he wears his ear this way.

10 thoughts on “Post 1944: styling…

  1. Hmm… I don’t think I’ve ever tried wearing my ear that way. I wonder what it feels like. Dougy may be on to something there. Maybe it lets the ear dry out from all the humidity. Maybe I should try it sometime, ’cause I get itchy ears a lot from allergies.

    • Andy does, too, but we control that through diet. I wonder, too, how that feels. Apparently it doesn’t hurt, but it looks like it would….

    • Makes me laugh every time! He already makes me laugh but the way he postures and preens during his clean up. The folded ear is a bonus chuckle!

      My late brother was one of those kids with a duck butt ‘do in the 1950s or I weouldn’t know what they were. Well, maybe I weould, but that exposure pretty much was close and personal. I had a buzz – uniformly short all over!

    • As noted elsewhere, he puts on a funny show when cleaning up, and the folded ear business is the frosting on the cake: Dougy makes me laugh!

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